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Elasta Qp Creme Conditioning Shampoo for Dry Damaged Hair, 12 Ounce

Elasta qp creme conditioning shampoo for dry damaged hair by elasta qp for unisex – 12 ounces shampoo.

Key features

  • 12 ounces shampoo
  • Elasta qp creme conditioning shampoo for dry damaged hair was launched by the design house of elasta qp
  • It is recommended for normal hair

Honest reviews


Not at all disappointed:)

I was looking for an affordable, sulfate free shampoo.I bought this based on the reviews and after my first application, I am not disappointed at all. The thickness of it takes a bit of using too, it lathers but not as much as my usual shampoo.But it does the job of cleaning and leaving the hair soft, like a real sls free shampoo. No overpowering smell. Will see how it gets in the long run but I love it so far!

Lelia Elkins, WV

Silky detangler for fine processed hair

Normally a shampoo leaves my fine processed hair so dry and over stripped that there is nearly no way to comb it out without using conditioner. This shampoo leaves my hair so soft and easy to detangle it’s like I used a cream conditioner and a leave in. It smells nice (subtle and clean) and lathers really well.

Earlene Yorkshire, NY

Elasta Qp is awesome

this is one of the best shampoo i have ever used. it is sulfate free and it does not dry out your hair. it makes your hair very soft. i recommend it for everyone that is looking for a good, cheap sulfate free shampoo.

Lori Cotton Center, TX


I’ve used Elasta QP products for a very long time. This product smells good but I did not like the slip it provided and it did not give my hair the moisture I desired. I regularly use and prefer Elasta QP’s Shampoo for Relaxed Hair (works on color treated and natural hair, not just relaxed hair) since it restores hairs natural ph and gives me great moisture with a nice slip, along with its detangling properties. If this Shampoo for Dry Damaged Hair does not work for you then I highly recommend trying Elasta QP’s Shampoo for Relaxed Hair.

Barbara Markle, IN

is this really a Shampoo???!!!! This stuff is magic!

Wow putting this shampoo in my hair is like putting conditioner in my hair!! This shampoo instantly detangles and relaxes and softens my tough 4c african american hair! I never used a shampoo that made my nappy hair feel so soft and manageable. It suds really well. You dont even need to use but so much. This stuff has amazing slip and spreads through the hair so easy. I luv the peppermint smell of it too. Its also has some very good natural ingredients in it as well. This will not strip your hair at all. This will definitely add moisture while clarifying at the same time.

Stacey Claysburg, PA

The only Shampoo you’re need

This shampoo is good natural black hair! It’s very moisturizing and has a lot of slip to be a shampoo. Watch how you pour this in your hands because it’s very slippery and will slide right out of your hands. You do not need a lot because it’s make excellent suds! It detangle your hair for you. This is a great shampoo!

Ebony Thomaston, ME