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Elchim 2001hp High Pressure 2000 Watt Hair Dryer, White

Classic Italian engineering that defined the High End AC motor dryer market with a perfect balance between heat, airflow and pressure. With its 2,000 Watt motor, durability and ideal for all types of hair, it has become the most sought after dryer in its category. Its Lifetime Warranty brings security and delight to its user.

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My hair looks beautiful again!

Had I not tried this myself, I would never believe that a hair dryer could make such a difference on the look and feel of my hair. I have long (mid-back), fine, straight hair and for the last few years, its has been very frizzy. Which was really annoying me because I’ve never had frizzy hair before. Well, on Christmas eve my hair dryer died and I started a search for a new one, which brings me to the Elchim 2001. I got it yesterday, washed and conditioned my hair with regular Dove shampoo, did not use any other products. Then the magic happened. This hair dryer, had my hair dry in minutes, with a barely warm flow and there is not a frizz to be seem. My baby-fine hair, has volume, has balance and it beautiful again.When I woke up this morning, I did not even need to brush it, still looking great. Then I put my hair on a pony-tail and went to the gym, where I did a very, heavy-duty hour long workout in a very warm room (I do martial arts) and when I was all done and let my hair loose again, it was STILL looking awesome!!!!I love this hair-dryer.

Vera Mikana, WI

Best hair dryer

I already owned a black Elchim hair dryer for over a decade. Never had a problem with it. A friend of mine needed a hair dryer and I gave her a non-descript one I had in my Guest Bathroom. Then I saw that this was offered on Amazon and ordered it in white. It’s identical to the one from 2001, which is now in my Guest Bathroom for all my guests to use. The newer model has a tad more power and is both attractive , easy to use , not loaded with unnecessary features. It is AS exactly described and dries my very thick long hair to perfection very quickly. There is a cold switch if you need to have your temperature a little lower, Medium as well as High for heat . Also three variables for speed. It’s Made in Italy… What more can I say? This is the best hair dryer you can spend your money on and a worthy investment. Enjoy! ❤❤❤

Marsha Port Jervis, NY

Excellent product, but!!

I wanted to love this hair dryer because I was so impressed with reviews here and on other sites, and also, my hairdresser swears by it. It is expensive, but the really professional Elchim can run into the hundreds of dollars. I was also very impressed with the seller and the care they took in preparing the package and the speedy service. The only problem with the hair dryer packaging is there are no instructions. I had to go online and try to find out how to use it, and learned that it does give off a lot of heat so I was very careful to use the lowest settings so as not to damage my hair. This meant it took ages to dry my thin hair. Many said they found it heavy, but I didn’t. I also had to use the small defuser that came with it because if I didn’t it would blow my hair into a wild mess. What I did find was it left my hair shiny and soft and no frizzies. However, that was the problem and the reason I ended up returning it–it left my baby fine, thinning hair too soft and flat. I have learned that hair dryers are tested on people with normal hair, and lots of it–if any are specifically made or tried on those of us with baby fine and thin hair, I just haven’t been able to find THE one. I hope I wasn’t premature in sending it back because I must admit my hair was in need of highlights and color. Oh well.

Bobbi Brighton, IA

Great Blow Dryer

Dries hair fast and feels very well made. I am very happy with this product. It is also less expensive than some of the higher end dryers but works just as well.

Letitia Thompsonville, NY

Favorite dryer

This hair dryer is the best. It dries my hair so quickly (and I have moderately thick hair). Now, whenever I borrow a friend’s different brand hair dryer I really miss my own Elchim. Definitely worth the splurge! It’s been over a year and it’s still going strong! I’m looking into purchasing a travel size version so I never have to be without it!

Emily Hawley, MN

Third Elchim

This is my third Elchim and the first one I broke and the second I leave at the gym and have had almost 10 years. This third one I bought to keep at home and as a back up to my old one although I don’t expect the old one to break down any time some.

Leila Arthur City, TX

Negative Ions? REALLY works!!

We got this hair dryer for Christmas and it is really great. You can immediately notice how quickly hair dries without any frizzing. Instead of extreme heat, the exceptional air flow from this product and even heat create a far more effective drying process that seems to leave hair more natural. When we first read about negative ions and all of that, we were skeptical. But no more. If you’re tired of frizzy hair, do yourself a favor. It also has nice long and heavy duty cord, although it can be a little too long. It’s also a bit heavier than the average Conair dryer, but the good news is that drying takes about 30% less time.

Aline Hamburg, AR