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Ecotools Pure Complexion Sensitive Konjac Sponge

Ecotools offers modern women the beautiful choice for eco-conscious indulgence everyday. We combine beauty expertise with eco-innovation to offer a comprehensive line that looks beautiful, performs beautifully, and acts responsibly.

Key features

  • Softens when wet
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients, including Konjac vegetable fiber
  • Gentle clean
  • Better clean
  • Fragrance free and colorant free

Honest reviews


EcoTools Sponge

In the box, the sponge looks and feels like Styrofoam. Once wet it softens up to become mushy feeling. When it dries, it becomes hard again.PROS: The box promises gentle cleansing. I can believe this since the sponge is not at all abrasive. It’s made with natural ingredients. It’s fragrance and colorant free.CONS: While I can imagine the additional friction of this sponge is better than using your hands alone, I didn’t feel as though it was that much of an improvement.Using it makes me feel like I’m washing my face with water. When you squeeze it, you see lots of soap, but none of it shows up on your face.I don’t have sensitive skin, but after using this, I had a couple of breakouts. I was using a gentle cleanser that I have used in the past and never had issues with before. I only used the sponge once a day and I wore no makeup.2 STARS: I’m not convinced that this is a necessary product.

Carla Mount Holly, VA

Pure Complexion Sponge Sensitive Brush

This isn’t anything special, it is your typical sponge. Except that it is made out of natural ingredients…. Straight out of the box it is super hard and doesn’t seem like it would be good for sensitive skin- but when you wet it, it gets mushy and soft. Dry it out and it becomes hard again. It isn’t rough on the skin at all. I guess I’m just not sure this product is necessary. I prefer a washcloth or nothing at all with my favorite facial cleanser.

Ruby Malta Bend, MO

Interesting, but nothing special

The sponge is more interesting as a novelty than anything else. Made out of a root starch, it starts out as a hard piece of Styrofoam-like material which softens quickly in water into a sponge. I’ve been using it for a week, and I’m not particularly impressed. Sure, it’s a gentle, exfoliating sponge. However, the life-span of the sponge is relatively short, and I haven’t noticed any benefit beyond what I can get with a decent washcloth. I can’t see paying $6 over and over again.I see that this type of sponge comes in other varieties that include facial clays and other additives, so perhaps those provide enough value versus than the plain sponge alone if you’re in need of those kind of facial treatments.

Avis Moorefield, NE

You do the math!

So, you could spend $5.99 on this sponge for your face, or you could use a washcloth, which you probably already own, for free, for exactly the same results.

May Washington Boro, PA

Hard little sponge works, but it’s nothing special

It works just fine. It scrubs, it exfoliates, it isn’t harsh on the skin. It takes cleansers/soaps well. It seems to last as long as other sponges.I’m just not 100% clear how this sponge is differentiating itself from other sponges in terms of effectiveness. It all seems to be about the eco-friendly angle. I suppose that those with a high eco-consciousness might find that appealing, I am indifferent,.

Hattie Douglas Flat, CA

Great Facial Scrubber

I loved this sponge. It has just enough grittiness on it to remove dead skin. My skin feels softer and less coarse after using this. I usually just use my facial cleaning gel and my face feels clean. I started using this sponge after lathering my face, and what a difference if makes. Its easy to hold and there’s a little indent on the flat side that makes it easier to clean your nose and chin.I think I like it better than my prosonic. No need to recharge this just buy a new one.

Gina Prole, IA

As Advertised

This sponge is a great (and easy) way to exfoliate – and it is soft enough for sensitive, aging skin. It doesn’t take many days to turn sluggish, dry-looking skin into dewy, fresh skin – particularly if you follow every cleansing with a good moisturizer. There are so many things out there promising to give you results. This sponge does make a visible difference. Follow instructions. Don’t rub too hard!

June Fosterville, TN

Impressed with this!

I have been looking for a good facial sponge, and since I like other products by Ecotools, I was hoping that this might work for me. The only prior facial scrubbie that I have liked was the “scrublet” that came with the facial cleanserL’Oreal Paris Go 360 Clean, but I can no longer find this in my area, and they seem to have stopped making the green version that I liked.The problem with other complexion sponges that I’ve tried is that 1) they don’t rinse clean, and/or 2) they fall apart easily. The Ecotools sponge is very different. Upon removal from the box, this tear-shaped product (about 3″x2″x2″) is as hard as a rock! As soon as you wet it, however, it softens up, developing a celluloid feel to it. This makes it VERY gentle in the skin, but tough on dirt and makeup! With a little cleanser (NOT makeup remover), I was able to clean EVERYTHING on my fact, something I can do well with cleanser alone. Best of all, the sponge rinsed cleanly–NOTHING was left behind!Currently, I have been using the sponge for less than a week, so I’ll have to see how it holds up over time (instructions say to replace every 1-3 months with proper care). However, if this product continues to perform as well as it has been so far, I would definitely stock up on it in the future.

Sheree Aspen, CO

Great for cleansing the skin

Before this sponge, I never used anything except a washcloth to clean my face. While that works great for removing surface dirt and makeup, I was impressed by how different my skin felt after using this Ecotools sponge. It felt so much cleaner, and it wasn’t harsh or abrasive at all. The day after using it, my makeup seemed to go on so much more smoothly and my skin even had a kind of glow. I’m not sure how long the sponge will last, but at this point I’m happy with it.

Viola Kremlin, OK

Simple and effective, but a little abrasive

My wife uses this to wash her face and exfoliate and likes it, but she warns that you needs to let the sponge soak in warm water for a minute or two before using each time. She also says to be gentle with the exfoliating, because this sponge can be a bit abrasive and can scratch sensitive skin easily. Overall, she would buy another once this one needs replacing (within a month or two of use).

Louisa Olla, LA

Gentle enough for sensitive or acne prone skin

True, this comes out of the box with the appearance of a styrofoam brick. And yes, the nearly $6 price tag is not wallet-friendly. However, the product itself does become soft and pliable with water. The egg-like shape allows you to gently clean away dirt, oil, and makeup anywhere on the face and neckline with ease. It was gentle enough not to irritate my skin and my skin felt smoother and healthier after using it.This is also great for taking off a facial mask or heavier facial cleansing products. If you’re looking for a little bit of pampering and need a sensitive skin-friendly product, this is a nice sponge.

Tammie Solsberry, IN

Just another Sponge

It is sad to say, but this sponge is nothing special. Yes, it is made out of natural ingredients, which is nice. But other than that, it is really just another sponge. I have used it a few times and the results are ok. I don’t think it would be my go to however to use with my facial products. Just make sure you soak in water a few minutes before using.

Nora Oak Ridge, TN

Nice idea, lasted about a month for me.

At first it’s surprising hard and rough, but once wet it’s very gentle even for sensitive skin. It Effectively helped remove more of my makeup without having to scrub. It took more than 24hrs to fully dry and I’d rather not have a wet sponge lying around for that long everyday for a month. It’s a nice idea and good quality, but not for me.

Lourdes Furman, SC


This is a medium abrasion sponge. I put the cleaner directly on it and used it. I was pleased with the results. I felt cleaner than just washing my face with my hands. The sponge softens when moistened. It is never as hard again as when it came out of the package but it does firm back up as it dries. It has held up great after a month of daily use. It is small and fits nicely in the hand and in the soap dish.

Marianne Glen Rock, NJ

Invigorating Sponge

I have found this complexion sponge leaves my face soft and clean. I use the foaming soap with the sponge and it works well on my face and cleans it very well. After rinsing with cool water it feel so good and just pat it dry with a soft cloth. I have plenty of wrinkles at age 88 and I have earned every one of them but still want to treat my skin with care. I was amazed really at how invigorating it leaves my skin. All I add after using the sponge is some lotion that is not oily by with a soothing cream.. Who ever came up with this idea of a sponge that will not damage your skin, is amazing so give it a try you will not be sorry.

Miranda Princeton, ME

look is deceiving

Upon first look this sponge looks wrong. Add water and it takes on a gentle but effective texture. I’m really enjoying using this with my favorite Pangea Organics face wash. And I see a subtle difference in the texture of the skin on my face and neck.

Amanda Rapid City, MI

Simple, Does What it is Supposed to Do.

It’s texture is slightly rough but still spongy, just the right combination for this sort of thing. It soaks up water easily, and it is the right size to hold for small hands. Takes up liquid soap nicely and wrings out fast.At first. the material appears to be fragile. But I’ve been using this for several weeks, and it shows no signs of tearing at all.Definitely worth the small price.

Lucille Hygiene, CO

No One Needs This

It’s a sponge. It comes out of the package feeling like a hard piece of styrofoam, and when it gets wet, it becomes soft and pliable. It is not harsh — you would have to scrub very, very hard to damage your skin. That’s good. If you insist on using a sponge on your face, this would be a fine one to choose. But why use one at all? It will get bacteria trapped in it; it will drip on your bathroom counter while it’s drying; and bottom line, you don’t need it.

Michaela Three Bridges, NJ

Not a Brush but a fibrous scrubber

If I had seen this in the store I *NEVER* would have purchased it, because it looks and feels so rough. But, when you wet it, it softens into a very gentle scrubber.I actually like this product, as a very gentle alternative to using my Clarisonic. When you wet this and get it sudsy with cleanser, it feels SO good on your skin, yet does an adequate job of exfoliating. It did not inflame my rosacea and I was even able to use this after a peel. Very nice.

Katherine Dyer, NV

a surprising little product!

I was afraid of this at first because it felt like a hard pumice stone in the package and I thought it would be to abrasive. What a surprise when you wet it! The texture changes to almost a gel with a squishy feel yet it has a very subtle exfoliating texture. A very curious product but it feels SO good on your face. I love this with Nutrogena foaming facial cleanser, it leaves your skin polished and new feeling but not dry or red like some scrubbers leave your skin. This is a wonderful product, you must try it!

Shawn Iberia, OH

The more affordable Konjac sponge

I have used several Konjac sponges and they are great at being a gentle face sponge, it has one flaw though, it does not have a hanging cord to hang it between uses. The other sponges I have used hang by a cord when not in use to keep it dry. The shape is like a beauty blender and allows you to clean around your nose. First time users of Konjac sponges have to be aware that you do not need to use a lot of cleansing product to clean with the sponge; it is harder to clean out the cleansing agent and if you do not it will leave a hard film on your sponge. It is definitely advisable to change your sponge every two months it’s mostly organic matter by the end of the second month bacterial growth starts. I use my sponge everyday so it definitely gets a lot of wear.

Allie Given, WV

Nothing Special

Essentially, this is just another product that will clutter up the bathroom. It’s a sponge. It’s a sponge that comes hard as a rock and becomes remarkably soft after adding water. But it’s so soft that it is of no use as an exfoliator. I could go to Wal-Mart and spend $2 for the same product, but I wouldn’t. I need a sponge to remove makeup and dirt from my face.

Jacqueline White Cloud, MI

My face feels amazing!

I’ve used the Buff Puff in the past, which is a similar product, but I always found it to be too course and would make my face feel raw. This face sponge is like washing your face with a very high quality washcloth. It’s smooth and soft and makes my face feel so much cleaner than washing with my hands alone. The sponge dries out pretty quickly. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and it doesn’t have any musty smell. It also allows me to use significantly less face wash than I normally do. I use Philosophy’s Purity facial cleanser and though it’s certainly not the most expensive face wash around, it’s not cheap either so being able to use only about a third of what I had previously used is wonderful. The sponge really gets the cleanser to suds up well and since it very gently exfoliates, I don’t feel like I need to wash a second time.

Nettie Arcadia, PA

Who knew?

I would have never thought the rock of styrofoam in the package would soften to be such a luxurious facial sponge. Once wet it softens fine, though has a somewhat gelatinous feel. It’s a bit small and rounded, which is odd in a facial sponge.I didn’t find it abrasive at all, even considering that I use baking soda mixed in with my face cleanser. The sponge does a good job of washing and removing facial cleanser. To that end, it took a lot of rinsing to get all of the wash out, and I’m not sure that it did. I was a bit concerned about it not seeming thoroughly rinsed.My skin felt clean and fine after–no stinging or other signs of irritation. The product designer says the sponge is 100% natural, though I’m dubious of such claims. A lot of things are natural that aren’t necessarily good.I’m curious to see how well it holds up over time. The description says to replace it every 1-3 months, which is on par with other facial sponges. Whether I would get this one again, I’m unsure.

Lucile Egegik, AK

New and different

This is a weird product. It’s hard as and resembles a large rock. Only when it gets wet does it soften up. It is made with 100% natural ingredients and has what they call "Konjac vegetable fiber," whatever the heck that is. Anyway it works well, sort of like a luffa, and is fragrance free and dermatologist tested. It is eco-friendly. The box says to replace every one to three months, but I think once a month would be more appropriate. I like it and for the price of about $6 it’s affordable for most.

Kathy Milroy, PA

Works Well With My Rosacea Prone Skin

At fifty something I have developed rosacea that appears occasionally on my nose and many of the harsher pore cleaning products really aggravate this condition. In my specific case this Ecotools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge seems to have the right combination of gentleness and cleansing power when combined with one of the more sensitive gel pore cleansers available.As others have noted this sponge comes out of the package very dry and hard but quickly softens when wet. The sponge is on the small side but since I just use it on my face that works fine for me. According to the packaging information it is made with 100% natural ingredients and is dermatologist tested. The company that produces this product, Ecotools, markets itself as earth friendly beauty which is an appealing claim. Though supposedly one sponge lasts up to three months I think I will have to replace it more often than that. And I do plan to replace this sponge that I first received as a free trial from the Amazon Vine program.

Jasmin Bergland, MI

Comes out of the box like a piece of styrofoam

If it weren’t for my 8-year-old’s insatiable curiosity about this "sponge," it might have gone straight to the trash. It comes out of the package like an ordinary piece of styrofoam. It is only after it is wet that it even resembles a sponge of any sort. Also, once it dries, it again looks like a styrofoam egg (but smaller than it was originally). It is adequate as a facial sponge, but it must be replaced once a month. The results were not so spectacular that I think I’ll give up my washcloth.

Louella Mindenmines, MO

Soft and Comfy

When I first took it out of the package I couldn’t believe it could ever get soft, but with water it did, and very much so. I really enjoyed being able to easily get into all the contours of my face, around and over my nose, into the eye sockets with this silky, egg-shaped sponge. It’s so soft I wouldn’t hesitate to wash a baby’s skin with it.I saw that several people said it didn’t exfoliate. I didn’t see anything that said it was supposed to. I found that it needed a lot of rinsing after I used it, though, and it took a longer than I would have liked. I would recommend using a liquid soap with it rather than a bar because if you don’t get all the bar soap out it forms a hard film over the surface of the sponge that takes some work to remove.I am pleased that for such a soft sponge it holds its shape well. It will be interesting to see just how long it lasts, but overall I think it’s a good product for someone with sensitive skin who wants to get it thoroughly clean and feel pampered at the same time.

Mai Mulhall, OK

Interesting product

I honestly thought this was one of those sponges you use to blend in your foundation. I was totally wrong. Oops. It’s actually a hard sponge in the box, you add water and it softens up. It’s actually an exfoliating sponge! Interesting concept, but I don’t see a real need for this product considering all the other things out there you could use that would cost less and provided you with more product. Also personally because it is pretty much a sponge, I feel like it’s not long lasting as it can collect germs quickly.

Alana Dallas, TX