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EcoTools Limited Edition Lovely Looks Set

Add a pop of color and look radiant with the Lovely Looks: Glamorous Glow Set. Complete with soft, cruelty-free bristles and beautiful artist-designed ferrules, complete your look from base to finish with the five essential brushes that are included.    Create an even base with the Foundation Brush, specially designed with pointed-tip bristles for precise coverage and flat sides for an all-over even blend. Sweep on powder and blush with the Powder/Blush Brush and blend for a pop of color to define your features.  Use the wide, tapered bristles of the Shadow Brush for an even, accurate application of shimmering color to the eyes. Define eyes using the Flat Eyeliner Brush and a favorite powder, gel, or cream liner along the lash lines. Finish off the look using the Lip Brush and a favorite lipstick, gloss or stain to create a bright finish.   Set includes: ·         Powder/Blush, Foundation, Shadow, Flat Eyeliner and Lip Brushes   Features: ·         EcoTools Cosmetic Brushes are made with cruelty free synthetic bristles, sustainable bamboo handles & recycled aluminum ferrules. ·         The convenient case is made with EVA material and is great for storing brushes.  ·         EcoTools paper packaging is made from 80% Recycled and 100% Recyclable Paper.

Key features

  • Use with concealers, wet/dry foundations and powders
  • Incredibly soft, hand-cut bristles
  • Sleek handles
  • Colorful, recycled aluminum ferrules
  • Cruelty free

Honest reviews



So I did read the reviews before purchasing and saw all of the comments about how small these brushes were, I assumed they were probably travel size. They are literally as small as everyone is stating. They are very soft and cute design, but very very small. 🙁

Kaye Leonard, MN

Love it

Get these while you still can! They’re awesome and small enough to fit in the same bag with the other set I purchased:EcoTools BAMBOO 6-pc Makeup Brush Set 1206

Eugenia Blythe, CA

Sorry Eco Tools. I tried

sometimes it is better to spend good money in one brush than try to purchase more for less. The brushes are a very important part of your make up. You don’t need a lot, but you need good ones. I am not saying all Eco Tools brushes are bad, because I only tested this set, and it is just not worth it.

Johanna Post, OR

Good travel brush kit.

WARNING: These are very short handled travel sized brushes. So, if you are looking for a set of long handled, full sized brushes, this is not the set for you. However, even though they are small and travel-sized, they are amazing. The brush heads are full and soft, apply your cream, liquid & powder cosmetics easily and evenly, and clean up nicely, while retaining their shapes. Also, the bonus is that the packaging they come in is actually a small hardcover "book" storage case, which makes this very handy for traveling. The usage guide inside the inner cover is also very handy for beginners or for anyone who wants to know which brushes were designed to do what (though one can use the brushes for cosmetics outside of the recommendations on the box without any ill effect, as I have). A very thoughtful stocking stuffer for a makeup person. I know I keep mine in my purse and use it regularly.

Mildred North Falmouth, MA

Weirdly small, but still useful and SO pretty!

These brushes are small- even though I bought them in a store and saw them in person before I bought them, it was still hard to realize quite how small they were before I took them out of the package and started to use them. The larger three of the five brushes are definitely not the ideal size for their intended purposes.HOWEVER, I definitely found uses for all of the brushes. The smallest two brushes, intended for concealer, do indeed work well for concealer so that’s great. The foundation brush, the purple one, I would never dream of attempting to use for foundation because it’s just tiny. But I do use it to apply a light dusting of my translucent eye shadow, and that works pretty well. I use the brown brush (second largest) for buffing out uneven areas of my foundation or applying touch ups to small areas, and I use the largest brush (pink) for blush and contouring even though it’s on the small side for that.Although most of the brushes are small for their intended purposes, and even a little small for the purposes I’ve found for them, they work okay and are definitely great for on-the-go touch ups where you don’t want to lug full-sized brushes around. For overnight travel, though, I would need to add my large Eco-tools kabuki brush to the mix in order to apply my Bare Minerals loose powder foundation to my entire face.And they are SO PRETTY. Let’s be honest, that’s the biggest reason why I just couldn’t resist buying them! It makes me happy to see them and use them and they meet my purposes well enough, especially for the price. I have some Eco-tools brushes that I’ve been using for over five years now and they are still going strong, so I don’t feel guilty about investing in a few more for the long term. If you’re looking for some fun, pretty brushes for touch-up purposes these are definitely for you.

Tina Riverton, WV

So Pretty, Just Not Practical

I needed new travel brushes and was hoping these would work for me. I really wanted to like them, and I do- but they’re soooo small. It’s not just the handles, but the brush heads as well and that’s the part that counts. They’re very pretty and the bristles are the amazing quality I’ve come to expect from Ecotools, but it’s not their best set.The two biggest and the smallest (pink, brown, and green) are the most practical. I could see the pink one working for blush (although it’s a bit small for that) and the brown one would work well for blending. The smallest one is actually no different than their other travel concealer brush, it’s just prettier. The purple one will probably sit unused and I’m sure I could find a use for the blue one, but it’s not likely.I gave this three stars because they seem well made, and of course the pretty ferrules that prompted me to purchase them. Really they deserve one or two for being such an impractical set. I think they would have done better making a fancy version of their essential eye set. It’s too bad they tried to come up with something new, they really failed this time.

Millicent Water Valley, MS

Too small. (But soft.)

I was a little surprised how small and short these are. Truly "travel size" brushes. The short handles aren’t pleasant to work with. and the two largest sizes aren’t very useful sizes (too big for eye shadow, too small for anything else). Only the smallest three are usable sizes.They are soft, don’t seem to shed, and are both well made and cute. Very petite, though.

Dominique Evington, VA

Good brushes

As everyone else has already stated, these are small brushes. I find that they’re perfect for contouring/highlighting though. I wouldn’t use these for allover application, but they’re good brushes nonetheless.

Lorna Procious, WV

Great, soft little brushes!

These brushes are a bit shorter than I pictured but they’re great! Very soft and smooth, they make my makeup application so much easier and my makeup looks more even and smooth. I have super sensitive skin and these feel very gentle on my face and don’t irritate me at all. They’re also very easy to clean because they’re compact. Very happy I purchased!

Shelia Chugwater, WY

Very soft

I love them very soft brushes and easy to cary on as they are travel size .. I wish that they came in a soft case rather in this box

Misty Thiells, NY

Great Brushes, But Not For Everyone

I love Ecotools brushes & this set is extremely small. Even though I read the reviews and saw them in store, when you use them they are still smaller than expected. Although they still have the great quality of Ecotools, they need to be broken in a bit before they really pick up product well. I recommend for detail work or travel touch up. I use as a travel touch up kit, they are two small for me to do an entire makeup look – it would take to long. This set will not be for everyone, if you don’t need or want tiny brushes, don’t need a travel touch up set or a detail brush set I would say look elsewhere. The ferrules are beautiful but there are other full size Ecotools brushes that work as well and cover more surface area if that is what you need.

Cora Sand Springs, OK