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Eden Allure Pure Argan Oil From Morocco 2.2 fl oz.

Eden Allure Argan Oil has numerous cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. Our Argan Oil from Morocco, is the natural solution to defend against aging and free radicals. Argan Oil is particularly effective at preventing cell degeneration, dryness and skin inflammation. Our Argan Oil is Fairly-Traded to ensure that the women of the Berber tribe in Morocco, who are responsible for harvesting the argan fruit, benefit directly from the proceeds of the sales. We only buy Argan Oil that is Eco-Cert certified, refined and deodorized, and has not been tested on animals. We market refined and deodorized Argan oil for customer quality and satisfaction. Argan oil has a lingering “nutty” odor that many people unappealing, and our Argan oil is put through a steamed process to deodorize it, to avoid any chemical additives. Our Argan Oil comes in environmentally safe, UV protected, and recyclable plastic packaging. Argan Oil is a natural wonder found exclusively in Southwestern Morocco, and has been used by the Berber women of Morocco for hundreds of years due to its amazing anti-aging, skin nourishing, and therapeutic properties. This long held secret of the Berber women is now yours.

Key features

  • Diminishes wrinkles and can even eliminate them completely
  • Contains exceptionally high levels of fatty acids including linoleic acid (omega-6) which ensure skin’s repair and protective functions
  • Effective against aging and cell degeneration, as well as dryness, skin inflammation, acne and scars
  • Rich in Vitamin F (omega 6), Vitamin E, Phenols, Triterpens.
  • Argan oil is a natural solution to defend against premature aging and UV exposure

Honest reviews


I like it

I purchased this product along with another at the same time. While I do like this product, I do not like the pump. I would prefer a dropper but again that is my personal preference. This product has no scent at all which is good because some I have tried have a very unpleasant scent. It does what is says it will and the cost is comparable to others on the market. If you try it I am sure you will like it.

Paige Wrightwood, CA

A Little Goes A Long Way

I really like this product. The oil itself is thick enough so it doesn’t drip during application. The product contains no artificial fragrance which is great for those of us who prefer to stay away from such things. I began by using the oil on my face at bedtime and within just a week I have seen improvements. I have problem skin and this product has smoothed out my face and lessened my breakouts. I graduated from facial application and began to apply this product to my hair with good results. My hair is smoother and shinier. Also, a little bit goes a long way. One pump is all it takes to cover my face at bedtime. Also, one pump is enough to lightly coat the ends of my medium length hair. The price is reasonable, too. Before discovering Eden Allure, I paid almost $40 for half an ounce of argan oil from another brand. Eden Allure gives you 2.2 ounces for $30 dollars and it works just as well as the more expensive brand I purchased in the past. Great product that actually works at a great price.

Sonja Mckinleyville, CA

What Magic?

I thought this was some miracle oil, but nope. I hate the texture of it and it doesn’t do anything to my skin or hair. Instead, it makes my hair feel really coarse and kinda greasy and it’s not pleasant at all. My skin felt leathery after continuous application, too. It’s a pretty pricey oil so I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re tight on budget.

Kathryn Wren, OH

Bridget’s Review

Eden Allure specializes in Argan Oil based natural skin care product. Argon Oil is extremely rare and serves many purposes. It has the power to minimize wrinkles and give life back to damaged hair and nails. Some have dubbed Argan Oil as “liquid gold”. It can only be found in southwestern Morocco.Moroccan Argan Oil is very rich in (taken from here):
• Vitamin F (omega 6): anti-aging and anti-dryness of skin
• Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin, UV protection, and aids in cutaneous micro-circulation. Also neutralizes free radicals
• Phenols: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, powerful against fungus and bacteria, activates blood circulation and activates Vitamin C
• Triterpens: restructure cells, is anti-inflammatory and slows down cell aging
• Squalene: suggested to prevent against skin cancerI really liked the Argan Oil. I noticed a difference in my skin, hair and nails almost immediately. It is the perfect moisturizer and it’s great at smoothing things out.Another wonderful product from Eden Allure is the Beauty Bar which is available in Grapefruit or Lavender.I almost felt like I was washing myself with pure oil. Some may not like that idea, but when you have extremely dry, sensitive skin, it’s amazing when you find something that cleans you and leaves you feeling fresh instead of dry and flaky. I love this stuff!

Minnie Cheraw, CO

A must for my hair

My daughter and I both have very long hair (non processed), down our backs. It is also naturally curly. We love to wear our hair straight for ease of mornings. This is a must for our hair. If I run out, I will not wear my hair straight without it. This stuff is my miracle in a little bottle. I do not have frizz for the first time in my life thanks to the Argan oil. A little goes a long long way.

Lakeisha Homer, MI


I can definitely tell how much softer it leaves my hair (my hair is very thin), but I’m not too sure about how shiny it leaves the hair. The down side, is that bc my hair is SO THIN, it leaves it with no volume at all (BUT REMEMBER that this product doesn’t claim to add volume to hair, so that’s not the product’s fault). But that’s bc (again) my hair is VERY thin. I like more volume, but this kind of cancels that out. I must add that I am not using a shampoo/conditioner for volume, so that could have a lot to do with it also. HOWEVER, I DEFINITELY recommend it for the skin. It’s absolutely great for it. I have SUPER dry skin, and this has helped with dryness A LOT. I love how my skin absorbs it, and it’s not left all greasy like some other products that claim to be good oils for your skin. I feel like those other products make your skin more greasy than anything else, and the amount the skin absorbs is minimal compared to this one. I LOVE IT FOR MY SKIN! I will definitely purchase it again!

Irene Flatwoods, KY

great for skin

did not care for this on my hair, but on my skin it seems to work. this is a great price after looking around

Lorene Stanley, WI

not to impressed

Not to impressed and is oily and breaks out my face. I have normal skin but this is not for me.

Marsha Los Angeles, CA

Leaves my skin soft!

This is the first oil I found that works well on my dry skin and smells great. I have dry patches of skin that this product softens. I just wish it came in a bigger bottle.

Coleen Cleveland, ND

not for me

Before purchasing this argan oil, I thoroughly did my research on the product, however, I was very disappointed in the product. I have long fine thin hair and it did nothing to soften or coat my hair. I used it on my forehead creases for 2 weeks before discontinuing due to lack of results.

Lois Whitehall, NY

Good lubricant

I do think this is a good lubricant, but it is very expensive for the quantity. This is not a moisturizer (there is a difference) and I don’t think it lubricates any better than 100% olive oil. This brand steams the argan oil to remove or decrease the nutty smell which is ok. I do like that it is all natural and can be used all over the body without clogging pores, but I’d buy evoo next time not this.

Mayra Hitchcock, TX

Pure product

Love it! This lives up to its description. I recommended it for its purity. If you find it for less – go for it, but always check the purity label because frequently these oils are diluted.

Jimmie Mount Meigs, AL

Don’t Get What the Big Deal Is

5 stars for the seller, but this "miraculous" oil is no big deal. Very light, and really does nothing – baby oil does a better job of moisturizing and softening. Think I’ll stick with my Bio-Oil.

Ruby Rossville, IL