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EcoTools Flat Eyeliner Brush

EcoTools offers modern women the beautiful choice for eco-conscious indulgence everyday. We combine beauty expertise with eco-innovation to offer a comprehensive line that looks beautiful, performs beautifully, and acts responsibly. The iconic look of the sleek bamboo, gorgeous recycled aluminum and incredibly soft bristles are only part of what makes EcoTools, EcoTools. Our cosmetic brushes are beautiful and show respect for the earth. They have 100% cruelty-free bristles and a portion of sales is donated to environmental organizations. Specifically donating funds to organizations that represent a blend of green and beauty!

Key features

  • Rich chocolate two-toned synthetic brush hair
  • Sustainable Bamboo handle
  • Upscale matte metallic bronze-colored ferrule
  • Reusable EVA and cotton pouch
  • Precisely Define Eyes

Honest reviews


Not really pleased with it.

I don’t really like this brush for one main reason: the bristles are too long and they move a lot, so I have little to no control of my eyeliner. I am already bad at putting eyeliner on and this brush just makes me worse at it. I have another brush and it works better, so I guess I will try to either cut the bristles like another reviewer suggested or simply try to find it another use. If you are looking to make clean lines with this brush, you have to be really good at it or have a lot of free time.The only good thing I can say is that it doesn’t hurt my eyes because the bristles are soft. This is probably the only eco-tools brush that has disappointed me.

Lucinda Portola, CA

it’s okay

These brushes are not as stiff as I was hoping for and the two pack that I got, the brushes were not uniform. The angle part was not well made and the bristles were not even and actually quite crooked on one end, I took some scissors and tried to trim it down a bit so it was where it should be. Overall for the price, it’s still a good brush, no other complaints.

Allene Painesdale, MI


I use this brush for Gel eye liner, and it works flawlessly. It cleans off with some warm water and is still as soft as ever.

Allie Nemo, SD

Favorite Eyeliner Brush

This is my favorite angled eyeliner brush. You get a pack of 2. This pleasantly surprised me when I opened the package. The brush is firm enough to apply eyeliner precisely but its also soft so that it wont hurt you at the same tme. Even after washing it several times, the shape has held up and it holds enough product for me to apply my eyeliner with one dip in. Great quality brushes and really the only ones i use now. After spending over 20 dollars for ONE brush of similar quality at Sephora I have vowed never to do that again.

Josefa Plattekill, NY


These work incredibly well, I’ve always been fond of ecotools products. It may be slightly more expensive than other brands, but the quality and environmental impact are well worth it 🙂

Mildred Worthington, PA

Great Flat Eyeliner Brush

Brush is substantial which you need when applying eyeliner close to lash line. Would have rated it 5 but only received 1 brush not 2. The price was still in ballpark. EcoTools does make quality brushes at half the price of the high end department stores.

Hazel Rock, MI

Favorite Angled Brush

Super thin, allows you full control, keeps its shape after being cleaned over 3 times. The pack of 2 is perfect, since you have one for eyeliner and one for your brows. I actually own 3, one came with a set, but I loved it so much I needed more.My cheap, yet favorite option. It took over the place of my MAC 208.Get it! There will be no regrets, I promise!

Glenna Maryneal, TX

Love it!

I love Eco Tools brushes. I use expensive make up and have purchased expensive makeup brushes. I am just as happy with the Eco Tools brushes as I have been with far more expensive ones. I own many and keep coming back when I need new ones. I definitely recommend this brush and almost any Eco Tools brush! They are soft, don’t shed, wash nicely, and the handles feel good.The only thing to watch for is some of their brushes are more compact for travel (this one is full sized) so if you are ordering a brush make sure you check out the length.I have a Nars brush that is nearly the same as this and I use this one more. Great for a smokey eye look!I didn’t get two brushes, but for the price I can’t complain.

Velma Brownwood, TX

Love these brushes!

I find the same quality as expensive brushes but with the added benefit of being eco and cruelty free! I recommend trying them!

Glenna Dover, KS

Eco and Eye Friendly

They arrived quickly from the seller. Nice, simple, functional brushes. I’ve purchased a few from this brand and have been satisfied thus far.

Josephine Sanford, MI

good brushes

The first time I have ordered eyeliner brushes. I got some all natural eyeliner powder from Coastal Creations online, and tried these brushes with the gray powder. They make a very good line around my eyes. Am pleased with this purchase, and the price here is very good. As usual, Amazon offers good quality items.

Josie Atglen, PA

Good Brush, Be Wary of the Two-Pack Though!

This brush is well-suited for its purpose and the shipping was quick. However, please don’t overlook the fact that several reviews have complained about only receiving one. I gave the seller the benefit of the doubt and figured it was a simple mistake – but I, too, only received one instead of a two-pack.Amazon was kind enough to help me through resolving this order, because there is no clear way to contact Ecotools on the package, invoice, or online.You are probably better off ordering two single packs instead of this if you want two brushes.I really wanted to use one for my eyeliner and one for my eyebrows. 🙁 Guess I’ll need to order again and wait!

Martina Martinsburg, NY

love them!

Im always running out of clean eyeliner brushes when doing model’s makeup these will come in quite handy so i dont have to clean so many brushes in between model’s

Julianne Dana, IL