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EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush

Your new favorite makeup brush specifically designed for use with BB creams, CC creams and tinted moisturizers for a smoother application that instantly transforms your complexion for a flawless, natural finish. The hand-cut, angled edge of the makeup brush allows for easy application in the corners of nose and eyes, while the cut and soft bristles make for a smoother finish, and a beautifully finished complexion. Using a makeup brush eliminates transfer of oil or dirt from hands to face. Synthetic bristles are cruelty free. Experience the incredibly soft touch of cruelty-free bristles EcoTools beauty solutions promote Living Beautifully! We are inspired by beauty inside and out, and in the world around us. While we always want to look our best, we feel even better when we can make earth-conscious choices. EcoTools remains a favorite of celebrities, beauty editors and women around the world. Best known for our incredibly soft cosmetic brushes and handles, we take pride in offering a collection of cosmetic makeup brushes, hairbrushes, lashes and bath products that feature innovative, materials. Our packaging includes natural materials, reusable pouches, post-consumer recycled paper and plastic, and recyclable packaging. The eco pouch is phthalate-free and PVC-free. Cleaning your Makeup Brushes Unclean makeup brushes transfer old makeup, germs, and bacteria to your skin each time you use them. Ideally, you should wash them once a week, and here’s the best way how: Run the bristles of makeup brush under warm running water. Careful not to get the ferrules and handles wet. Apply a drop of gentle shampoo or clarifying cleanser to bristles and work into a light lather. Rinse bristles thoroughly under warm, running water. Continue rinsing until water runs clear. Use a cloth to absorb excess water and reshape the bristles Lay your makeup brushes flat or “handles up” to air dry

Key features

  • Use with BB creams, CC Creams and tinted moisturizers
  • Incredibly soft, hand-cut bristles
  • Sleek handle
  • Recycled aluminum handles
  • Reusable eco pouch is PVC-free and phthalate-free

Honest reviews


Not good for foundation //bb

Funny how this is recommended to be used with BB/CC cream and it is the worst with those products!Liquid foundation, BB and CC creams do not work with this brush! This brush soaks up so much product.If you are someone who contours I would recommend this for that, but other than that I wouldn’t recommend this at all.

Camille Burns, CO

Great quality brush, but does not work well for intended use

I was interested in trying this brush because I own other EcoTools brushes, and I love them–they are soft, well-made, and high quality. This “Skin Perfecting Brush” is up to the usual EcoTools standards. However, unlike all of my other EcoTools brushes, which I use to apply DRY makeup products (e.g., blush, eye shadow, powder, etc.), this brush is intended for use with WET products such as BB cream or tinted moisturizer. I tried it with my BB cream, and I just didn’t find that it worked particularly well. The brush seemed to absorb the product, necessitating me using more than I normally would have, and the brush didn’t do a good job of spreading the product evenly. Plus, once the brush is wet, you can’t really put it back in the case, which is fabric on the inside.I will probably see if I can find another use for this brush, since as noted, I do like EcoTools in general and the quality of their brushes in particular. But so far, this brush has not worked for me.Edited 3/22/14: I have started using this brush a bit more. I have found that it is useful for ensuring that concealer/similar products are spread evenly once they are dry; I also like it for applying pressed powder around the eye area. So, while I still don’t think this brush is appropriate for applying liquid products, I’m glad I have been able to use it for other purposes, as it is a high quality product as noted in my original review.

Mitzi La Honda, CA

Quality Brush, Affordable Price

I stopped wearing makeup except for a bit of lipstick years ago. Now that I’m performing on stage, I’m having to relearn the art and invest in new products and tools.I already own several brushes by Eco Tools and I like them very much. They are easy to clean, comfortable in the hand and work well. They are also affordable.This brush is an angled sponge and does a good job of blending foundation evenly. Works great around the nose, forehead and jawline.A useful tool to add to your cosmetic kit.

Ada Eagarville, IL

Fantastic facial brush – best I’ve used

Nice light oil treatment for dry hair. Too oily for my fine hair, but worked fairly well on more course dry hair. Not heavy enough for our daughter’s bi-racial naturally curly hair. So would only recommend this for a course dry hair type. Smell isn’t too bad, not great, but not offensive either. A bit high priced for Dove, but like most of their other mid-range products.

Kari Swoope, VA

Great brush for the price

This EcoTools brush is a great quality brush for a low price. I was very impressed with the soft feel of the bristles and how well it is made. You do not have to worry about loose bristles on your face when using this brush.I knew from the get-go that I probably would not want to use this brush for BB/CC cream like it is recommended. I have perfected my BB Cream routine by using a Beauty Blender. For review purposes, I decided to try this brush on my BB cream first. It did a great job of blending the BB cream into my skin. However, it seemed like too much BB cream was left on the bristles. I cleaned the brush immediately afterwards using two different brands of makeup remover. The brush was stained brown.I do however like this brush for applying my HD powder or even for blush. The bristles feel great on my skin and it does a great job of blending the powder.I do recommend this brush, just not for what it is intended for. With the wasted BB cream and difficulty to clean, I don’t like this brush for BB cream.

Berta Northville, MI

Use it for my BB creme here, but it could be a great all around facial makeup shaping brush/tool as well!

EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush: This is the first time I have heard of this company but I like their attitude toward caring for our planet.Indeed yes, there are brushes you can purchase which are comprised of animal hair, such as sable make up brushes, brushes made of Boar’s hair, and so on.However, even if you are not vegan, not a member of PETA, not an animal lover, and maybe you just don’t care about anything at all except your MAKEUP, I am not here to judge you,I am here to tell you this is a good, inexpensive, nice brush to use to assist you in applying your BB creme (I use this every time I apply mine) , or to use as a blush brush to shape the contours of that stunning visage of yours!I like this EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush! I hope you do too!Incidentally, I am not a member of PETA, and I am not vegan–but I have been a vegetarian for 9 years and if I had the guts I would be a vegan…for health reasons as much as anything else.I like to think that one tiny step at a time we will recover our dear planet. It is more complicated than a makeup brush, for sure, but that is a start.Thanks,jean

Kelley Springfield, AR

Great brush!

This brush is marketed as a BB and CC cream brush. It’s certainly soft enough for a foundation, but I don’t apply foundation with a brush–a brush absorbs too much product and I have a hard time getting an even finish–I use my fingers or a makeup sponge.That said, this is a KILLER brush for blush or contouring. It’s very soft, but the angled shape makes it very controllable. It’s easy to feather out the color because the brush is so soft, and “doll cheeks” will never be an issue. If you like to give yourself cheekbones by using a darker color under the apples of your cheeks, then this is the brush for you! This is an amazing brush, and it’s environmentally responsible, PETA friendly, and reasonably priced. Go for it!

Jerry Shirley, NY

Love this brush…great with powders

I have been wanting an Eco Tools brush for some time, I’m not disappointed.The bamboo handle is comfortable to hold, the bristles are soft, no streaking, and blend well.I do not use this brush as intended….for wet make-up, because I don’t use wet/cream make-up! I only use a powder bronzer, and it works very well with my powdered bronzer.So….I would definitely recommend this for your powdered products, but cannot give you any help as far as liquid/cream make-ups!

Kenya Ducktown, TN

Best brush ever

I love EcoTools brushes. They are the best affordable priced sustainable makeup brushes out there. This brush is supposed to be used for applying BB cream, but I found it works really well with my Armani Maestro as well. It has a stippling effect, really allowing you to get that flawless face finish. I highly recommend it.

Susan Dousman, WI

Very nice brush!

I admit I am usually lazy with foundation/CC/BB makeup, just using my fingers to apply. It works but if I am not careful, I end up with small streaks and areas where I miss. A sponge is nice too, but still I end up wiping to save time rather than stippling and I still get the same streaks. This really helps!! It kind of forces you to put it on in more of a tapping fashion. And since it is a brush, excess is drawn into the bristles (unless you are using WAY too much) rather than smearing on your face. Think of it as how finger paint looks versus painting with a paintbrush!With CC/BB creams, at least for me, I find that those products need more manipulation on my skin to blend. So I do the first part of the application with my fingers and then finish with this to even out any mistakes and improve the texture. With liquid foundation, I sort of put dots around my face (using a little more areas that need more coverage), smear them a little so they aren’t like puddles, then use this brush to finish the application.I have many brushes, some from large sets where I don’t even know exactly what they are for. So I end up with about 5 favorites. This is now in that elite club! I haven’t washed mine yet, but ideally it should probably be done every few weeks or once a month. I don’t overdo it with make up, so mine (after about a month) doesn’t seem gunky or anything. But it still is in contact with your skin and a wet product.I clean my brushes with either a little liquid hand soap in my hand or with shampoo. I don’t add oil (as many beauty "experts" say on the internet) since most of mine are synthetic bristles. This one is synthetic. Oil can’t soak into these type of bristles…they are just plastic. Natural bristles may occasionally need conditioner (like YOUR hair) but since many are in contact with oily materials, I don’t really see mine looking dry or brittle if I skip it. I just swirl a tiny bit of water and soap around on the palm of my hand with the brush to work it into the bristles, then rinse rinse rinse. I usually flick mine pretty hard a few times after rinsing to get most of the water out, then shape with my fingers if it is out of shape. I let mine dry hanging upside down (I just use one of those pants hangers with the clothespin type clips!) and let it dry. It keeps any water from running down into the ferrule (the metal part) or sitting in there against the handle. Hope this helps!

Callie Norris, TN

Eco Soft

I have purchased many products from Eco tools and I love the fact that they are conscious with the material they utilize. The brush is soft and application is a breeze. To make its usage last longer remember to,softly wash the brush once a week ( my personal preference) with soap that is nit harsh such as Dove. Let it air dry and you are good to go. I use this brush with my Bare Minerals and love it

Debra Taylor Ridge, IL

Perfect for contouring

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect contouring brush and I think I found it! Even though this brush is recommended for creams, I think it works amazingly well as a contour brush.The bristles are soft and not too dense (if they are too dense they end up picking up too much product and creating stripes or take forever to blend out). I tapped this into my Tarte matte bronzer and the the angled edge fit perfectly right under my cheek bones for a perfect contour. I was even able to use this brush to contour the sides of my nose too.

Valeria Denali National Park, AK

average brush

I didn’t end up using this brush much. Very fluffy so it didn’t pick up make up well. Nice handle though. Comfortable to grip.if you don’t mind the extra work.

Tricia Linwood, NE

Good sturdy brush but bristles are harder, takes some work to blend.

I have many brushes from EcoTools, this brush has some good and some negative points. The construction of this brush is solid like any other EcoTools brush and bristles are firmly attached and don’t come off easily like with some sable hair type brushes. This is a good brush for BB creams and pigmented lotions for the face as it has a large diameter and is tapered for the face. The bristles also don’t absorb too much of the product so you can apply a small amount over a large area and then it cleans up easy.However, the drawback is that the bristles tend to clump up when they are dipped into a BB cream or makeup. So it tends to leave streaks across the face if you have a very pigmented BB cream. It works OK with products with more moisturizer or lotion but blending in the product is no fun as the bristles are hard and prickly and they start to hurt.I still gave it 3 stars as the EcoTools as it’s sturdy and cleans up nicely and a good price point. If you’re using this for BB cream it a good brush. For a makeup or foundation or something with higher color payoff or a thinner consistency than BB cream you will have to use a brush that has bristles that become softer and finer toward the top and help you blend better, like many MAC or Ulta brushes used for contouring and base application.

Joann Monroe, TN

3.5 stars – Better Dry than Wet

This is marketed as a cream/foundation brush so that’s how I used it at first. It really didn’t work with my Clinique foundation. The bristles are very soft, but liquid foundation doesn’t spread well with it. It just absorbed too much. I did try it with dry powders and it works well for bronzer and blush which requires an angled head. It won’t replace my Sigma brush, but for powders this is a decent, cheaper dupe.

Louise Ludington, MI

Pretty brush, soft bristles, and eco-friendly

This pretty, soft brush isn’t the best for applying BB cream. I found it wasn’t the best at applying anything with a liquid consistency. However, it does work for spreading already applied concealer or foundation.I know that isn’t what it was intended for, so I gave it 3 stars because it isn’t very effective for what it is advertised. However, it is a nice brush that it is eco-friendly and that makes me happy, so it got 3 stars based on the quality of the brush, and what the company is achieving by using recycled materials to create it.

Latasha Los Fresnos, TX

NOT Good For Liquid Products

I really wanted to like this brush as it’s pretty–bamboo handle, metal, and super-soft bristles. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work at all for what it was designed for.I tried it both with BB cream and a liquid foundation. The bristles held too much foundation/cream and would deposit it unevenly around my face. Try as I might, it was impossible to smooth out. I ended up with entirely too much product on my face.Because the bristles are so densely packed, this brush is NOT suitable for applying blush, unless you like yours in a big stripe across your cheek. Similarly, it is not fluffy enough to use with powder.I’ve used this (dampened) a couple of times to smooth out foundation at the jawline, but it’s really not worth purchasing the brush for that purpose.

Dina Tiptonville, TN

A Versatile Brush

So even though the packaging says to use this with a BB cream, I’ve used it with both heavier foundations, light concealers,and even powder applications for contouring and applying powder to set your undereye concealer. It cleans very nicely without a ton of effort and I have hardly had any (if any) shedding. My only negative is that it’s not the softest brush and when you’re stippling product on your skin you have to be light handed or it may be slightly uncomfortable. On the other hand, the fact that it is a densely packed brush helps you get that "perfected" finish. I generally like it better for smaller area applications (undereye, contour, etc) where I can stipple the product (gently) on instead of a full face foundation brush (the brush is between the size of a silver dollar and quarter). Overall, it’s a great brush that could be used for several types of makeup application.

Elnora Denham Springs, LA

Makeup Newbie

Sigh…when i was younger, I didn’t really need makeup. Some eyeliner, maybe mascara. Now…the more the better. I actually have to watch video tutorials on how to apply makeup (and I’m past 20 years old but under 50!) This one makeup artist swore by foundation brushes. Which, I gather, is what this tool is. It would be helpful for makeup newbies like me if it would state exactly what it was – otherwise, had it not been a "free" sample, I would have skipped it if I saw it in the store shopping.ANYWAY. I always either used my fingers or a Q-Tip to put on concealer/foundation. Started using this, and I have to say, the makeup is just flawless now. I’d highly recommend. Now, if only they explained how to clean it and how often???Oh – it also comes in a soft pouch that would be great to throw in your suitcase or purse if/when traveling. I don’t have a makeup kit yet, but the more wrinkles I accumulate, the closer I get to buying one!

Charity Jet, OK

Great for blemish base cream

The brush applies evenly and delicately. The fibers are packed in tight, keeping the cream at the surface rather than lodged in the middle. The recycled handle makes this very light, yet it still feels sturdy. Love it.

Edythe Valley City, OH

perfect size and shape

This brush is the perfect size for applying BB cream around the eyes and nose. The bristles are amazingly soft and the tapered end gives plenty of control. The brush is smaller than I’d normally use for a foundation and tends to get dirty quickly – it’s not one you could use without washing between uses.

Eula Century, FL

Nice enough and affordable

Finding a decent brush that is affordable enough to throw away (due to hygiene concerns) in a few months yet provide a decent working/functional brush isn’t always easy. This is a good balance between function, eco and value. Having said that, I would not use this for foundation but rather only dry due to the soft but fairly stiff bristles.

June Freedom, ME

Great brush but bristles were miscut

This bamboo handled brush with contoured synthetic fibers has a nice feel and weight to it. I used it first with powder and it worked nicely, for blush and contour which was GREAT and then foundation. The brush head is small, and I found it worked best for applying foundation around my eyes than the entire face. I like to use a bigger stipple brush to apply foundation.I am deducting a star because the brush I got wasn’t cut properly. One of the top edges had a section roughly 1/2" across that was 1/4" taller than it was supposed to be. I took a photo but not sure I can post it. I had to try to cut it myself, but it will never be as precise as the machine cut would have been.Compared to my MAC and other professional brushes, this is just as good quality but for about 1/4 the price!

Eva Burney, CA

Nice brush, synthetic fiber but absorbs too much cream

This is a bamboo handled brush with synthetic fiber bristles. The feel is very luxurious and the brush is well-made, so for the price, it’s an excellent value. The shape is an angled, dense head with a flat surface for applying foundation or BB cream. However, it’s actually only so-so for applying foundation or tinted moisturizer. It does work well to let you apply the cream to areas of your face such as below your lip or the crease of your nose. But it absorb a lot more cream than you’d need to use if you used your fingers, instead. When I washed out the brush afterwards, the foundation absorbed into the bristles and I was unable to remove all of it. I’m assuming the fibers are somewhat porous and they really pick up the cream and don’t want to let it go. If you like your brushes to be pristine after washing out, this might be a problem for you.As a contour brush, this works fairly well. The shape is good for gliding over the face and getting the powder just where you want it under cheekbones or nose.This is a nice brush. It doesn’t cost mega-bucks but it is not entirely suitable for applying foundation or cream as it seems to absorb it a bit too much. I think it’s actually better as a powder contour brush. Four stars out of five.

Eddie Plaquemine, LA

Okay for BB cream

I got this brush for my wife who uses it with BB cream application. The head has soft bristles and a nice bamboo handle featuring recyclable aluminum.The brush does apply the product but seems to leave streaks. Put another way – there isn’t a whole lot of benefit from using this brush versus using fingers to smooth on cream. As other reviewers have pointed out, the bristles are somewhat absorptive so you end up using more product.All that said, there are probably other applications for this brush that make more sense than BB cream. Overall it is a good quality brush, on par with the expensive brushes. You’ll just need to find the use that is most applicable for you.

Elisha Stanberry, MO

Love it

This is a great brush.. I find it a little small to do my foundation with, but I have used it for concealer, cream blush and cream contouring and it does a really amazing job.. The bristles are soft, but yet the brush is quite dense.. I really like this brush..

Trina Pink Hill, NC

Very Nice Angled Brush with Tight, Soft Bristles

This make up brush is great for just about any lady in your life. I like how it came nicely packaged and felt like you were opening up a quality product. The brush backed it up with the construction. The wooden handle is smooth and easy to hold. The bristles are super soft and tightly packed. They have not shed for me yet and the angle gives me a lot of control as to where I want to put powder, especially around my eyes. It goes on smoothly and feels really nice as well. I’m not sure I would try it for rouge since it might give too much of a sharp edge but I suppose you could spread it out.

Alexandra Elliott, SC

Really Good for Blending Concealer

I didn’t really like this for applying BB cream. It seems to really soak up the cream rather than spread it on my skin but I did find that it works very well at helping me blend my concealer. I had been using a beauty sponge but found it a little hard to blend in the corners of my eyes. This brush works better and it seems quicker as well.Thank you to Amazon and the Maker/Vendor for giving my a chance to try this out.

Jennie Page, ND

Great cruelty-free brush that is perfect for applying BB creams and tinted moisturizers

I love Eco Tools brushes, and have several of them in my makeup brush collection. I was excited to try this out since it’s designed for applying lighter products like BB creams and tinted moisturizers. I’ve been using it every day this week with several different BB creams that I own, and I really like it!The small brush head and contoured shape make it easy to apply product around your nose and under your eyes. It also feels very soft to the touch.It also comes in a cute little naturally-made pouch that you can re-use to carry this brush and others while traveling.The handle is made from bamboo, and the bristles are cruelty-free.While this applies product evenly, the only reason I’m giving it four stars instead of five is that it seems to “capture” a lot of product in its bristles. Each time I’m done using it, I’ve washed it, and yet after applying my BB creams, a lot of the product still seems to be in the brush itself, making me feel like I’m wasting some product.I think I actually prefer my Tarte buffer brush since that provides the same airbrushed finish, but doesn’t seem to waste as much cream.Overall, though, this is a great little brush at a great price! I would recommend it.

Adriana Ellston, IA

Not for Wet Makeup

I’m a fan with virtually every tool in the Eco line. They work outstandingly well and they last forever. This brush was designed to work with wet makeup and it does that very poorly. If you are looking for a brush to work with wet makeup…do not purchase. That said, the brush is still good at a number of other things (given the angular head) including contouring and it is extremely soft. I enjoy adding it to my collection so it’s not a total waste, but no good for wet makeup.

Juanita Wadley, GA