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EcoTools Airbrush Concealer Brush

Apply and blend concealer for full coverage of under eye circles, redness, blemishes or other imperfections. Provides full, concentrated coverage, giving you extra coverage fast. synthetic bristles are cruelty free. Experience the incredibly soft touch of cruelty-free bristles EcoTools beauty solutions promote Living Beautifully! We are inspired by beauty inside and out, and in the world around us. While we always want to look our best, we feel even better when we can make earth-conscious choices. EcoTools remains a favorite of celebrities, beauty editors and women around the world. Best known for our incredibly soft cosmetic brushes, and handles, we take pride in offering a collection of cosmetic makeup brushes, hairbrushes, lashes and bath products that feature innovative, materials. Our includes natural materials, reusable pouches, post-consumer recycled paper and plastic, and recyclable packaging. The eco pouch is phthalate-free and PVC-free. Cleaning your Makeup Brushes Unclean makeup brushes transfer old makeup, germs, and bacteria to your skin each time you use them. Ideally, you should wash them once a week, and here’s the best way how: Run the bristles of makeup brush under warm running water. Careful not to get the ferrules and handles wet. Apply a drop of gentle shampoo or clarifying cleanser to bristles and work into a light lather. Rinse bristles thoroughly under warm, running water. Continue rinsing until water runs clear. Use a cloth to absorb excess water and reshape the bristles Lay your makeup brushes flat or “handles up” to air dry

Key features

  • Perfect for smoothing over small imperfections and applying cream eye shadow, this brush is a must-have
  • Made from soft, cruelty-free bristles, has a recycled aluminum ferrule and sleek bamboo handle
  • Apply and blend concealer for complete coverage of problem areas
  • New round, plush head for maximum coverage
  • 1% of Sales donated to environmental organizations
  • Use with concealer to hide imperfections
  • Incredibly soft, hand-cut bristles
  • Sleek handle
  • Recycled aluminum ferrule
  • Cruelty free

Honest reviews


great brush!

This is a great concealer brush. I have pretty dark circles under my eyes, and this brush works great at concealing them. I’ve used it with both a heavier and a lighter concealer, and it works very well with both. I received 2 brushes, packaged separately. I love that it’s eco-friendly and cruelty-free.I noticed another reviewer stated the bristles came out after soaking the brush in soap and water, but any brush’s bristles would! You are never supposed to soak makeup brushes- it loosens the glue between the brushes and the tool. You’re just supposed to wet the bristles (always point brush down while wet), wash with soap, and rinse. Repeat for brushes that are heavily soiled or caked with makeup. I have washed this brush a few times and have never had issues with bristles coming out.

Jacquelyn Wayside, WV

Best Concealer Brush

I use Bare Minerals for makeup and was using their brushes up until I discovered Ecotools. The brushes from Bare Minerals are just too harsh on my skin; I can feel the bristles jabbing at me when I put my makeup on. I use concealer underneath my eyes and wanted a brush that was really soft. I bought an Ecotools kit from a makeup store and I found what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I lost my concealer brush, but was so happy to find a pack of two for a reasonable price on Amazon.

Eula Pleasant View, CO

Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars..

Is because when you wash it the BRISTLES COME OUT BY THE LOAD.The last one I had I didn’t wash it for awhile but desided to because it was dirty. I let it soak in my sink with warm water and soap for awhile then when I took it out i squeezed it a bit to get excess water out and make up and the brsitles all came out!Yes this is a very nice blending brush, bristles are very soft and it’s eco friendly but for how much it cost and for it to completley fall apart after you wash it?I have no choice though because I have tried soo many brushes and this is the best :/ so I just have to keep buying new ones every few months because I can’t risk leaving it dirty and getting all that filth on my face!

May Plattsburgh, NY

Wonderful brushes and cruelty free!

The concealer brushes are super soft, don’t shed at all, and have a thick densely bristled head. They clean up very easily, hold their shape, and they are a perfect size to blend concealer for a natural finish. You can really get in close, like under eyes and around brows, to precisely apply concealer or foundation (although I recommend the larger Ecotools foundation brush for all over foundation which is also a terrific brush). The brushes are a little larger and rounder than another Ecotools concealer brush I bought long ago, so the only reason I gave 4 not 5 stars is if you need to cover a small area you may want to use a sightly smaller brush head. I also appreciate that these are cruelty free – no need for any animal to suffer for my make up. So overall these are great brushes, you get 2 at a great price, and should be a staple in any cosmetic collection.

Donna Wolverine, MI

No more caked on concealer!

I have really dark under-eye circles and I always end up putting on a lot of concealer with my finger over this spot and I just look ridiculous in the end. With this brush I can cover up my dark circles better than before and I use less product. It also makes the concealer look very natural!I also had this e.l.f. concealer brush and it didn’t really work for me because the bristles were really short, so it made the concealer look very uneven. I definitely recommend you to buy the eco-tools brush for a couple more bucks and you will not regret it. I actually recommend you to buy all of the eco-tools brushes because they are really good and they’re nice to the environment as well.

Janette Bantam, CT

Nice brushes!!!

I like these concealer brushes very much! They are great quality & easy to use. Anyone looking for a conceler brush look no further, they fact that they come in a 2 pack makes it even better!

Maryann Elmwood, TN

love it

I love this brush, works great for under eye concealer, price was great, since it came as a 2 pack. Very satisfied. I highly recommend.

Autumn Annemanie, AL

EcoTools Airbrush Concealer Brush (Pack of 2)

Good brush for the purpose, no loose brushes at all and very soft and gentle. Only needed one, but the price was too good to pass up!

Fannie Batavia, IL


Okay concealer brush. Good price. I need to wash it often though, because it cakes up and gets matted. Does the job.

Wendy Heyworth, IL

Eco Friendly Brush

I’m fairly satisfied with both the brand and this set of brushes. It’s good for both concealer and eyeshadow. They seem to be very durable, functional, affordable brushes. Items arrived quickly and as detailed in the photo. Pleased.

Kaye Rufus, OR

Best brush!

I swear by these! They are super soft and make applying concealer super easy! The result is smooth and perfect. Highly recommend it!

Judy Espanola, NM

Top quality

I was kind of expecting these brushes to be cheap, given the low price. Instead, I got high-quality concealer brushes that can also be used to apply eyeshadow. I wash these regularly and have not yet had a single hair shed from them. Love these brushes!

Letha Ripley, NY