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EcoTools Ecopouf Bath Sponge, Assorted Colors

Our indulgent bath tools help clean and exfoliate for soft, radiant skin. EcoTools® sleek bath accessories not only smooth your skin, but also do their part to be eco-friendly! Our bath accessories feature innovative, earth-friendly materials such as: sleek bamboo, 100% recycled plastic netting, cruelty-free bristles and also may have soft, natural loofah, cotton, and ramie.

Key features

  • Our bestselling 100% recycled plastic bath and shower sponge will help you cleanse all over with a rich lather
  • Made from 100% recycled netting
  • This unique gentle sponge will help you cleanse all over with a rich lather
  • New colors : periwinkle, citrus, aqua
  • A percentage of our Sales donated to environmental organizations

Honest reviews


Very Good

There is not much to say about these. They are bath puffs made from recycled plastic. They have held up well over the past month or so we have been using them. Not to soft, not to rough, just right. I only give them 4 stars because the hanging cord could be a couple inches longer. I will probably buy these again when the time comes for new puffs.

Francisca Bradleyville, MO

Too rough, too big

As others have said–it’s too rough. What I also don’t like is that it’s so big! I have pretty small hands and find it difficult to hold and wash with just one hand when I use this thing. I want to throw it away, but it seems weird to dispose of it after just a few uses–I bought it because it seemed more environmentally friendly, after all…Kind of a “green fail,” in my opinion.

Wendy Magnolia, MN

Recycled Plastic Bath Pouff

I love that these are made out of recycled plastic. The texture is the same as you would expect with a standard bath pouff. Colors are nice, mature, and not obnoxiously bright. I have the colors shown – brown, green, off-white – plus a purple and a blue. I do not know if this is the standard mix of colors you receive because I have only ordered once and this order will last me a while. I will be back here to order more when I am out though.Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and I hope you found it helpful in making a purchase decision.

Maude Dawson, ND

Falls apart, can’t use on sensitive skin

I don’t have the most sensitive skin in the world, but the texture of this sponge was too rough- felt like I was bathing with a brillo pad.And like others have said, the thing fell apart very quickly.I have to have a bath pouf I hate washcloths and I’m always trying different ones because it’s hard to find just one particular brand. This one was one of the bad ones, however. The bath and body works seems to have the most durable sponges. They are also the most expensive 🙁

Lashonda Laurelville, OH

Great poofs

These are great poofs. I have been using them for a few months now and they hold up well. My only complaint is that I bought them specifically because they are ecofriendly and they get sent in a non ecofriendly plastic bag. Thought that seemed counterproductive. Other than that they are terrific.

Maria Warrenville, IL

It’s Just Recycled Plastic. But It Works Real Well!

I picked up an Ecotools recycled plastic bath sponge in the personal care section of my nearby grocery store. When I first handled it, I was very skeptical. It felt like a finer-grained version of those plastic thingies that you scrub dirty pots and pans with. How could this possibly work on your body? Well, It works and works very well. I just get it wet in the shower, then pour a little thick body wash into it at a few spots, squish the “sponge” a few time to distribute the body wash throughout and, viola, give myself a good scrubbing. It feels remarkably soft and comfortable, but at the same time has good brisk scrubbing ability. Plus, it feels good. It’s like being scratched all over, but it’s a comfortable scratch. When I’m done, my body almost feels a glow from the scrubbing. Plus, of course, I end up with a nice clean feeling, much cleaner than with a wash cloth. Hey, this thing might be just recycled plastic, but it works real well.Gary Peterson

Juana Minneapolis, KS

These are AWESOME. Very high quality for such a low price

These are AWESOME. Very high quality for such a low price. They last a long time and hold their shape.

Rachael Mendon, MA

Very good product

I have been using one of these for the past several weeks. It is definitely not as soft as some of the cheap ones you can find in stores, so if you are looking for a very soft pouf keep looking. If, however, you are looking for something that you can actuall scrub and get clean with, this works very well to that end. It did have a bit of an odor to it upon first using, but that has since subsided dramatically and is hardly noticeable now.

Christine Juliustown, NJ

Love this loofahs

For the price, you can’t get a better loofah. I love the fact they are made from recyclable sponges, so we are helping the environment. The colors are very bright.

Kathy Corsicana, TX

Good quality bath sponges

These bath sponges all look pretty much the same (save perhaps for color) but vary pretty greatly in cost and quality. These are some of the better ones- they don’t fall apart in a few days’ use and have a good texture. They’re neither too coarse nor too soft, hold suds well, and have a little ribbon loop to hang them up.These come in a pack of 6 with different colors, not a bad deal for the cost. They’re made of recycled plastic which is nice.Side note: the purple colored sponge is a bit more bluish than it looks in the picture.

Cecilia Big Sandy, WV