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Elasta QP Deep Penetrating Conditioner, 15 Ounce

Contains 11 conditioning botanicals including peach blossom oil and Vitamin E. Penetrates inner hair fibers to surge nutrients to moisture depleted hair. Perfect hair repair treatment when combined with Elasta QP protein supplement.

Key features

  • Contains 11 conditioning botanicals
  • Penetrates inner hair fibers
  • Perfect hair repair treatment

Honest reviews


Try it and see

I love how this product smells and that it’s really thick, it makes me feel like it’s moisturizing. I’m currently using many things in my hair, including this every other week. Idk if it has any specific effect, but my hair is healthy, strong and growing rapidly so it’s not hurting. I’m a 4c natural and stopped flat ironing my hair so that plus this product is helping with my hair growth. I use it with organic coconut shampoo, a protein treatment and the elasta q moisturizing mango butter leave in, which smells great too.

Corinne Trilby, FL

Excellent deep conditioner

I’ve used this several time to deep condition my hair. I first purchased it when my hair was relaxed and it worked wonders on getting the moisture back into my hair. Now that I have converted to natural hair via BC this product is still works just as well. It leaves my natural hair very soft afterwards. This is the one product in my hair care collective that I simply love. I use it once or twice weekly under a hair dryer for 15 minutes. It smells excellent and conditions extremely well, what more in a deep conditioner could you ask for?

Meredith Hamilton Dome, WY

Not great for me personally

Not great for me personally. It left a thick coat on my hair and scalp that I did not appreciate. Felt a little like wax.

Amanda Englewood, OH

Excellent Conditioner

I absolutely love this deep conditioner. It is very moisturizing and also it has lots and lots of slip. It is very light and the smell is not overwhelming at all. I love it and I am so glad I purchased it. Great conditioning treatment. You will be satisfied.

Belinda Hayes, LA

It’s okay

I have 4b natural hair and this product is great for relaxed ladies, but it definitely didn’t work for me anymore. Oh well.

Christa Wyalusing, PA

wonderful conditioner

great conditioner, it makes your hair super soft and thick. it detangles my hair pretty easy and makes it shine, absolutely recommend this conditioner.

Krista Freeborn, MN

What a Conditioner

I purchase this conditioner for my mom and I hair. We’re both black women with natural hair. This is a great conditioner. It has a lot of slip and it helps you detangle as well! It left our hair soft to the touch and well moisturized! If you’re a natural this is the go to conditioner!!!

Leeann Norfolk, CT

My holy grail of products!

This deep conditioner is AMAZING! I have natural african-american COILY hair. After using this product my hair is now silky and CURLY. I am blown away by the results of this product on my hair. I was struggling with frizzy twist-outs, but no more! I also use the soy oil deep conditioner, moisture shampoo and moisturizer. They ALL work fabulously well and I am sooooo in love with my hair.

Roxie Soda Springs, CA

It made me say “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!”

For starters: Relaxed hair — 6 weeks post; unsure of the texture but midrange (not to coarse not too soft)I had a baby not too long ago and have had NO time for hair care. I was one of those girls that had every single product, spent hours under the dryer and steamer with conditioners and oils and this and that. My hair grew like wildflowers, but it was so much work. Now as a new mom and an attorney, I have no time for all of that. I just want my hair to be soft, moisturized, and healthy.This was one of the conditioners that I tried but passed over for the new new thing after using it only once. Two days ago, I was straightening out my bathroom cabinet when I saw this full container and wondered why I didn’t use much of it. I washed my hair with whatever I had — again, no time to be specific about anything! — and put this in while I played with my baby for an hour or two. I didn’t do anything special, just plopped my hair on top of my head and baggied it in a bun. I waited for my husband to get home so that I could rinse it out in the shower and OMG! The slip was fannnnntastic. I literally said outloud "Wait, what just happened?!" I got all of this moisture from just baggying?I airdried my hair (basically I fell asleep so I didn’t have time to do anything else) with just some serum and the next day I blowdried the roots and flat ironed it. I’ve never been so pleased to have such a quick solution to my dry hair problems. When I say it looks like I have a fresh relaxer — I mean it! Hopefully, I’ll be able to wash my hair more than twice a month (gaaaassspppp I know!) so that it can retain this level of moisture. I’m very pleased.

Lessie Jamaica, VT

best deep conditioner

I have used this for years. the DPR-11+ conditioner is the best for leaving hair shiny, soft, managable, and strong. I use this on my color treated and relaxed hair, usually about twice a month. I find that I don’t have to add oils to this conditioner like I usually have to with others. I usually use this on a weekend evening when I can just put it on and leave it under a plastic cap whiile I am sleeping. This conditioner stops all breakage for me, and this is great because I do heat style my hair. This keeps my ends from splitting.

Edwina Overgaard, AZ

Don’t Mix with oils!

I used this product twice so far, I think it left my hair soft but my only problem with it is that when I tried to mix my oils (olive oil, coconut oil and pimento oil), it separated and clumped up. I guess you are not supposed to mix anything with it. I’ll try it again without the oils to see if it still leaves my hair soft and doesn’t produce any breakage.

Robyn Grenada, CA