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Ecotools Alicia Train Case

An cosmetic bag by Alicia Silverstone

Key features

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Made from recycled and sustainable materials
  • Designed by Alicia Silverstone
  • Large compartment with removable clear case inside
  • Hangtag printed on tree-free stone paper
  • 1% of Sales donated to environmental organizations

Honest reviews


Great bag!

I will put a picture when I get a chance because this needs a better one. The inside has a protector fabric that is easy wash. On the top there is a removable makeup bag. Love the feel of the hemp! The size I would say is 8-10 inches long and about the same high.

Jolene Wrens, GA

Ecotools Alicia Train Case

Very happy with this case. Nice size which enables me to hold a lot of items. I do like the idea that it collapses so when I travel with it, I do not have to worry about it fitting in my luggage.

Tania Adrian, OH

Just as expected

This was just what I expected in every way. Its sturdy and seems well made. Looks just like the picture with the pink and purple roses.

Felicia Chestnut, IL

Ecotools Alicia Train Case

Great color and the perfect size. I don’t have a lot of makeup, but what I do have fits in this case wonderfully. It has a little clear zipper pocket behind the lid that I use for my brushes. I would definitely recommend it.

Judi Summitville, NY

I got the pattern I wanted..

(the one pictured) which I was worried about given that it states they vary. As a few others have stated I do wish the sides has a little more structure to them. But its a great size and love that there is a zipper pocket for smaller items.

Eliza Nashwauk, MN


Love it! very sturdy and easy to clean. I can’t fit a regular can of mousse nor a flat iron but it holds all my little travel items that get lost during travel.

Jody North Monmouth, ME

Beautiful design!

I have a lot of ecotools products (brushes and various makeup/travel cases) and I am very happy with all of them. When I saw this I knew I HAD to have it. I LOVE the design and I don’t have any other ecotools products with this design. My other ones have red flowers. Purple is my favorite color. Specifically greyish purple and mauve-magenta purple. Both colors are in this case 🙂 The size is great, I love the pocket on the inside top. The fact that it is collapsible is great cause it’s easy to fit into a larger bag for travel. And for a little over eight bucks, I couldn’t be happier with this!

Barbra Eastchester, NY


So CUTE! I bought this as my travel make up bag. It has lots of room and hold everything I need.

Angeline O Kean, AR


It’s a great thing to use for make-up or even a small wig holder.I needed it for when I went to the hospital for a heart surgery.Thanks again

Frieda Ponca, NE

Lovely little case!

I was delighted to have received "exactly" what I ordered! Previous reviews had stated that they got a different design on their case, however, I received just what was advertised! I would have preferred one w/solid sides, however, this one will work fine!

Celia Paul Smiths, NY

very nice bag

I love the fact my order arrived before expected delivery. I love the material this case is made out of and i love the style of the bag. it’s very roomy inside and even has a clear zipper pouch inside to store more cosmetics. this was a good buy.

Aida Smithville Flats, NY

very roomy

I got a different color, but that’s okay. This is a great bag. I actually want a second one. I use it to hold all my rubberbands and my comb and it fills it up, and it works perfectly. Recommend this bag to everyone. Happy with my purchase!

Eloise Paisley, OR

Perfect size

I’ve searched for months for another case like this one after my previous one broke, but I was not going to pay big bucks for one. The price was right. When I travel for 7 to 14 days I’m carrying a lot of full sized products so this is perfect for my planned uses. This will be used specifically for my hair products- conditioner, shampoo bar, styler, hair accessories, oils, refresher spray, shower caps, spray bottle, etc.

Deena Piney View, WV

Wrong design but nice case…

After reading the previous reviews I was aware of the possibility that I may get the “red flower” design (which is shown in the additional photos section) instead of the “purple flower” design…even though I was hoping for the purple. I ordered it anyway because I support what the brand is doing and the design isn’t terribly important to me. I did end up recieving the red flower design and, all in all, I like it. But this IS a MAJOR flaw that needs to be fixed. The case itself is sturdy and well made, and has a great extra compartment attached to the lid for holding brushes (or anything else that may be a little bit messier). Although the case is not “stiff”, I have had no issue with it collapsing on itself and my make-up only fills it half way.

Angelica Radford, VA

Nice size, flawed design

Perfect size train case, but it’s collapsible. One problem is that it’s not sturdy, the sides aren’t backed at all so it collapses. Kind of a pain when you’re not necessarily going to fill it to the brim. Its a design flaw.

Marcella Voca, TX

Proud of myself by purchasing it

This one is life saver for me. I bought 2 of them, 1 I stored my make up items int and the other my bath items and I’m really very happy that I bought it.

Dominique Keslers Cross Lanes, WV


This item is very pretty and feminine and the perfect size to hold the cosmetic items I have. Unfortunately, if you don’t pack it well, the walls collapse, especially if you zip open the top. Even with that imperfection, I am quite happy with this purchase. The price was right, it’s pretty and fairly functional.

Kathrine Fulda, IN

I love this!

I wanted something that I could put my makeup in and this is perfect for that! I love it! It’s a cute pattern and its very feminine. I like it a lot!! I definitely recommend it. For the price, you can’t beat it 🙂

Kellie Sharon, VT