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ECOCO Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel, 8 Fluid Ounce

Eco styler Moroccan argan oil styling gel shines, smoothes, and conditions the hair. Maximum hold and made with 100 percent pure argan oil.

Key features

  • Made with 100 percent argan oil
  • Contains uv protection
  • For all hair types

Honest reviews


Better than the Olive Oil gel, when you can find it.

I found this at my local beauty supply a while back and immediately fell in love with it. It gives my hair more shine than the olive oil eco styler but does not harden as much which is primarily why I love it. It has an excellent light scent and plays well with other products. The only down side it being able to locate it.Update 7/13/2013: I found this gel in the 32 oz size at Sally Beauty Supply for about $4.00 if anyone is unable to locate at a beauty supply that does not carry it regularly.

Kenya Oconee, GA

it has pretty good hold but I get dandruff and flakes from it.

I’m not sure if it’s because the item was already open and damaged when I received it(i got a refund) or if that’s just how it is. Overall I’m just trying to get rid of it right now. I’m trying the other ecostyler gels out but will not purchase this one again.

Adrienne Hampden, ME

Argan mmm…

I love eco styler gel and I fell in love with the argan formula. It doesn’t make my hair crunchy like most gels and this product worked well with my hair unfortunately my texture changed and I can’t do a damn thing with it. But this was my go to gel no alcohol and a nice smell.

Mavis Provincetown, MA

Less Frizz!

Love it Nice shine, Smell great, less frizz, Good 4 hour hold, Good on all hair types. Great buy Awesome staple

Judy Gaastra, MI

This stuff is awesome! Must have for any curly girl!!

I have been naturally curly since 2008 and this is hands down the best product out there. I used leave-in creams for most of that time, but I found love in this tub of gel. I literally want to throw away all my other stuff!! It is that good. No flakes, leaves hair nice and shiny and has great hold over multiple days. It goes on to wet hair the best, but I have applied to dry hair without trouble. The reasonable price of this product makes it easy to try them all.

Barbara Forest Ranch, CA

It’s Ecostyler, enough said!

Honestly if you are looking for a great gel, you cannot go wrong with ecostyler. The olive oil is the best formula though. But they all are really good it doesn’t matter which one you choose ecostyler just nails it when it comes to hair gel.

Pam Stone Lake, WI

Fav Gel

This is my favorite hair gel. The picture may be misleading if you do not pay attention to the description. This is an 8 oz. jar. The picture is showing the 32 oz I believe.

Elsa Germantown, MD

Try something else.

was not a great buy it leaves white residue in my hair..I don’t know I’ll have to try it wit different styles and it doesn’t have much hold

Henrietta Waldron, WA

Love for Wet Sets

I use this for roller sets and Bantu Knot Outs my go to gel. It is hard hold and gives great hold, shine and definition to my African American curly hair,m. Have used for was n go’s and it is ok but I like more for setting my hair.

Erica Warren, VT

The Best

This is the best hair gel I’ve used in a long time. It smells really good, it makes your hair smooth. I really like that it leaves no flakes and it doesn’t make your hair hard. The seller shipped it very fast, it was a good shopping experience. No problems, seller was great!

Maricela Sumerco, WV