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Eco Professional Styling Gel Olive Oil, 16 Ounce

Get the styling gel used by professionals with eco styler olive oil styling gel. 100 percent pure olive oil naturally retains moisture to your scalp resulting in a healthier scalp and healthier hair. The weightless gel provides your hair with maximum hold and a healthy shine. Use what the professionals use and get eco styler olive oil styling gel.

Key features

  • Olive oil helps your scalp naturally regulate its own moisturizing system
  • Retains moisture to your scalp resulting in a healthier scalp and healthier hair
  • Alcohol free

Honest reviews


This Garbage gave me bald spots

For easier to read and additional information, and simplified proof only derived from the study, go here and scroll down to third post:forum(dot)blackhairmedia(dot)com/topic369616_post10800805(dot)html#10800805TEA+Acid+water base+ flash heat= Lye, only in that exact order. Thick viscosity, sharply transparent clear color. Addition of artificial food coloring will show in that it will have tint, but not be cloudy at allTEA+ water base+ flash heat+acid= no lye more watery consistency, slightly opalescent, slightly cloudyTEA+ Acid+ Oil or polymer base+ heat= no lyeNo Alcohol, no heating + waterbase+ acid= no lye thick viscosity, opalescent and cloudyUPDATE: MARCH 31ST, 2014 I FINALLY DISCOVERED THE TRUTH TO WHY THIS GAVE ME BALD SPOTS!!!!!! THE INGREDIENT YOU NEVER SUSPECTED, CREDIBLE SCIENTIFIC SOURCES POSTED, ALONG WITH CONCLUSIONS.Why you may want avoid TEA in your water based hair products, depending on your hair’s porosity, thickness, types, and sensitivities:Hi, everyone. I have previously posted my previous negative experiences with ecostyler gel causing me baldspots, due to my protien sensitivity, in my low porosity type 4 hair. While I was in search of products to use as a replacement, I ran across Wet line gel, which claimed to be alcohol free, and moisturizing. Many People recommened it as a protein free gel. After i still experienced continuous thinning and immediately quit the product. I was aware my hair hated proteins, due to the brittle crunchy feeling I got when I used them. But something wasn’t right. My hair was thinning and I wasn’t seeing hair coming out, just like with the Ecostyler took me a very long time to notice what was in this product that was directly agitating what I assumed to be my protein sensitivity, since they marketed themselves as protein free and alcohol free. I had the gut feeling it was triethanolamine, which was proven to be an irritant, but was unable to find specific testimony, so I was more or less speculating maybe it had something to do with the alkaline ph at the time. But in the end it remained a mystery that closed the book on.So I recently looked at the chemical structure of triethanolamine and did some thorough research. I discovered a few shocking things about the ingredients in this product, and how they work together: triethanolamine and polyacrylate acid. I will order my points from bad to worse.WE ALREADY KNOW:carcinogens-and-toxic-chemicals(DOT)blogspot(DOT)com/2012/11/triethanolamine-toxic-chemical-in(DOT)htmlewg(dot)org/skindeep/ingredient/706639/TRIETHANOLAMINE/We are told this is a moderate irritant, and has been shown to be a human skin toxin or allergent, and expected to cause non-reproductive organ toxicity, and STUDIES SHOW has been linked to cancer. These have all been brushed off as moderate concerns though.FIRST:Triethanolamine is a surficant. Yes it is a water soluble surficant. So are proteins, and some watersoluable silicones. Proteins in gel act as water soluble surficants. Coconut oil is a water soluable surficant. They all still latch on to the hair and plasticize it, and in many cases work against moisture as they are not moisturizers, but plasticizing emollients and moisturizing agents that need to work in conjunction with water in order to be effective in hydration. But you are still leaving this on your hair for a substantial amount of time, and depending on your hair type and sensitivities, Use Caution.SECOND:Now, look at the word, triETHANOLamine. Ethanol.Ethanol is a drying alcohol. If any of you are reporting dryness and brittleness, this is what is affecting you, it isn’t random.”Ethanolamine is an organic compound that is naturally found in coconut oil and is a primary amine and primary alcohol”EzineArticles(dot)com/6884068″As I explained last week in The 5 Most Common Mistakes Even Skin Experts Make, it is well-established that ethanol can reduce water content via a form of water loss known as transepidermal water loss (TEWL) (1), lipid content via extraction and dissolution (2), and protein content via denaturation (3). These properties allow for ethanol to be an effective (and drying) penetration enhancer.””Ethanol in itself isn’t harmful. It’s the DRYING effect that can lead to other problems.”futurederm(dot)com/2012/04/19/is-ethanol-in-skin-care-products-safe/STILL NOT CONVINCED??? Why is this ethanol actually drying? For an ethanol to be drying to the hair it must:1. extract and dissolute lipids. What are lipids? Fatty ACIDS. I will elaborate on why this is what this gel does later.2. be denatured. You may claim the ethanol in triethanolamine is not denatured. It comes from coconut, so it must not be denatured right? False. The fact that this is a clear gel means it was heated, and therefore denatured. These gels wouldn’t be this clear if they didn’t contain denatured alcohol. Below is a scientific study that shows the effect of denaturzation on the viscosity of protein systems. Note it also says some things about NaOH, which this product contains. No matter the amount of NaOH, it will always denature the protein systems in water based substances once heated. Once heated, that is when it forms a clear, gel consistency. This is where these products holding abilities and clear consistency come from.europepmc(dot)org/articles/PMC2141169/pdf/341(dot)pdfTHIRD:”Triethanolamine is an aminoalcohol. Neutralize acids to form SALTS plus water in exothermic reactions.”chemicalbook(dot)com/ChemicalProductProperty_EN_CB9852620(dot)htm”The triethanolamine NEUTRALIZES fatty acids, adjusts and buffers the pH, and SOLUBILISES oils and other ingredients that are not completely soluble in water. Some common products in which triethanolamine is found are liquid laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, general cleaners, hand cleaners, polishes, metalworking fluids, paints, shaving cream and printing inks””TEA is a fairly strong base: a 1% solution has a pH of approximately 10″en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Triethanolamine”phs 10-14. depilatory. swell hairs as much as 10 times the original size; may dissolve hair.”images116(dot)fotki(dot)com/v715/photos/9/3265899/12913134/dissolveproof-vi(dot)jpgBecause TEA is the 3rd ingredient in this gel and has a ph of 10, Polyacrylate acid was used to balance the ph and neutralize TEA, and TEA make Polyacrylate acid water soluble. Unfortunately the combination of the two forms a drying effect on the hair– it turns into SALT, aka Sodium Hydroxide, aka NaOH which is also water soluble, btw.answers(dot)yahoo(dot)com/question/index?qid=20080324143837AAcJ1Imthis source is reliable despite being on yahoo answers, as it was answered by a top contributor in the chemistry section.It is also the main dissolving agent in lye relaxers. Lye= NaOH= Salt=Sodium Hydroxide. Ethanolamine is also a form of ammonia.”Triethanolamine is produced from the reaction of ethylene oxide with aqueous ammonia”en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/TriethanolamineThe alcohol does have a natural resistance to turning into salt and ammonia, however. BUT ONLY when oil is added to the formulation as a base. It needs to be oil based. Gel is water based, including this one. Salt is already drying, let alone putting the main ingredient used in relaxers in your product.”It is ethanolamine’s primary alcohol characteristic that makes it possible to be suspended in a soy Oil base as neither sodium carbonate (a primary salt) or ammonia (a primary base) will dilute with oil.”EzineArticles(dot)com/6884068CONCLUSION. Very drying and in 3rd ingredient. The ingredient right after it, polyacrylate acid, meant to make up for the fact TEA had a depilatory ph of 10 that dissolves hair, forms a SALT compound called NaOH, aka lye or sodium hydroxide, commonly used as an agent to break bonds in the protein of the hair in hair relaxers. This is the case with all acids. This is just how triETHANOLamine reacts with acid, AND YOU CAN’T PUT tEa in a hair product, with out adding some form of acidic compound to bring the ph down to a nondepilatory level. There are also many proven reports that TEA is an irritant, and has been linked to cancer. Hmmm.. Just like lye relaxers.LET ME REPEAT THIS IN THE MOST SUMMED UP BLATANT WAY POSSIBLE:1. LYE relaxers, which active ingredient is SODIUM HYDROXIDE.2. Relaxers have been linked to cancer.3. THIS water based gel has ingredients, TRIETHANOLAMINE and POLYACRYLATE ACID which together, (unless formulated in an oil base, which this gel “WETLINE” is NOT, it’s a water based gel, the first ingredient is water) form the exact same compound.4. This gel has ingredients that forms a compound–> Sodium Hydroxide, Lye, NaOH, SALT. Whatever you want to call it.5. Studies about Triethanolamine, already show “moderate” cancer link. Where is the cancer link coming from? Sodium Hydroxide.Also, the top 5 ingredients contain tea, which means it is the top 5 most active ingredients in the gel formulation, whether the sodium hydroxide is at 5% concentration or not. The dilution in water is the exact reason the compound is formed. Compare to low lye relaxers, which still break bonds of hair diluted Sodium Hydroxide to 2.5%.”A Low Lye RELAXER has the LOWEST CONCENTRATION of sodium hydroxide which is less than 2.5%. It is EQUALLY AS EFFECTIVE as other Sodium Hydroxide relaxers however much more mild due to the percentage of active ingredient. The low lye relaxer gently loosens the bonds for increased manageability, while maintaining some level of texture in the hair.”designessentials(dot)com/professional/science-of-hair/types-of-relaxerspretty much proves it. Note there is a review on here where someone gave this product 1 star saying it makes their hair act like a relaxer, a few years ago. Everyone thumbed them down, but in the end they were right.This product markets itself as being alcohol free, when it isn’t. Moisturizing, when it isn’t. Many people also claim this is a “Protein Free” styling gel. For you protein sensitive`s, It has panthenol, which absorbs into the hair cortex similar to ethanol and plasticizes it, leaving a gummy waxy build up after awhile that causes dryness similar to protein and coconut oil can. Hope I helped you guys. NONE of you are crazy. and now you know which ingredient to avoid. i now use kinky curly curling custard. NO TEA, No Protein, NO BALD SPOTS EVER AGAIN.May 5th, 2013Every time i used this product–whether just on my edges, an entire wash and go, or mixing it with oils or conditioners– It thinned my hair. I ended up with 3 bald spots in the middle of my head, and it made my edges thin. I kept using it b/c i was in denial, but ultimately it broke my hair. It was strange b/c i never saw hair fall out on my bed or in my brush, but then i would see the thinning, like it disintegrated my hair or something. I don’t know how long it’s gonna take for the nickle sized spot near my edges to fill in, but it’s already been a year. I want to be able to slick down my edges, I don’t really care much about curl definition, but i can’t even do that. It also made my hair crunchy when i used it and stiff. No matter if i used small amounts or more, or mixed it w/ oil or conditioner, it’s garbage. I’ve got tight 4b hair that gets more loose toward the nape of my neck, btw. I’m gonna try using the blue eco hold level 5 and hopefully that worksUpdate: 6/1/13After buying the blue medium hold gel, I’ve come to realize that the hardness of the hold has nothing to do with the bald spots. This solidified what already knew from my results w/ layering and mixing the eco styler w/ oils and conditioners.When it came to function, The blue eco was alright– gave shine, definition, and it also gave me more Hair Loss. I had thinning on my edges, and a piece of hair near that nickle sized bald spot that still hasn’t gone away have shortened to half the size. I hate this brand of gel. I’ve never had any problems with balding until using this. I wouldn’t even recommend it to someone I hate.I gave the green one away to my cousin b/c I just wanted it far away from me ages ago. She’s telling me that the product has started thinning her hair as well. My hair follicles are damaged, the bald spot is completely smooth bare. It hasn’t grown back since I noticed it a year ago, and even the blue one now has caused me problems. I am very frustrated with this product. Hopefully I can grow my curls back.I’m not sure what it is about this gel; it’s supposed to be all natural, so I don’t know what the problem is. Is it the excessive amount of protein? W/ the eco blue, My hair wasn’t hard or tangled, and I no longer comb or brush my hair. I go in the shower, and let the water detangle while I smooth sections of hair w/ my fingers, and it get perfectly detangled.So there’s no logical reason to me what could be causing the breakage. Maybe my hair just hates whatever is in this product. Like the TEA. I hope someone can investigate the effects of excessive protein. My hair wasn’t particularly dry, it was pretty moisturized, and soft.I’ve used flax seed gel, and another type of protein gel before that didn’t claim to be “all natural” but also didn’t leave me a naked spot on my head. And I’ve had natural hair for 6 years. Ah well, someone w/ this issue has to speak up about this so they can know they aren’t the only one.Beware, pen spring tight 4b/ 4c curly girls, be vigilant and as soon as you notice your hair thinning, drop the product, it only gets worse.Update: 6/2/13Been doing some research about ph. Curly hair’s ph must be acidic, 4-5.5 ph. Eco styler gel has a pretty high ph of 7, coupled with conditioners and other products I use that also have high ph, (like shea moisture conditioner which i leave in) this can be changing my hair’s ph, and not for the better. I have to many product w/ high ph, and I’m not using anything to balance my hair’s ph back.Based on what I learned, too much high ph can actually DISINTEGRATE the hair, which is exactly what was happening to me. My hair’s ph was suffering. I did an apple cider (already came diluted to 5% in the gallon) rinse on my hair and when i saw the effect i decided to leave it in my hair all night. It was soft. This is what lead me to research about ph.I learned if the ph is too acidic, it can eat the keratin and protein in the hair, and basically disintegrate the hair as well, so you want in that 4 to 5.5 range.This information lead me to pour the cider in my blue eco styler. If my hair loss is due to excessive protein, the vinegar should help neutralize some of it and eat it away. If it is b/c the ph is too high, I’ve lowered it w/ the acidic vinegar. My hair was still defined, the hold was a bit softer, it didn’t effect the lasting and definition. I think i poured like 2 cups just be safe and shook it.I’m gonna try one last time and see if this is a solution, and if i notice thinning I’ll report back here. I also will take too adding a bit of vinegar to my spray bottle with water, oil mixed in to moisturize.June 3rd:Yeah this gel isn’t for me. I still had thinning, my bald spot got bigger. Eco Styler is dead to me.

Darcy Monrovia, CA

So far so good

I am a African American female and I have been using natural hair products for five years now and my hair has grown to mid back length but unfortunately I could not find a natural hair product that could lay my very curley wavy hair down while putting my hair in protective styles like buns and ponytails.There would be times that I would spend an hour in the mirrior laying my curls down to have a smooth look for my ponytails or buns,I even tried tieing my hair down at night with heavy oils and natural creams but nothing laid my curls down they would just pop up from out of my bun, which made it seem as though I didn’t even bother to do any type of grooming to my hair. I just gave up on natural hair gels and holding creams and decided to purchase this product after watching reviews on Youtube and going to different hair sites. I am glad that I purchased this gel it has some good ingredients, I like that it has glycerin and that the first ingredient is water. I put my hair in a bun and my edges are so laid and smooth there are no curls popping up all over my head and my wave pattern is nice and shiny..I did have to add just a subtle amount of my coconut oil to my hair because the gel was just a little hardning but after applying a dime size amount of my coconut oil my hair was laid and smooth with this gel…The gel has really nice hold and the smell has a very light perfume scent that I love it just has like a fresh light scent..I gave this product 4 stars out of five only because I have to add a little oil to make it more smooth and because it’s not 100% natural but either than that I will keep this gel as my go to gel from now on.

Abbie Nixon, TX


I love this product It is great for my short natural hair and it smells very nice and not real oil.

Priscilla Ulysses, KY

Love it

Love this product, has a great hold without making my hair dry, flaky or crunchy. Staple product for everyday use

Pansy Carrier Mills, IL

Simply Wonderful!

This product is absolutley great. My daughter has natural hair and I have relaxed hair, and it works great for both of us! I noticed some reviews complained of flakes and poor hold. I know everyone is different, but we don’t experience those issues. 1) To combat flakes we use Oganic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizing lotion. Squeeze some in your hand and run it over your hair, brush it through; 2) Rub some Eoc Styler gel in your hands and rub it through your hair. For those shorter or more stubborn pieces of hair, take gel in your fingertips and apply directly to that; 3) Then use a bristle brush to comb and smooth hair down, then place in ponytail (if that is desired style); and 3) Place a silk scarf around your head, tie it as tight as you can stand it, for at least 15-20 minutes (the scarf should be a long rectangular scarft that can wrap around twice). Viola! After you remove the scarf you have a smooth ponytail and/or smooth edges that stay in place, but do not feel hard and has no flakes!Note: to prevent build-up, spray gelled area with water at night for take down and repeat process the next day for natural hair. Also you may use coconut oil or some other type of oil if you prefer not to use any moisturizer, but use one or the other, not both. A build up of any product may cause flaking.Once you purchase this product….happy smooth edges and ponytails!!!!!

Ronda Gillett, WI


This product define my curls. I have 4c, 4b hair. This product also made my hair stiff and it does flake, I didn’t have much flaking but it did flake. I used almond oil to help with the stiffness and dryness. I will not use this gel to do any twisted outs, but I will use as a wash n go.

Terrie Smithfield, OH

love eco

Silly me i bought this online thinking it was a big tube lol but when it came i was like ( WHAT THE WHAT)? I could have gotten this at my local beauty supply 4$ cheaper but its all good not the buyers fault i should have looked at the size 16 oz is a normal size tube although the gel was a good price understandably the shipping was what cost the most! Still this gel is a very stable product for my hair routine and is alcohol free love it!

Jordan Goshen, CT

Best gel option for me!

I have used Kinky Curly, Ms. Jessie Curling Pudding, Bantu’s offering and who knows what else. This is hands down the best product in terms of price, ingredients, performance and availability (retailers). My regular routine is to wash & shampoo with Shea Moisture and follow up with Eco Style(r). This NEVER leaves my hair crunchy, flakes or dries my hair out. It’s the perfect styling component.

Celia Marlborough, MA

Excellent gel for natural hair

I did the big chop back in June of this year into a short close crop cut. I was worried about overloading my hair with products as it began to grow back. I am leaning towards homemade, natural products and so far I’ve found a replacement for everything except for hair gel. I saw excellent reviews on various natural hair care websites and decided to give it a try. I found this at my local beauty supply store and I bought a small jar just to test it out. I rinse my hair like I do every morning with a mix of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and water, dry it with a towel but still leave it somewhat damp them I fill my palm with the gel and work it through. The gel typically dries before I get to work. I do like that it dries without white flaking and that it does not dry hard. Although I would prefer my hair not to dry, just the curls to be more defined instead. As a side note after keeping the gel in all day for work I wanted to soften my hair up once I got home but didn’t feel like doing my ACV rinse. I just put a palmful of my homemade conditioner in my hair and worked it through and the gel did not flake, for me that was a huge plus. All and all it is a very good gel.

Lina Mount Alto, WV


This is the only gel that gives me all day hold. It doesnt flake too much even with the big globs of gel i use lol. It smells plain but not bad. It does seem too itch to me after a while but i think i just have dry hair. I love this product and definitely recommend it

Lila Meacham, OR

Never tried it b4

Got it for the first time and because i am trying to be as natural as possible, I will be making the flax seed gel in the future.

Shelby Hoskinston, KY

I tried this product and I have natural hair

I wasn’t impressed at all, I have fuzzy hair and at my edges I was hoping for some hold but at least it was A moisturizer that would soften the new growth around my edges, so this product wasnt the one for me.

Summer Charlo, MT

Its okay

This product will define your curls, but when it dries it will leave some white flakes in your hair. Had to wash this gel out of my hair afterwards.

Serena Odessa, FL

Olive Oil Gel

I loved this gel because it held firm but it didn’t make my hair feel hard. It washes out very easy.

Candice Summerfield, FL

Worth a try… but not what I was looking for

I have been looking for hair gel… that has hold to it but does not contain alcohol or other harmful products. This is a difficult chore. I was happy to find this product has olive oil in it, but there is no hold what-so-ever. It’s cheap and worth a try, but I wouldn’t buy it again… sorry.

Cheri Eagle Lake, MN

Great styling gel and edge controller.

Great product for styling updo’s. You don’t have to worry about flaking and it holds your edges down quite nicely all day long. I would recommend eco styled gel.

Vonda Delta, AL