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Ecotools Smooth Detangler Paddle Brush

Ecotools offers modern women the beautiful choice for eco conscious indulgence everyday. We combine beauty expertise with eco-innovation to offer a comprehensive line that looks beautiful, performs beautifully, and acts responsibly. Smoothing detangler with unique bristle system quickly smoothes as it gently detangles, leaving hair beautifully healthy.

Key features

  • For beautiful, healthy hair
  • Sustainable bamboo handle and cruelty-free
  • Dries 20% faster for less heat damage
  • Reduced drying time reduces electricity use
  • Cruelty-free synthetic bristles

Honest reviews


Great for sleek hairstyles

This is the perfect brush for blow drying your hair super straight; the vents are perfectly sized to allow plenty of air flow and the paddle is wide/large enough to keep the section your brushing out from blowing around uncontrollably. I also love that this brush is incredibly light weight, is easy to clean/remove trapped hair and it doesn’t induce static in dry/cold air. The cushion area looks a bit concave so it does look a bit cheap in that regard, but overall, this is a high quality brush. I’ve been using it daily since having received it and it still looks as good as new.

Carey Gatesville, NC


this brush is great for very long hair. it doesn’t pull or hurt your scalp. it had a nice soft feel in your hair. and the width is great if your hair is like mine and thick.

Nora Waresboro, GA

great brush but sometimes a bit too pointy

This eco-friendly paddle brush is huge but is quite comfortable and easy to hold. It is because of the bamboo handle, which is smooth and comfortable to grip.Furthermore, the bristles are far apart, making it easy to clean in between brushes.I have wavy thick hair (that’s often frizzy!) and the brush is definitely up to the challenge as far as detangling goes. The hair does look shinier and more manageable after using this brush.For comparison, I usually use Fekkai’s Detangling Comb in conjunction with Fekkai’s Classic Hair Brush. I found that Ecotools does a better job at detangling than Fekkai, and is easier to clean than the Classic Hair brush. However, I found the bristles of the Ecotools to be too pointy and to come into contact too close to my scalp as compared to Fekkai’s soft and comfortable bristles. It’s a good brush to use if you want to stimulate the scalp, but personally, I can’t use it every day.

Tasha Dedham, MA

I LOVE this brush

This is a great brush that works well and does not hurt your scalp. It is easy to hold and to handle and I love brushing my hair with it. My stylist led me to believe there was a special knack for using a paddle brush but he was wrong, it is easy to use for drying your hair, even if you have longer hair. Great brush and I highly recommend it.

Pearl Shelter Island, NY

works well

This is a sturdy brush with a great wooden handle that works great for our daughter who has extremely fine hair that tangles mercilessly. Unfortunately for her, she has a very sensitive scalp as well so most brushes are torturous. I’m not sure why this design of brush works as well as it does, but she loves it.

Rosanna Bryn Athyn, PA

This brush really works!

I have a 25 year old Mason Pearson hairbrush and have become increasingly frustrated with the snarls and tangles I get just trying to get my mane in order. I also disliked the amount of hair left in the brush even though I am very gentle in plying it to hair. My hair is baby fine and shoulder length so you can see my problem.I saw this brush and while skeptical, figured I had nothing to lose and ordered it. It does what it says it does – the thing just glided through my hair and I am not seeing nearly the amount of hair loss that I see with my old brush. There isn’t any tugging or picking apart strands as I had to do before. I suppose that I should mention that this is made of Eco materials, a bamboo handle which is comfortable to hold and capped rounded bristles. The brush is larger ( the head is 3" by 5") that the average hairbrush, and at times rather unwieldy but all in all I think this is a useful product. It has the added virtue on not costing 3 arms and 2 legs.

Vonda Put In Bay, OH

Great Design

This is a very nice product and great price. This hair brush fits well in your hand and because it’s wood feels long lasting. Both my daughter and I have long hair and it did gently detangle , was light and did an nice job of working through a day of long hair. This brush is going to my bathroom before the teenager grabs it for her own. Will look into more products by this company.

Pansy Norwood, NY

better for wet hair

I liked using it on wet hair after showering. The brush is really big, and it’s vented. Detangles hair quickly.But when I tried it on dry hair, it made a lot of static.Also, this one seems to only be good for detangling… It’s too big to use for styling, like I couldn’t use it to help put my hair into a ponytail. I guess I’d prefer a more multi-purpose brush.

Lucinda Crowley, CO

Smoothing and detangling as advertised

This is the first paddle brush I have had in a while and I am very pleased with it. It works very well on wet or dry hair. It is lighter weight than I had anticipated. It has a and there is a soft, shallow cushion to soften contact to the scalp when brushing. It is not pillow soft when you are brushing, but I can say most definitely it really does not snag! I find I use it before bed and also when styling in the morning. Its easy to hold and comfortable to use. Not an heirloom quality brush, its very good at the price point.

Reba Lindsay, NE

Nice general purpose detangler

I love the very firm bristles (is that what you call them?) on this brush – they feel great on my scalp and seem a little firmer than those on the smaller detangler brushes I have. The head of the brush is wide which is a little much to handle any blow drying beyond straight styles though. The brush also seems to leave more static behind on my dry hair than any of my other brushes, which is why it didn’t get 5 stars. Otherwise, this is a great detangler!

Selma Daisetta, TX

Good Lightweight Brush

I enjoy using the ecotools makeup brushes, so when I saw a hairbrush from the same brand I thought I would give it a try. I like the look of it, the spacing of the bristles, and the smooth bamboo handle. My favorite aspect of the brush is how lightweight it is! Much lighter than my plastic handled brushes. The reason I gave it only 4 stars is because the bristles are a little hard on the scalp. I hope in time I will get used to it so I can continue using this lightweight, detangling brush.

Angelica Belmond, IA

Very light!

This light, vented brush glides through fine, straight hair with ease. My 7 yr old san has been using it in his bathroom and it does a good job of styling his wet hair. Easy to clean and doesn’t pull at hair.

Sheena Elkport, IA

A much better than average hair brush

I got this for my granddaughter’s long hairShe likes the wide brush as it means fewer strokesThe handle is comfortable to hold and she likes it being "green"The only drawback is the bristles can draw an "ouch" because of their stiffnessOverall, a much better than average hair brush

Graciela Worden, IL

Works Great on Wet Hair, Not So Much on Dry Curls and Tangles

My 7-year-old daughter and I both have long, thick, curly hair and use both paddle brushes and detangling combs to comb and style in the mornings. I was particularly excited to try this detangler padder brush because my daughter increasingly wants to do her own hair in the morning. While this is eventually going to be great, for now it is a bit of a problem because of tangles. Sometimes she’s working them in more than getting them out.When we first got this brush, we tried it on freshly washed hair. It’s really great for that. Combs through without creating new tangles. Bristles are solid and uniform, so they keep hair from getting frizzy.But combing on dry hair is another matter. This brush works, but it doesn’t work as great as our old brush,Conair Pro Hair Brush, Paddle, Cushion Base. I think it’s really the “cusion” part that makes the difference. With the Ecotools brush, working out tangles can be a bit painful. The plastic on the bristles, and the plastic around the outside of the brush paddle, don’t create new tangles for me, but they don’t help smooth them out either. For my daughter, I think the plastic made it more difficult to work out the tangles, as too much of it is exposed and serves a function in holding the brush together, but not in actually brushin. On the other hand, the Conair brush has a cushion base that provides a better feel when you’re trying to work through the snags and less plastic that gets in the way of brushing.My daughter, who loves to try new things, doesn’t even want to use this brush anymore. And I find that I don’t mind it out of the shower when my hair is still wet, but I prefer my old brush when my hair is dry and I actually need the detangler.

Caroline Dana, IL

Wrestling with Fewer Tangles

I was a little dubious about this Ecotools Smooth Detangler Paddle Brush at first glance. It’s plastic and lightweight, so I couldn’t help but think, “Is this really going to be any different than the brushes I can buy at the dollar store?” And in some ways it’s really not. It’s got the same plastic bulbs at the end of each bristle that I know are going to break/wear off over time.On the flipside, the paddle of this brush is much larger than most cheapo brushes I’ve seen. Since I have fine, thin strands, I don’t necessarily need the extra bulk, but I point it out for those of you who have that thick head of hair I’m so envious of.Now all that said, I gave this brush a fair shake, using it daily and I have to admit, most days I’m wrestling with significantly fewer tangles. In turn, my hair is smoother and shinier too. This is impressive since I’ve struggled with thyroid and other health issues for a while that have left my long, straight hair in a state of disarray. I still lose hair during brushing like I do with my old brush, so I’m skeptical about the claim that this brush detangles more gently than others, but at the same time, detangling doesn’t really hurt either.I’d recommend this Ecotools brush if you can find it for under $8. I probably wouldn’t shell out more than that for it, though.

Lucille Aitkin, MN

A Big Brush

This brush has a huge head- it’s the biggest brush I’ve ever used. I’ve sometimes had problems in the past with this sort of bristle- plastic, with a rounded top. I’ve found that sort of bristle to rip at tangles. This brush is much better in that department than others I’ve tried with similar bristles. There’s still SOME ripping at tangles, which is why I gave this four instead of five stars. That ripping is particularly an issue on wet hair. In general, though, I love the large size, which is great for my long, thick hair.

Mia Arlington, IA

Wet or Dry….Curly masses BEWARE!

I’ve always had thick, CURLY hair since I was a child, and, when it’s wet, it gets REALLY curly, and REALLY TANGLED. When it is dried, it has the potential to become a "rat’s nest" of sorts. Thus, all my life, I’ve always had the struggle of trying to not only "tame" it, but to perform even the "simplest" of tasks to brush it out.*Granted, there have been times when my hair was REALLY short, and I didn’t need to worry as much, but for the greater part, it has been about shoulder-length or longer.In any case, I’ve gone through brush after brush, and have even broken one or two (or maybe more….I can’t remember) and it’s always been struggle to find that "perfect" brush that won’t rip your hair out, thus leading to "early onset hair loss." 🙂 Thus, when I saw this brush – since I have two – one for home, one for "travel" – and both are seemingly "wearing down," I figured I could look into obtaining another, newer, [hopefully] better brush that wouldn’t take out all of my hair when I tried to brush it – for lack of a better term/phrasing – though I brush like how one is "supposed" to, starting at the end and working my way up.Honestly, I don’t know what it is about this brush, and maybe my hair had "thinned" some since I was a kid, but it’s almost as if I hardly have to brush…like truly BRUSH with this particular brush! It’s incredible. Whether I start at the ends and work my way up, or if I start at the roots…my hair, I mean, I can brush my hair out SO FAST and there are NO tangles or remote traces where tangles can start to form! I usually brush it when it’s wet, and it seems to go through my hair like a hot knife going through a stick of butter! Seriously: there is just something in the design that makes brushing my hair so. much. easier. It actually almost makes me enjoy and look forward to brushing my hair. Even if I want to ‘brush it out’ at some point during the day when it is dry/dried out, I’ve yet to have it happen when I couldn’t brush it out or that it was hard/painful/difficult/didn’t work well/etc.My only "issue" that I have is that because the "bristles" of the brush are so spread out and arranged as they are, unless you have OOBERLY THICK hair, it makes pulling the hair back – say, for a bun, ponytail, or in general to get out of the face to pull/pin back – a bit more challenging and (at least for me) doesn’t always quite capture all of the hair as easily as I’d like….but I have a comb, pick, and another small hairbrush I can use for that. Still, that isn’t enough to deter me from thoroughly enjoying and appreciating the brush itself.I do, almost wonder at times, if there might be the same kind, only smaller, for, this particular brush seems perfect for an adolescent aged individual up to an adult, but for kids????? I would say this is almost TOO big, for, it seems like it would be such a challenge to be able to use it and use it effectively on such a small head, when the spacing of the bristles – as proportionately spread out as they are and well-suited for a [more] grown individual – would seem disproportionately ill-fitting for a kid. (I hope that makes sense.)Still, I’d recommend this to any who have struggled with the hair in regards to tangles and the brushing out of the hair with the problem of losing a fair amount of hair in the process. 🙂

Flora Toluca, IL

This Works, Beautifully

This lightweight yet solidly constructed detangler brush painlessly works its way through tangles.The plastic bristles are spaced far apart which allows the bristles to move effortlessly through the hair. Each bristle is capped with a smooth round ball.The handle looks like it is made of wood and fits comfortably in the hand. The brush part has slits which enable air to pass through.This is a nice looking brush with coordinating colors of beige and brown.The Ecotools brush is a good product that will probably last for years.

Gina Ojai, CA

My Daughter Loves it.

I got this brush for my daughter whose hair is getting longer and tangles are an issue. She really likes it. The bristles are big enough and spongy enough that it seems to make getting tangles out less painful. Very happy. Thanks!

Alyssa Mount Holly, VT

This is awesome!

This attractive brush is wonderful for long and medium length hair. Everyone has been trying to steal this away from me. The bristles are uniquely positioned in the center so that you don’t end up tearing your hair out. I have owned other paddle brushes but this one is especially nice. It is light and I can dry my hair quicker and straighter than my round brush.

Carole Williston, SC

Reasonably Priced Paddle Brush

I didn’t think I would like this brush because I have purchased other Ecotools products (sold at Walgreens) and haven’t been impressed. I guess you get what you pay for. I love using a big paddle brush for my hair versus the big round brush because it is easier and faster to style my hair. I have a favorite paddle brush that I have had for years but it is getting old and it does not have vents. This brush looked interesting because it does have vents but it is made of wood and plastic, not metal. I used it to style my hair which is short and although this brush is rather big, I was able to style my hair and in a shorter time due to the vents.As I said before, I am not that impressed with Ecotools products but I do like this brush and although I still have my other paddle brush, this one is a good replacement should I decide to retire my other one-NOT. LOL

Jocelyn Andover, NH

Very nice

I love pretty much everything about this brush, the feel of the handle in my hand is very comfortable, it is not heavy and it glides easily though my very coarse curly hair. I don’t seem to have as much breakage and hair left in the brush after using it. I really enjoy the ability to detangle my hair without ripping it out. I have definitely found a wonderful replacement for my old brush, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase something else made by this company because of the quality of this item.

Karyn Lawrence, MS

finally a paddle brush for easy drying

I love using a paddle brush for blow outs because my hair is a wavy and it seems to result in the best look for me. However, traditional paddle brushes get really hot and don’t allow for hair flow (making the drying process take longer). Finally, someone realized that you could combine the two (I have seriously looked for one of these at Ulta for years). Actually does reduce static, too. Five stars for sure.

Marisa Bangor, WI

Ecotools Smooth Detangler Paddle Brush–Better than expected

I ordered the Ecotools Brush for my daughter, who has long and thick hair, and it “mysteriously” ended up in my makeup receptacle. Actually, I liked it so much, I asked her if I could have it! I love the fact that the brush not only detangles, but with such a fat surface, detangles super-fast!Even though the brush is wide, it is very lightweight and easy to grip. Not to mention, it was easy to clean my daughter’s hair out of it after she gave it to me. Ecotools Brush also feels like an indulgence against the scalp since the bristles are soft and comfy and offer a good massage.Here’s the funny thing. After a week, I am giving the brush back to my daughter. Since my hair is short, I went back to my tried-and-true round style brush, which gives me the results I desire the most.Stacy Lytwyn, Marketing Guru/Motivational Speaker/JournalistAuthor: CONSUMMATE CONNECTICUT: DAY TRIPS WITH PANACHEAce Blogger: WTF: Where’s the Faith, […]

Ashleigh Rockport, WV

Detangles Just Fine . . . .

This detangler paddle brush is replacing a Goody detangler brush that is so old I have no idea how old it is. I never thought of replacing it, until I saw this Ecotools brush, even though the Goody brush is faded and most of the little tips on the "bristles" are gone. It works and always has worked getting out what few tangles I have after shampooing and conditioning my hair every night. This paddle brush also works, although it is more likely to get caught in a tangle because it is such a wide brush. But it still gets all tangles out with little pull on my hair, and it does look so much nicer than the old Goody brush.

Jeri Ohatchee, AL

Love It

I have hair that tangles easily and this Ecotools Smooth Detangler Paddle Brush gets the snarls out quickly and painlessly. And it doesn’t even seem to pull any extra hair out! I like the feel of the bristles on my scalp as well. And I do think it helps my hair dry faster. For me this is a great product.

Melody Glen Wild, NY

Not As Described

In our house, we have all kinds of hair types: long & wavy, long & straight, thick, fine…you get the idea. No one, and I mean NO ONE, thought this brush felt gentle. In fact, I personally think this is one of the hardest brushes that I’ve ever used.The main reason that I selected this brush for review was because of the detangling claim, but it was very ineffective compared to the other brushes that we have in the house. My husband, my son and I all have long hair, so we get a variety of tanlges, despite how we care for our hair (particularly my son who has fine-textured hair, but also a very full head of hair). I was really hoping this brush would reduce the yank-factor, but, if anything, it aggravates the situation with the hard bristles.

Helen Turlock, CA

A wide detangler

This is a brush that gets the tangles out easier than regular hair brushes but is not fool proof. My hair is thicker than most, but as I have aged it has lost some of that depth that it had, so it is nice to have a brush that might help lessen any hair loss by pulling out hair that is snarled.The brush itself is wider than any I have ever used. It is harder to get hairs out after you brush. With most brushes, I just run a comb through to pull any hair out. With this you have to pull out any hairs individually. This is because of the round plastic ends that have little balls on them – you cannot run a comb through it.It feels good and just as soft as my natural bristle brushes. It does seem to do a better job detangling the fine hairs at the nape of my neck.There are some cautions with it: prolonged high heat that some dryers put out can ruin the bristles.You cannot use it in the shower, bath or soak the handle. Normally I clean brushes with baking soda in water to remove any built up oil but there are no hints or directions on how to clean this brush.Still it seems to work better as a hairbrush for my longer hair.

Elvia Cusick, WA