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Ecotools Bamboo Bristle Bath Brush

Ecotools bath accessories bring more green into your shower scene.

Key features

  • Made from recycled and sustainable materials
  • Soft, synthetic britles gently scrub skin clean
  • Long bamboo handle
  • Reaches hard to scrub areas
  • 1% of sales donated to environmental organizations

Honest reviews


Works Very Well. I’m Pleased With It!

Just recently I picked up an Ecotools Bamboo bristle bath brush at my local Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market. I’ve now used it a few times and I like it very well. I’m now 75 and I have to be careful about such accidents as falling in the bathtub, which could significantly change my way of life if I broke a bone. This long-handled bath brush enables me to easily scrub my feet with out the need to bend over and balance on one foot. Much better! Also, I use it for scrubbing my back, shoulders and lower back. There are places where I otherwise just couldn’t easily reach. Plus it feels real good. It’s like giving yourself a good light scratching in places you ordinarily don’t scratch. This bath brush works very well and I’m very pleased with it.Gary Peterson

Hope Soda Springs, ID

Too soft for back exfoliation

I bought this to replace an existing brush of similar build. I use it to scrub my back after workouts. I will continue to use this until it needs replacing, but I will not be re-ordering. The brush is too soft for it’s intended purpose – exfoliating my back. Its soft enough to scrub my face with which doesn’t make it super effective back scrubber.Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and I hope you found it helpful in making a purchase decision.

Adela Oldsmar, FL

very nice

Bristles are perfect for me – not too hard and not too soft. The only issue I have is that it’s still difficult to reach some areas of my back. Perhaps a brush with a slightly curved handle would work better.

Alta Beale Afb, CA

Really like it!

I will probably buy another one of these in a few months when these should be replaced. The bristles are not rough and, for all intents and purposes, it appears to be helping. I bought it because I started breaking out on my back after being hit by a car. It did help a little. I added OxyClean to it and that made the condition worse. I then used Phisoderm and that undid what the OxyClean did. I’m now using it with a St. Ives salt body wash for my back. It hasn’t made it worse and in conjunction with the brush, it feels really good on my back.

Evelyn Wayne, WV

Use it every day!

Great for reaching those hard to reach spots on your back. I kinda wish the bristles were a little tougher but it still gets the job done just right

Candice Mapleton, OR

Good brush for the shower

The bristles are nice and do a good job abrasive wise yet do not hurt your skin. I use a bar of soap on them but a liquid soap might be tough as the bristles are separated apart. The brush is straight – I wish it had a slight angle to it. I do like the rope tie at the end so I can hang it to dry. Overall a decent brush. Time will tell how the bristles last but they are fastened to the wood itself which is nice – the last brush I had they were fastened to a plastic piece which was glued to the brush.

Carissa Brier Hill, PA

Wondered if I would like the short bristles? YES!

I really appreciate a good shower brush. Have the most popular one here at Amazon with longer bristles. It is a bit heavy and awkward so tried this one.Hey! Those short bristles are nice and SOFT. It cleans and feels superb everywhere. Bamboo handle is strong and highly water resistant over time. Handle has a flaw. It is nice and wide but too flat and thin.Have a solution but you have to ride a bike to understand? Bike handlebars have tape wrapped around them for grip comfort. You can buy that tape here. I have two bikes and replaced tape before many times over fifty years of riding. Took half a package and wrapped this brush. Used Electrician’s tape to finish the ends.That tape comes in two rolls one for each side of the bike. I have two bath brushes as mentioned and wrapped the earlier brush for similar reasons so both rolls were used. If your not used to wrapping bike bars practice a little. You need to overlap much more on brush because it is much shorter and you want it thicker anyway. Pull pretty hard to bend tape and make it tight. One problem is that tape is not cheap. I bought mine ten years ago for 1/4 current price. Still have several rolls if I live long enough, LOLThis is my favorite shower brush. Stiffer bristles are hard on your skin and dries it out. The Yerba is nice this is preferred. Skin is delicate no matter how tough you are, LOL

Kelli Ridott, IL

Does the trick

Nothing super fancy, does exactly what you’d expect it to! Only downside is the short bristles—I often hit the wood when doing my elbows, knees, etc. Love it otherwise, though!

Tabitha Winnetka, IL


Cheap and the bristles aren’t too scratchy(they are a bit scratchy but that’s good). I would purchase again at this price.

Sherry Millington, IL

Does the job but too gentle!!!!

Good looking brush, does the job…it is sturdy enough (have been using for a month now) but I feel like it is too gentle.Support the Amazon review community with your product reviews…it is very helpful.

Berta Drummond, WI

I really love this brush!

There are enough good reviews that I knew it would be okay, but there was disagreement about the stiffness of the bristles, so I was curious to find out. Just to run your hand across the bristles, they feel ultra soft, so I was worried about how well it would do in the shower. First of all, the flexibility of the bristles is terrific. They are soft enough to use from head to toe, including my face and neck, but they feel like they are cleaning very well. To say that I am thrilled with the purchase is an understatement.

Lolita Columbia Station, OH

Very soft

I like the bamboo material, the length is good, but the bristles are QUITE soft. I want to do some actual scrubbing, not just tickle myself. Whoever designed the packaging apparently didn’t consider whether or not the long piece of transparent cellophane tape securing the plastic cover over the bristles would leave a swatch of adhesive behind once removed. Oops. So that wasn’t exactly stellar.It’s too cheap to bother returning, but I’ll shop for a real bath brush in meatspace rather than relying on photos on the web this time around.

Mary Otwell, IN

Wish the bristles were stiffer and handle was less slick

Decent for the price but for a back brush I would like stiffer bristles than this has. Handle can be a bit slick when soaped up too.

Gayle Farmington, MO

Super soft bristles

I’m going to keep this as a dry body brush instead of a shower brush, due to the softness of the bristles.

Liza Henry, IL

Soft, Short Bristles Built Into the Handle

I tend to get really dry skin in the winter months, and wanted this bristle bath brush for those hard to reach places on my back. There are several things I love about the brush. First, the head and handle of the brush are all one unit, so I don’t have to be concerned about them coming apart when the brush is dropped or extra pressure is applied. I also like that the bristles are short, because it makes them more effective. I would have liked for the bristles to be just a tiny bit stiffer, but the fact that they are so short almost–almost–balances this. The length and shape of the handle are perfect for scratching your own back!

Alana Miller, SD

Another great product from Ecotools!

I have a few makeup brushes from Ecotools that I love, and picked this shower brush up based on the positive reviews. I bought it to use in the shower as a back brush, and it works great!It does have really soft bristles, which I actually prefer for a washing brush.It’s also vegan and eco-friendly, as all Ecotools are.If you’re looking for a firmer brush for dry skin brushing, I’d recommend theYerba Prima Skin Brush Vegetable Fiber Brissle.Also, I’m keeping this in my shower, so I’ll update it in terms of how well it holds up in wet conditions.

Joanne Pine Knot, KY

This brush needs:

this brush needs a curve to reach the back its too straight. hard to reach your back ….. I wish it wasn’t Im sending it back or using it for my legs. lol.

Eula Fort Lyon, CO

It was good at first…

I bought this for my husband to wash his back. After using it daily he would prop it up so that it would dry off but it still mildewed very quickly, it went into the trash within two months.

Gwendolyn Merced, CA

Just what I wanted

I like this bath brush a lot. I learned from a cosmetic representative to first use a bath brush on dry skin in a circular motion-then use it to shower or bathe. It’s soft, but effective.Don’t know why one reviewer gave it such a low rating. I’d buy it again.

Rosalyn Landenberg, PA

My fiance loves it

I bought this for my fiance; he’s got eczema on his back and has a hard time reaching it in the bathtub (like most men! or people, for that matter). He says it works well – the handle is long enough for him to reach everywhere on his back, and the bristles are stiff and give him a good scratch/exfoliation while also washing and lathering up the soap. This combined with some other products (Gold Bond lotion and a lotion applicator) have help reduce the eczema. I know it’s working because he doesn’t ask me to scratch his back as much 🙂

Yvonne Quinwood, WV

Soft bristles

This is a wonderful bath brush. It has soft bamboo bristles, which make it green/eco-friendly. The bristles are luxuriously soft. It’s not meant as an exfoliating brush. For that you’d be better off with boar bristles. It lathers well, and you can get to all those hard to reach places. The handle is contoured for easy grip. It has a cord for hanging.I especially like that the handle is all one piece. My last bath brush had a detachable handle, and it would detach at inopportune times, like when I was scrubbing my back. Because this is a one piece handle, that’s not an issue.I’ve had this for a couple of months, and the bristles and sealant are holding up well.

Jodie Lansford, ND

Just as described

I like it:) looks just as described and has very soft bristles. Made my skin a bit softer after just one use. I would recommend buying.

Margaret Burr Oak, MI


I really enjoy these. They do the job and do not have any strange smells or anything. Plus they are not too soft or too rough on the skin. I will order again.

Cecelia Llano, CA

NIce find

Nice long handle. holds up very well. Have had it over 2 mos and use it everyday and it is still almost like new.

Myra San Lorenzo, CA

Good-looking, well-made, and soft

I can’t find anything to complain about with this brush. Others might prefer stiffer bristles, but for me this very soft brush feels just right. It’s gentle on the skin and, in my opinion, that’s a good thing.

Lily Chest Springs, PA

Soft Brush

This is a perfectly nice brush. I purchased it to use for dry brushing, and the bristles are too soft for this, in my personal opinion. It is otherwise just great for use in the shower. The bristles are even a bit silky.

Edna Winter Haven, FL

The perfect shower brush

This is a really nice soft scrub brush. It would be great for dry brushing, but it also works great in the shower. The bristles are well rooted, and firm enough that they do clean, but not so firm that they hurt. I use this on my feet and arms and back and it works great.

Lori New London, CT

The quality of the bush is good, but…

The quality and durability of the brush is really good. The bamboo wood holds up well and doesn’t crack or break after extended periods in water. The handle is long enough to reach all the way to the lower side of my back. The bristles are okay. They’re a little too stiff for me, but they are still fine. I haven’t seen much results as far as exfoliation goes. It doesn’t seem to do much for my back. It still good for a general bath scrub brush, but pretty much nothing more. The bristles haven’t irritated my skin which was a concern I had. Results may very from person to person. I will just keep this till it wears out then buy a nicer one.

Muriel Harpswell, ME

it good nasty after a while

it became way too soft for me i did not like it at all , it did not give me the scrub i wanted

Jerry Freeport, TX

Great Brush

This bamboo bristle brush reaches all of those "hard-to-get" places. When the brush is dry, it is stiff enough to do light exfoliation and when wet it does not irritate your skin.

Verna Qulin, MO