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Ecotools Alicia Cosmetic Bag

A cosmetic bag by Alicia Silverstone

Key features

  • Made from recycled and sustainable materials
  • Designed by Alicia Silverstone
  • Perfect size for your beauty must-haves
  • Hangtag printed on tree-free stone paper
  • 1% of Sales donated to environmental organizations

Honest reviews


Great Bag – Great Price!

I looked and scoured websites and stores for the “perfect makeup bag” for my purse. I thought I would give this a try and I’m glad I did! Has lots of room – cut design and on trend for eco-conscious makeup connoisseur. Sturdy construction as well.Will consider more of Alicia’s products in the future.

Katrina Bena, VA

Perfect Little Make Up

This is a cute little make-up bag. It’s the right size for a purse, it’s got a lovely design on really nice fabric.My old make-up bag was getting so ratty looking I didn’t want to take it out of my purse…now I’m good to go!!

Jeannette Friedensburg, PA


This cosmetic bag is of the highest quality. The bag is very well made and so attractive. Fits quite nicely in your pocketbook. Therefore, I would highly recommend the purchase of this product. DAME HILDA VAN WINKLE

Gina Truckee, CA

Cute bag

Well-designed, nice material, can hold quite a bit. It does the job, and I like that it’s "eco-friendly" though I can’t really prove that.

Adriana Billings, MO

Really cute bag

love this bag! it is super sturdy and has a lot of room in it (more than you would expect) for all your make up essentials on the go!

Selena Tivoli, TX


I love this makeup bag. And it came with the cute brush. I also like the brush. It is good quality.Very nice

Lorena Skaneateles Falls, NY

Pretty and Functional

This is a VERY nice eco-friendly little makeup bag. It is made from natural hemp and recycled PET. According to the tag “the printed design is formulated to be non-toxic.” It is 5″ high and 8.5″ wide at the top (a little less at the bottom). It is 3″ across at the bottom. This is a very pretty and functional bag. Good size for make up.

Rebekah Conesus, NY

Great design, great materials, great price

Just a little on the small side for all my makeup. It’s fine to fit a tube of lipstick and some eyeshadow in (like one) but you’re not going to fit much more in than that. So where do you put the rest of it? Leave it behind?

Jan Racine, WV