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Ecoco Eco Styler Krystal Styling Gel, 16 Ounce

Has maximum holding gel with the added advantage of pvp which allows for styles that need a strong holding gel. It is perfect to hold hair in place for tapered sides, up sweeps and wraps without the fear of flaking. It is a perfect hold.

Key features

  • Ideal for use with curling irons, perfect hold for synthetic or natural hair
  • No color, flakes or tack Adds volume and sheen to gray, blonde or lighter colored hair
  • No animal testing

Honest reviews


So Far So Good….

I waited FOREVER to try Eco Styler Gel and finally caved last week and decided to give it a shot. I was planning to try this product once my hair was longer, it’s shoulder length (stretched) now but I thought more weight would give the product a better chance of working with my hair. But MahoganyCurls on YouTube just made that gel seem too good to be true! So I took the plunge. I bought the Krystal from the local drugstore. Krystal was not my first choice, so I was a bit frightened to use it. A clear gel with a hold of TEN?!! That is scary stuff. But it didn’t contain any alcohol and it was thick and rich like my Long Aid gel so since it didn’t FEEL like regular styling gel, I hoped it didn’t affect my hair like regular styling gel either.Anyway, I’m rambling. I used it the first time last week actually. I did my usual wash and over night conditioning treatment, then after rinsing my conditioner, I applied my Long Aid activator for moisture, as I’ve read and heard this gel can make your hair hard or dry if there’s not enough moisture underneath. I like to use clear things in my hair anyway, because creamy or white coloured things make my hair white and that just irks me terribly. I used the smoothing method of applying this gel to my hair and almost instantly my curls started to clump and separate into beautiful little curls and waves. But anything makes my hair curly and nice when it’s WET. The real test was what will it look like when it DRIES. So I went about my day and let my hair dried and to my surprise, it was wonderful!! It still looked great, there was only normal shrinkage, it wasn’t dry or excessively crunchy. I could tell there was gel in there, but it was pleasant. My hair had movement, it didn’t take forever to dry either!!!But this was day one… What happens when I want to refresh? Yeah that’s when it all falls apart. Nope… It stayed great. When I took my scarf off, my curls were still great. I spritzed it with a little water and put some oil on it and that was IT!! I shook it out and my hair looked GREAT! And this went on all WEEK!! One day, I didn’t even put any oil on it, just a little water and went, still looked fabulous! I am hooked on this gel!! So much so, that I just ordered like 224 oz total of this stuff on here!! I got 4 32oz jars, and 6 16oz jars. I am stocking up!! LoL!!Plus if the Krystal- usually everyone’s harshest, hardest gel is this wonderful, I’m willing to bet they are ALL wonderful! Maybe even better than the Krystal!(Free shipping on the Krystal swayed me away from the other “flavors”) I can’t wait to try each and every one!!*Edit to add*:A couple of my jars were cracked. One the lid was broken, one the jar was cracked, but the rest were fine. I’ve heard this from other reviewers as well, so… Make sure to keep the old jars or something to put your gel in just in case it comes broken. They come sealed in a little green bag, so your gel shouldn’t end up all in the box.

Tonya Sinking Spring, OH

Perfect Gel

I love this gel. It’s my favorite brand and the only one I use. Doesn’t leave white residue in my hair. The price is amazing and I love it! Highly recommend.

Luann Normanna, TX

Awesome Stuff! Great Hold. No Crunch!

I like the smell and consistency of this product. It holds down my 4a hair around the hairline and is a great holding product for doing two-strand twists and such. The best part is hold without crunch.I ordered 3 16oz at a great price! I’m set for the summer and then some.

Evangeline Lowell, NC


Works and doesn’t flake and for the price that’s awesome in my books. Can leave hair a bit crunchy when it dries but a little conditioner mixed in takes care of that

Beatrice Arkdale, WI

Best Gel. Does what it is supposed to do

This Gel is nice. I am going to also try the one with olive oil, or I might just add some olive oil to this one, as this one does everything it is supposed to do… It maintains moisture, which is what the African American hair needs.

Ella Smith Lake, NM