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Ecotools Full Volume Styler Hairbrush

Ecotools offers modern women the beautiful choice for eco-conscious indulgence everyday. We combine beauty expertise with eco-innovation to offer a comprehensive line that looks beautiful, performs beautifully, and acts responsibly. Full volume styler creates gorgeous volume and style, while cruelty free bristles distribute hair’s moisturizers for the ultimate shine.

Key features

  • For beautiful, healthy hair
  • Sustainable bamboo handle
  • Dries 20% faster for less heat damage
  • Reduced drying time reduces electricity use
  • Cruelty-free synthetic bristles

Honest reviews


time will tell

Time will tell if these brush bristles will stand the high heat necessary to blow curly hair smooth. I like how it handles my long thick hair so far.

Liza Quincy, CA

Don’t like it

I have fine, straight hair, and I am a big fan of Ecotools products and assumed I’d love this brush. That is not the case. While the material of the brush itself is quite flexible, I didn’t feel like I had a lot of control over it. The brush wound too tightly around my hair to the point that I was afraid it would get stuck if I continued use. I don’t recommend it.

Valarie Jacksons Gap, AL

Wife Loves It

When I saw this brush I asked my wife if she would be interested in giving it a try. She said that she never used a round brush before but would be glad to give it a try. Her hair is fine and fairly short. She washes it every day. After giving the brush a try she was very pleased with the results. The way the brush held her hair made it easier to dry When the brush touched her scalp it did not scratch but had a smooth stroke. She said she really loves this brush and thanked me for getting it for her. Apparently I did something right for a change.

Jessie Tougaloo, MS

Not good for fine hair

The bristles on this brush are terrible on my fine hair! They really pulled hard when just using to brush hair and were unbearable when trying to use as a styling tool.

John Kingsbury, TX

Adds volume

I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine and flat (and thankfully shiny). I wash it every morning. The venting in this brush helps it dry faster, and the size is great. My hair is about halfway between my chin and my shoulders, so for chin length or shorter, I would use a smaller brush. Using this brush, with the hairdryer on high speed and some volumizing mousse or root lifter, does seem to add more volume to my hair than a non-vented brush.

Clara Branford, CT

Best hairbrush I’ve ever owned

I’ve had hairbrushes that cost a bundle. Lately I’ve been loving my Denman, the classic version which cuts through my thick tangle of hair like a hot knife through butter. It does have a bit of scalp scratch to it but not enough to make me wince.This is a dream brush. It has much less scalp scratch than the Denman, cuts through my hair as well but with more gentleness, and has two types of bristles, a sturdy kind and a more gentle kind. I’ve never had a hairbrush including one that cost almost $100 that came close to this one.This brush is huge and round and is suitable for hair that is at least chin length or more. You can feel the gentleness of it and at the same time the way it digs in through the hair and barely yet gently massages the scalp is better than any brush I’ve tried. It feels wonderful.This is going to straighten out your hair when you blow it dry and also plump it up for volume. It really grabs it and lets the hot air circulate around each hair shaft to give volume. It grabs the hair all the way down to the roots even if it’s long. And somehow it smooths out the hair too. I used this for the first time and said "wow!" It just felt so good, way better than my favorite Denman.I love this brush. I never knew what a great brush was before this and the price is reasonable.

Vicky Avoca, WI

Great Brush, If It Works For Your Hair Type

I loved the smooth comfortable handle on this brush, it fit my hand just right.Unfortunately, the bristles are all plastic and they "ate" my fine straight hair. Other than that it is a well made product. If you are wanting a brush with no animal hair, this might be a good choice for you. My DH has thicker hair with some wave and it worked fine for him.

Lidia Oreland, PA

Nice, sturdy brush.

Overall, this is a pretty nice brush. I like the fact that it is synthetic instead of actual boar, and it feels very sturdy. I also like that Ecotools makes this brush, as I have some of their makeup brushes and I have found that they are well-made and hold up over time. However, it’s not perfect. I don’t have an issue with the size (which is detailed in the description of the product), but I do find that I have to be very careful when using this brush, as it is liable to get tangled and stuck in my hair! However, this might be the case with most round brushes. I think the price is a bit high, but certainly not exorbitant given the quality.Recommended.

Adriana White Earth, MN

Solid Hairbrush

This is a well made hairbrush. It’s fairly large with quality bristles. The brush definitely dried my hair much faster, but the volume was just so-so. My hair is straight, shoulder length and colored. Although it lacked FULL VOLUME as described, it did give some volume, but most of all it made my hair look sleek. No annoying fly-aways. Recommended.

Marcella Moclips, WA


I love this brush…but I cannot use it while blow drying my hair because the way I blow dry,,,the bristles keep getting stuck in the hairdryer!! I know, I know I should not dry that close to my hair..but its what I do!Other than that, its great especially for my thin hair, no tangles!!

Rae Stonyford, CA

Dries hair faster, but too “plasticky”

For the record, I have long, straight, medium-weight hair.The good:—This brush is hollow, and it does reduce drying time if you use it while blow-drying your hair.—The hollow allows heat to pass through to the other side, so it also increases the effectiveness for styling with the blow dryer, like curling the ends over or under.—It is very lightweight yet sturdy, and of course it’s also eco-friendly.—They claim that the shorter “synthetic boars hair bristles” distribute oils down the shafts of your hair towards the tips, and the brush does accomplish this.The bad:—I really hate the fake boar’s hair bristles! They smell like plastic and feel like plastic. They do the job ok, but after the baby-softness and natural feel of their also-synthetic makeup brush fibers, I just expected more. These work, but they still feel like fake, scratchy plastic.—This brush creates a LOT of static in your hair. My regular brush is by Conair, and I had taken for granted the small ceramic ring around the bed of the brush. But when you try a brush without it (this Ecotools round brush), you notice! Maybe they wanted to keep the weight down, but gosh I miss what that little bit of ceramic accomplishes in keeping static at bay!Thoughts:When I saw this on Vine, I couldn’t wait to try it. I have purchased a variety of makeup brushes by Ecotools, and I love them, so I was very excited to see what their round hairbrush would be like. I’ll admit, when I first opened the package, I couldn’t have been more disappointed. I was expecting something more substantial, and more natural-feeling. In spite of this initial dismay, the brush has grown on me. I really think this brush could be greatly improved if the smaller, oil-distributing bristles we’re switched out for real boar’s hair, and with the addition of ceramic strips at the base of the rows of bristles to prevent static. I like this brush, but I’ll use it ONLY for blow-drying.

Cherry Wellington, TX

Average Styling Brush With Vents

Faux boar bristles and a vented core recommend this brush. I used this and it dried my hair faster at the roots and gave me more volume than my current styling brush. However, I did use my usual volumizer because my hair is fine.While this brush is nice it is also just average. The charm is in the design.

Shelia Island, KY

Tiresome to use.

First of all, this brush is made well. It’s sturdy and feels made to last even though it’s lightweight plastic. The bristles are comfortable on the scalp and I didn’t have any trouble with tangling on my 6" layers.However, this brush just wears me out. It doesn’t glide through the hair as well as I’d like and while the handle is comfortable to hold, it is hard to grip while rolling the brush. It’s easier to just section the hair and wrap around the brush and hold in place until dry which doesn’t give the same results as rolling while drying.

Maritza Youngstown, NY

Major volume. Cuts my drying time and makes my curl under do look amazing.

Love it. Love it. Love it. I wish I had this brush ages ago. I recently cut my hair from the middle of my back to above my shoulders. I have a round brush that is a one inch brush. But it takes a lot of work to dry my hair and make the curl under even. In addition the overall. Ody of my hair is fair but not great without putting in more effort. Well this brush cuts my drying time almost in half. With this brush I got some vavava vroom volume! My curl under is perfect and gorgeous. I love this brush. Eco friendly. Distributs product evenly. Great grip in my hand. Easy to use. Makes me gorgeous. I love it.

Tori Vader, WA

Nicely made

I’m not sure what makes this brush "eco-friendly" but it’s a nice brush. Sturdy with longer plastic bristles and shorter nylon (or natural? not sure) bristles. Works fine.

Antoinette Stockholm, NJ


I have no idea why this brush is getting positive reviews, as it is by far the worst hairbrush I have ever used.First, it is huge. That’s not necessarily a negative, just something to be aware of as it’s hard to judge size online. I can only wrap my fingers three quarters of the way around it.The brush itself is very cheap-looking. The bamboo handle is nice, but the rest is just plastic. Again, not necessarily a negative, as long as it performs well. Which brings me to…I cannot get this through my hair. I first tried it when my hair was dry and already blown out straight. Silky straight. No tangles. I got it halfway down the length and to my surprise it got stuck. I’m sure I had a “Huh??” look on my face. I took out some of my other hairbrushes and they glided through without problems.I tried the brush just now while blow drying my wet, combed hair. Oh my gosh, it was painful. The brush gripped so tightly I felt like it was ripping my hair out. I could not move it completely from root to tip.Bad, bad brush.

Irene Clinton, OH

It Works Great on my Thick Long Hair!

The Ecotools Full Volume Styler Hairbrush works wonderfully on my thick hair. My hair is longer than shoulder length and it usually takes quite some time with the blow dryer before it’s dry enough to my liking. This brush has tremendously reduced the time it takes to dry and it has prevented unwanted heat damage! I have also noticed less static! The brush is very nice when it comes to styling my hair and it gives body and volume quite well.The brush is light weight to hold and it’s no bigger than most other hairbrushes I’ve used in the past. While brushing the bristles don’t catch but go from top to bottom quite smoothly. My hair is left looking and feeling great! It’s a real plus that this brush is eco-friendly using bamboo and cruelty free synthetic bristles! I like this model so much that I am eager to check out the ECOTOOLS Smoothing Detangler for my hair as well!

Viola Brashear, MO

It works, nothing special…

Well… for a $10-$12 hair brush it works and does an ok job. It has a tendency to get tangled in hair. I will say it doesn’t work as well as my typical hair brush (a Phillips Light Touch 1) that just glides through my hair.As for the claim of drying 20% faster… not really seeing that either.

Martha Holly, MI

For medium to long hair

My hair is fine, fried and fly away. This brush really does cut down in drying time, is lightweight and easy to use. I wished I had realized it was hair longer than mine(not quite shoulder length). Since it decreased my drying time that earns it four stars. Had it had a smaller barrel it would have earned five stars.

Rosalinda East Randolph, NY

Love this brush, and I’m picky

I’ll start by saying that I like the Ecotools brand. I use their makeup brushes and have had them around 6 years and they still look brand new. So, that said, I was excited to see this brush. I had purchased a paddle brush with bamboo handle by a different company awhile ago and it was a lot more expensive. I needed to replace my old round brush, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. This brush also has the bamboo handle, with recycled plastic body. The barrel is large, but I like that in a round brush (I have chin length hair), I use a wide barrel to build volume. I didn’t notice any snagging or tangling with this brush, but I have been styling with a round brush everyday for around 15 years and have short hair. I didn’t notice it necessarily drying my hair faster than my old round brush, but the old one was vented too. The fact that the body of the brush is plastic and not metal, I’m hoping will be less heat damaging. Over all I’m satisfied and are looking forward to more products from Ecotools being released.

Lora Coffeeville, MS

Not liking this one…

This is a large, nicely made brush, and a cruelty free product….but cruel to my hair.I keep trying to use it and have finally given up. It pulls my hair and has gotten tangled twice while trying to use it with the blow dryer. I do use other products from this brand of Ecotools but this is a reject for me and my longer hair. They have so many great brushes for longer hair that smooth and don’t get tangled but this is not one of them!

Cynthia Pinnacle, NC


This style of this brush allows air to pass through. This is the brush I use when I’m straightening my hair and I use it in conjunction with my hairdryer (which has a diffuser on the end). This brush is great; I love it. It’s large, the handle is comfortable, the bristles I think give my hair some extra shine (although that could just be my imagination), and the large barrel adds volume (all large barrels do). I have thick, naturally curly, long hair…so I need a large barrel to straighten. If you hair is already straight you can use a large barrel to add volume by using the barrel brush from underneath your hair (roots to the end, pushing the brush out — in a curved motion almost). Using it from the top can cause frizz/static at the bottoms.

Heidi East Islip, NY

Ouch! Definitely not my favorite brush

This brush is light weight which I like. Although it is supposed to have "cruelty-free bristles," it really pulls my hair – much more than my round metal barrel brushes with shorter bristles. I find that I am unable to effectively use this brush to dry and style my hair as it simply feels like I’m pulling my hair out at the roots. I’ve resorted to simply using this brush as I would a flat brush – to simply brush my hair straight out without wrapping it around the barrel to style.The size of the barrel is 1 7/8 inch.

Ollie Guadalupe, CA

Dries hair fast but does not straighten well

I found this brush dried my hair a little faster due to the open spaces in the brush and it gave me volume at the roots. However, I did not like the brush handle itself. I found it to be bulky and it was hard to use when I straightened my hair in the back and on the sides. The bristles were fine but I just use this for my root section and I found myself switching to my old brush to style the rest of my hair.

Denise Millington, NJ

well constructed!

This is a very well made brush, sturdy. I have used it for several weeks and there is no bristle loosening or handle wobbling. I am very pleased with it. It is a wider brush, so if you are looking for a small brush to blow dry with, this isn’t it, but it works great for me.

Pearl Maricopa, CA

Feels cheap and tends to tangle…

I was very disappointed with this brush. I have thin, shoulder length hair but a lot of it. Since I have a lot of layers, I was excited to use a brush that would help cut down on drying time. First impressions were that this brush felt very "light". I get the idea of not wanting a brush that is too heavy, but this brush feels very cheap and flimsy. I also did not like the quality of the synthetic bristles. They were very hard and even the ones that were supposed to be softer, were still hard and "pokey". I liked that the middle of the actual brush was open so that heat could flow through the brush and to more of my hair easily. When I attempted to dry my hair with a blow dryer and this brush, I noticed right away that my towel-dried hair was getting stuck in the brush. It yanked and pulled, with such little effort, that I had to continually stop drying and use both hands to get the brush out. I regularly use conditioning products to smooth and silken my hair as well as comb through my hair in the shower, so there was no reason that the brush should have gotten stuck like that. I thought that maybe it was because my hair was partly air/towel dried so I attempted to use the brush when my hair was very wet (which I dislike doing because putting heat on soaking wet hair can’t be good for it) and when my hair was almost dry (again, I dislike doing this because then I lose any volume/style I might be able to create), and there were no changes. This brush got stuck every time. I can not speak to how well this brush speeds up drying time or how much volume it adds since I could not use it without stopping to untangle my hair constantly. I do not recommend this brush for any reason, especially not for the purposes listed.

Lucinda Priddy, TX

Gets Stuck in Hair

My hair is right at shoulder length. This is a very large brush, and I hoped to use it to create some volume in my otherwise fine, limp hair. But the brush gets tangled very, very easily and it’s hard to get it untangled without damaging your hair. I won’t be using this.

Tabatha Hillsboro, MO

My New Fave

I blowdry my hair straight at least once a week and this has become my chosen brush for the job. It grips and holds the hair easily and provides a smooth blowdry. It has a large barrel and works well with my medium length hair.

Estelle Newcomerstown, OH

It’s quite large

I didn’t see anywhere in the description that this is a brush best suited for medium to long hair. It does say that on the packaging. My hair is short, so it doesn’t work very well for me. From the end of one bristle across to the end of the opposite bristle is about 3". I did run the brush through my dry hair. It didn’t scratch or pull, but there was an awful lot of hair in the brush from just one pass. Seemed like more than there should be. Maybe it’s because it is new that I can see how much I am actually losing when I brush my hair.

Lavonne Fallsburg, NY

Great brush!

I have shoulder length hair which is very fine and gets very, very tangled after I wash it in our hard well-water. Combing/brushing out my hair is generally a miserable experience. I thought this brush went through my hair much easier than my usual brushes. I used a blow dryer and it was true that my hair dried faster.I’ll be honest, I have yet to notice any volumizing effect yet, but I suppose it is early days. However, I’m just satisfied that the brush goes through my hair so painlessly.

Jami Sumava Resorts, IN