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ECOCO Krystal Styling Gel, 16 Ounce

Professional styling gel crystal provides added moisture and helps to maintain healthy hair. No flakes, no tack, anti-itch formula.

Key features

  • Added moisture helps maintain healthy hair
  • No flakes, no tack, anti-itch formula
  • Ideal for any hairstyle or hair color

Honest reviews


A Moisturizing Gel for Your Curls

This is a great gel! It’s alcohol-free, which is always a plus. You get sooo much product for such a low price! I have never said this about gel before: It’s moisturizing! I know, right?! How can that be? I don’t know, but I love it. I use it for wash n go curls and for laying edges down.The texture is quite thick. Not watery at all. The scent? Meh. Neither here nor there. Great hold. Apply too much…..and you’ll regret it! (That’s with anything, though).I am able to apply this to my 4a curls and get gorgeous definition. It’s water soluble, so no reason to shampoo it out. Just rinse thoroughly, and proceed with co-washing.I don’t think it’s fair to compare this to the $30 boutique natural gels that are out there. Those tend to have better ingredients, yes, but they also give a different look. They give piecier curls…Eco Styler CLUMPS your curls. It looks more natural, IMO. It depends on the look you’re going for. I do own the expensive gels, as well…. but THIS HERE is a keeper!It’s all about technique when doing wash-n-go’s.If you’ve been using brown gel (ew) try Eco Styler. You’ll love it!

Lidia Orchard, TX

ok gel

I loved all the other eco gels cuz this use to get so hard it freezes on on u got this on amazon cuz it was a good price.

Janine Linwood, KS

The Best Gel Period!

I love this gel!! Works great on my hair and it’s the only gel I will use. It doesn’t leave white residue in my hair and It just makes my hair look neat and controlled. High Recommend!!

Leann Dayton, PA

No complaints, does the job!

I personally have to say I’m an addict for the Eco gel. I was first introduced to this product via youtube and since it has been bliss from there out.The first one I used was the eco-olive oil, which gives me good results and hold; however the krystal clumps my curls the way I like.The curls are full and I hardly get much shrinkage. It also lays down kinky edges on wet hair.The drying doesn’t take too long. It’s about 3-4 hrs (depending the thickness of your hair of course), so there is definitely not a long wait for it to dry.I’ve read a few complaints about this particular Eco that it leaves the hair flaky if applied with leave-ins and moisturizers for example. I haven’t experienced it first hand, but I know by day 3 or 4 I start to see some build up and it’s time to wash it out.

Rosalind Takoma Park, MD


This is magical on my curly hair. My hair has always been a tad frizzy and after working this through my hair, I can finally see all of my curls frizz free. Plus: a little goes a long way; you can’t beat the price either! My wash-and-gos haven’t looked better! .-_-

Elva Penns Grove, NJ

I actually have curls with this product!!!

I am have african textured hair 4b/c and i have been natural for about 3 years. I have not been able to get a wash and go look with any other product than the eco styler gels (i have used white, pink and olive oil like them all but pink made my scalp itch)i tried Kinky curly and although my hair did curl to my shock it dried horribly very gooey and sticky and white and i still had a lot of shrinkage. I tried the eco early on and although i saw some curl when it dried there was no definition or curl pattern. Finally i saw something on You Tube I think it was African Export and she was saying for our hair type you have to pile it on and actually apply like a relaxer. I NEVER would have though to do that. I would have thought that would be way, way to much gel. Well it works! my edges have not laid this smooth since i had a relaxer and my hair has living breathing curls. I cannot believe it, i just keep looking at my hair going, whose head of hair is that. My curls clump together and it dried beautifully, I use shea butter underneath (when i dont my hair is a bit dry) and it does turn white but i find if i rub out the excess when it dries its just fine. My advice try it and if you have very tightly coiled and dry hair dont be afraid to be heavy handed with the product you can always scale back later if you apply to much but the only way you will know what your hair can do is if you go for it.

Corina Center, ND

Not working for me.

Just not working for my hair. I like that’s it’s supposed to be a more natural product, but it still has alcohol in it, and it isn’t stiff enough to anything for my hair. I ended up throwing it away. Sorry, but Im only giving it two stars.

Ilene Boston, MA

Works with my eyes closed

I love this gel because of the price, and the fact that it holds without drying too much. It doesn’t flake, it doesn’t leave crud under your fingernails, it doesn’t suffocate your scalp, and it doesn’t have an offensive scent. It also mixes well with other products I use. I started using this ten years ago, and really didn’t want to purchase a 2 dollar gel but its better than some of the higher end stuff I have used.

Carole Ansonia, CT