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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream Facial Treatment, 4 Ounce

Kamitian folklore recalls the existence of a miraculous skin cream secretly used by the great sages, mystics, magicians and healers of ancient kamit (ancient egypt), used as an anti-aging skin rejuvenation to maintain radiant, healthy, smooth and glowing skin. This egyptian magic is our take on this legendary skin cream, designed to leave your skin feeling smooth.

Key features

  • Contains olive oil bees wax honey bee pollen royal jelly and bee propolis
  • Compatible and effective for all various skin types
  • Balances production of facial oils creating a healthy, unclogged appearance
  • Provides powerful hydrating benefits
  • Works as a facial moisturizer, eye cream, hair conditioner and defrizzer, lip balm, nail and cuticles

Honest reviews


How did I not know about this until now?

WOW! It looks like Vaseline, smells faintly of herbal tea, feels like oil but melts into the skin and disappears. It really absorbs right in with no greasy after feel. I have combination/sensitive skin and it really balances everything out. I am VERY picky about what goes on my face, but this stuff is amazing!!! I work in skin care so I have tried everything- I am now a convert. I ran a little through my dry hair too, just to see what it would do, and it totally tames frizz and adds tons of shine. I am truly stumped. As my grandmother jokingly used to say..”how do it know?” This stuff seriously works.

Kathi Gaston, IN

doesn’t do anything

wow, my local Whole Foods store recommended as a Staff Pick….so i ordered it and basically it just makes my face really greasy. A waste of money, i’d say.

Della Carle Place, NY


I have yet to see anything special. Its been a month. No glow but a new hurting pimples on my forehead. This is no different then someone take the ingredients and making it.

Young Greenwood Springs, MS

‘Magic’..this name does total justice to this balm

I was kinda skeptical about how this one would work, but i’m glad i bought it. I use it for almost everything; My underarms were getting dark becoz of shaving, so i started putting this balm only at night and it unimaginable to see that the color of my underarms now matches the arm……I also use it on my face only at night- for people with oily skin, please do not be scared to use it, i have excessively oily skin and since i’ve started using this balm i haven’t had a single breakout and my skin looks so bright and fresh in the morning, my pore size has shrunk extensively….Other than this i use it on my feet and put on cotton socks for about 15 min. everyday after shower and at night…oh and use it as a hot oil treatment once a week, u’ll love the way ur hair would feel after wash. I recomended this product to all my cousins who have kids, becoz this product is chemical free; they use it as a diaper rash cream, body balm..everything..they all thank me for telling them about this secret balm. Once thing u all need to do is, since this balm is all purpose and u’ll be using it on different parts of ur body, make sure u use a small spatula, spoon or anything to take out the balm since it is an open jar, and u don’t wanna spoil the natural contents of it by putting germs and bacteria in it.This small jar lasts really long, i’ve had mine for about a month now and even when i’m using it for everything, its not even half way. U’ll love this balm, not just becoz its cheap, but also the magic it does.

Nancy Beaver City, NE

Is this one a fake?

This container says ‘The Ancient Kamitian’s Secret’, and the official website’s product says ‘The Ancient Egyptian’s Secret.’ I didn’t purchase this one, I bought mine from Costco, I didn’t want to risk getting a fake.However the REAL product is absolutely amazing! I use it for everything from irritated patches of skin, to everyday use as a moisturizer for my face. Make sure you rub between your fingers before applying, I noticed a big difference in it’s effectiveness, rather than just applying a glob right to my skin.I am only 24, but I have a few stretch marks on my inner thigh…I applied this religiously for 2 weeks straight at night after a shower, and I’m not kidding…they are gone!It’s worth the buy, just make sure you aren’t getting a fake. Egyptian Magic is aware that there are fake products out there, even though they may list the same ingredients they may not be the quality you’re hoping for. Save yourself some time and get it straight from the site or your local Costco might carry it.

Irma Prescott, AZ

Not good at all

I don’t like it. Tried Sweet Bee and the Egyptian Magic and neither of them have any benefits for my skin. Both have negative reactions like skin peeling and dryness. I think EM is a little better on the quality if i had to choose but neither of them are worth buying to me. But it may work for others. Im african american. I have dry skin except my face which is combination. Ive used both in my hair, on my face and body and yes i went through each jar back to back. One SB and then the slightly better EM. I know when someone wants to try it, they will. But if i had to recommend it would be the EM for quality. But i technically am still giving both no stars.

Greta Minneapolis, MN

I love it…

This product is great for eczema. My son who’s a toddler was experiencing eczema due to the cold weather and this nipped it in the bud. His skin is now healing very nicely and looks great. I love that it’s natural…I feel good about using it on my baby.

Noemi Viola, WI

Not too bad

Even though I did not see any magic after using this cream for one week. But it did make my skin more moisture.

Suzette Knoxville, AL

Great for dry, sensitive skin

I have VERY dry, VERY sensitive skin and have tried hundreds of products over the years. The price was right on this one plus I’ve always wanted to see if royal jelly would help my skin.The great thing about this, if you have severely dry skin, is that it really moisturizes. The only thing I don’t care for is that it takes quite a while for it to absorb which is ususally not the case for me.I easily put 7 to 8 coats of moisturizer on my face after cleansing to relieve the dryness.A little goes a long way with this, which is great too. No burning. No stinging or itching.I will see how it goes long term, but so far so good!

Janice Rock Island, TN

I can’t believe this works for my acne-prone skin

I’m a 24 year old male with oily skin. As a sufferer of acne for many years now – since I started high school – I’ve tried a number of products and 90% of them have this in common: they dry you out. This is their big “trick” to clearing up your skin, and it makes intuitive sense at first, and it did to me too. “I have oily skin and acne”, I thought, “and so if I dry out my skin, my acne will disappear”!Unfortunately, to my surprise, it’s not as simple as that. Recently I had a bad fight with an acne flare-up that wouldn’t quit. Looking back, it was probably my stupid decision to stop moisturizing altogether that caused it. My sister had given me a sample size of Egyptian Magic, and at the peak of my struggle with nothing to lose, I smeared this evenly over my face one night and hoped I wouldn’t be horrified in the morning. But I definitely thought I could be, given that the idea of putting an oily substance on a major-oil-producing face sounded like a recipe for disaster. Somehow I was wrong.I woke up to an immediately obvious reduction in redness. I had had very large, painful, and under-the-skin cystic acne that showed no sign of retreating. Finally, after letting them soak in this stuff overnight, I had seen a glimmer of hope. Over the past month, I’ve worn this day and night every day. My acne has fully retreated, and I give this stuff a lot of credit. Why? Although putting something like this on a face prone to oil excessive production sounds a bit spooky, I’ve come to understand that a moisturizer like this can help to regulate the production of oil and actually keep it in check. If I go to sleep at night with no moisturizer on, I wake up with a MUCH oilier face than I do if I sleep in this stuff.This is good stuff. It’s a bit too expensive in my opinion, and I want to try out the alternative beeswax product people have mentioned here, but for now I have a full-sized jar of EM to get through. This is a 4-star review only because of the fairly high price and the fact that I do find it leaves your skin a bit too oily in appearance, even after letting it sink in.

Lilia Sandersville, MS

A truly “magic” cream

I use this on everything from my face to my feet. A little goes a long way. It turn from an ointment to an oil with the warmth of your hands. It is not greasy and absorbs quickly.

Beulah Westfield, IL

Greasy feels like vaseline; got breakout vs. reduction in lines; not what I was looking for.

Not digging this and still trying to figure out what the big deal is. I keep reading the ingredients to see, "are you sure this is not Vaseline?" This is by far the greasiest product I have ever used, and not really sure the results; except I did get new breakouts rather than reducing lines!

Roberta Pattersonville, NY

Just like vaseline, waste of money!

After reading all the rave review about this cream, I decided to try and very disappointed. It is very oily and greasy so I apply lightly at night only. It does not absorb into the skin but sitting on top and feel sticky. It does nothing to my scar, and worsen my pimples. I bought from Costco for only $39.95 for one big + one small tub. This is such a waste of money because it is just like a vaseline/petrolium gel. I can buy a better lotion for a fraction of this price. Don’t waste your money.. I do not recommend.

Morgan Fairfield, CA

don’t waste your money

it’s greasy and smells like… oil. it didn’t really do anything for my face the way other people claim, but it can be nice to slather it on your feet or hands and let it sit for a few hours to moisturize.

Latasha Cumby, TX


I love this stuff, I have super super sensative skin and I can use this everywhere with no problem! Its wonderful not greasy, It melts to oil in your hands and absorbs in your skin. You can use it as a face cream, great at night! put it on your eyelashs as a conditioner. Makeup remover. Great for EVERYTHING! Wonderful as a split end mender too!! It really is magic!

Lilian Channing, TX

Be Smart about When and How to use

I used to use this product on my face but have since found products better for inflammation and aging. As an esthetician I am cynical of all products and have a wait and see on my own skin. I like this product only at night-because always during the day you need to have on spf and this is heavy enough. I like this product but it doesn’t let your skin breathe so well and I never break out-but did have occasional breakouts from it. I love it on my lips, cuticles and on my hands after putting on a serum or retin A product. Elbows, feet also.

Viola Long Lane, MO

Not the best Egyptian Magic Cream I have ever tried

This is my second jar of Egyptian Magic. I purchased my first jar from another website and that one was way better than this one I ordered from Amazon. This one has a different odor, color, and consistency. This one does not become oily so easily even after rubbing it between my hands. It stays like a wax. I think I will purchase the other one next time. It definitely helps reduce acne (zits, milia-like acne, and any other pimples). It does not however, reduce scars of any kind. It is also very moisturizing and great as a night cream. Because it is so greasy it will not work as day time moisturizer.

Bobbi Cleves, OH

Best All Purpose skin cream ever! My favorite.

I have been using Egyptian magic as my sole facial moisturizer for about four years now. Nothing has come close to performing as this product does and I have tried countless products. At first try, it may seem too greasy but it quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves a radiant glow. I do not wear any makeup and I love how Egyptian Magic makes my skin look and feel. I feel like I look much better without makeup actually. I add about two-three drops of Argan Oil to just a small (pea-sized) dollop of Egyptian magic and smooth it all over my face and neck. I usually come back about 15 minutes after I apply it and smooth my hands over my face once again just to help the remaining greasiness absorb. By that time, I am good to go and my skin looks healthy and glowing, not greasy. I’m sure that this would not work for all skin types, but for mine it does. I would say that I have combination skin…greasier in some spots, dry in others. Egyptian Magic helps to balance it all out. The greasy spots don’t get greasy during the day and the dry spots don’t dry out.I struggled for years before finding skin products that worked for me and I found that most natural….least ingredients is the prescription for me. I use pure honey and a microfiber cloth to cleanse, Egyptian Magic and Moroccan Argan oil to moisturize, coffee grounds to exfoliate and Aztec SecretAztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay, 1 lb clayevery few weeks to clarify.

Pauline Kimberly, WV

nothing magical

i had high hopes for this “magic cream”, but it didn’t turn out to be so magical for me. i have extremely oily sensitive skin and was afraid that it would make me break out. surprisingly it didn’t, which is one thing that impressed me because this cream…more like wax…seemed very thick and oily. but yeah, it didn’t make me break out. the reason why i returned this product was because it didn’t really do anything for my skin. i would put it on before i slept and in the morning i didn’t see any change or improvement. i don’t think this cream is worth $30.00.

Kate Gypsum, KS

It’s okay, but definately not magical for me.

First let me start by saying I didn’t get this product from Amazon, I got it from Hip Apotheca so I assume wholeheartedly I did get the real deal. I used this product for about six months on my face, which for a 35 yr old is pretty dry and gets very occasional adult acne, as well as my arms, as I suffer from keratosis pilaris. I was disappointed that this stuff wasn’t as great as I had hoped it would be. There was no noticeable difference in the moisture of my skin, and it definitely didn’t help my chicken skin arms. A little goes a long way, but for me this really didn’t “soak into” my skin much at all, it kind of sat on top of it, even after a whole nights sleep I was kind of greasy in the morning. One thing this product did work well on was my 9 year old daughter, her skin is sensitive and gets the occasional rash. I don’t mind using it on her because it is natural. But for me, I’m sticking with my extra virgin coconut oil to moisturize my face and body naturally.

Charmaine Yucaipa, CA

Over rated

I bought this d/t all the recommendations I have seen by celebrities in a couple of magazines I subscribe to. It’s greasy and has NO smell. If it does its of virgin olive oil. Too oily for me. Not at all worth the price!

Sarah Badger, CA

Top Notch Moisturizer!!

I most definitely have to stack up on this product. My boyfriend and I fell so in love with this. We use this all over our bodies and it keeps my skin flawless and not greasy! I have acne prone skin and sensitive and this moisturizer does not cause any redness nor breakouts. If you suffer from dry and flaky skin, you will see no more skin flaking.

Renae Douglas, ND

Great stuff

I really love this stuff. I used it on my ears where I had some dry/flaky/itchy thing going on and it cleared up after one use. I use it all over my body, even my face. It works great on my dry & cracked heels. I have super sensitive skin that is prone to breaking out. The only problem is that I have used 1/2 of the jar in less than 2 weeks. I’m going to order the cheaper alternative Medicine Mamas Sweet Bee Magic to see if it works just as well.

Judy Star Lake, NY

Not convinced

Tried this for treating my dry hands. Got a super deal at a warehouse store. Well, it would be pretty good if it did not immediately melt into a liquid. Hands stay greasy, so does your clothing, your desk – everything you touch. I did not feel any relief (except for the lighter wallet), it did not leave me with a feeling that it penetrated my skin at all – just slick hands until the next time I washed them.

Patrica Farmington, GA


It is called magic cream, I use it as night cream!Maybe in the beginning, the feeling will be oily.But the next morning, I feel my skin smooth and soft!I like it. And I hope it will help me with the acne!

Tami Dewey, AZ

too heavy

It’s just OK, a bit too heavy even as night cream for face, or for hair. I use it on my feet

Shawn Lilesville, NC

Skin is so soft

I found out about this when reading a magazine about celebrities. I don’t usually buy something just because a celebrity uses it. However, I was very speasantly surprised. It leaves your skin so very soft and it not at all greasy.

Penny Light, AR

Not such a good deal!

Small jar~product is nothing to shout about.Was a little disappointed in what I thoughtwould be a wonderful item.

Dorthy Fairfield, CT

Magic Potion

I heard about Egyptian Magic thru a friend on YouTube & figured I’d give it a try. It’s amazing stuff! Can be used for scars, dry skin, irritated skin, stretch marks, rosacea, you name it, it does it. Even good as a light hair mask! I have scars on my leg from a bad car accident & they are actually fading. This product is all natural containing royal jelly & propolis which are very good for you. I put it on my cheeks where I have slight rosacea and it’s faded, and I’m finding my skin is much less oily than before I used it. This also works on pets, itchy skin, hot spots etc. I use it on mosquito bites & it gets rid of the itch. There is another similar product, Bee Magic, and I’ve tried it. Egyptian Magic is superior, it may cost more than Bee Magic, but it’s worth it. A very little goes a long way. I highly recommend this product, you’ll undoubtedly find many, many uses for it. I’m buying the 8 oz size when I run low on my 4 oz!

Casey Hardyville, VA

Similar to using Vaseline, very greasy

I have only used this on my hands, because I find the product to be incredibly greasy. Even using it on just my hands, I have to wipe the excess grease off to avoid leaving it on everything I touch. Perhaps best used in connection with wearing gloves to bed at night for extreme treatment. I would never use this type of product for facial purposes. To me, it is very similar to using Vaseline.

Francis Price, UT