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Ecco Bella FlowerColor Mascara, Brown .38 Ounce

Mascara in as pure a formula as you can buy; we leave out the lacquer, shellac and alcohol. Based on clay and iron oxides.

Key features

  • This mascara wraps around and lengthens lashes to their longest.
  • It’s water resistant, but not waterproof. Gentle, and easily removed.
  • Comes with its own mirror. Excellent for sensitive eyes.
  • Vegan. Gluten-free. Fragrance-free.
  • Paraben-free.

Honest reviews


Finally- A Mascara Like I Remember It To Be

As a makeup artist, I have a lot of experience with many different makeup products. Some years ago, I started out using only natural cosmetics which were not easy to find back in the day. However, I managed to find enough to keep me busy.After a while I went back to wearing mainstream makeup because I could not find natural makeup products that performed like I needed them to. However, I greatly reduced my makeup wearing time to only one or two days a week just to keep it at a minimum.As time has progressed, I have been concerned about the chemical smell of many of the lines of mascara that I have been used to using. I used to be able to use almost any drugstore mascara, but I found the formulas changing so much that I was unable to wear most things from the drugstore as far as mascara goes.When I was given an opportunity to try out Ecco Bella Brown Mascara, I was very excited but not optimistic on expected performance.The tube of mascara is very well designed. There is a little mirror embedded in the side of the mascara for ease of application. That is a nice feature. I am not sure how it is going to wear in my purse, however, I will update as my experience continues with it.The tube is clear with the brown mascara showing through the container. The label reads ECCO BELLA FLOWERCOLOR. There is a gold cap on top. There is .38oz/11g or product in the tube.What I did not like about it is that the plastic shrink wrap around the tube is what contains the information such as content, ingredients, etc. In order to get into the tube, you have to peel the wrapping off, thus the information is easy to lose.Here are the ingredients:Purified water,carnauba wax, palmitric acid (from palm oil), clay, methylparaben, propylparaben, iron oxide.PERFORMANCE:I did side by side comparison tests with several mascaras.I used Lancome Definicils, MAC Zoomlash, and MAC Fibrerich Lash on one eye (several sessions of comparison- not all at once- HAHA). Then I wore the Ecco Bella on the other eye.In all fairness, I did not have any brown to compare it with at the moment, but each of the other brands were black- that is already one count against the Ecco Bella, because brown tends to be less impressive on the eye than black is.However, I was pleasantly surprised at the results. The brown Ecco Bella held its own very well. The application was smooth and very good competition with the other mascaras. There was not quite as much dramatic difference in the lashes, but in all fairness they were so close that it really was hard to see the difference.The only difference was that the Ecco Bella was just a little tiny bit softer look than the MAC.So far, I have had no problems with flaking, crumbling, smearing, or irritation, which is a good sign. The real test will be if I get runny eyes, how it will wear. So far, it is an excellent contender, but again, it does come off a little more easily with water than the others. This could be a problem for someone with allergies.Because I did not want to lose the shrink wrap (which has all of the important details about the product on it) I wanted to write this review now. I will update my review with further observations as they become available to me.So far I am impressed with the overall natural basis of this product and how well it performs against some of my favorite brands. What I found refreshing was that the aroma of the mascara was reminiscent of the way that mascara used to smell when I used it some years ago. A very clean smell compared to the chemical odors of today’s products.

Effie Lochloosa, FL

Mixed feelings about this one

I received this mascara in brown, and I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it didn’t flake one bit, which is wonderful. I have a allergies and tend to rub my eyes, and it stayed on beautifully. On the other hand, it didn’t do what I expect a mascara to do. It didn’t thicken my lashes at all. It lengthened them a little bit, but they still look very thin. If you’re looking for a natural look, or maybe you’re a blonde who just wants some color to make your blonde lashes show up better, this would be okay.Footnote: After another full day of wearing this mascara, I’d like to up my rating to 3 stars, but the site’s not letting me. I’ll just put it into words. This mascara’s staying power makes up for its lack of thickening. It simply does not flake! Maybe it’s just fresher than other mascaras I’ve used, but it I don’t think that’s it. No brand new mascara I’ve ever worn is this flake-resistant.

Nell Camden, NJ


I was not the least bit impressed with this product. The first time I tried it, it was seemed to vanish within a couple hours, and barely put any color on my lower lashes. It never really lengthened or thickened my lashes. The scond time I tried it, it took about three coats to get the mascara to even color my lower lashes. I did get longer upper lashes as a result of putting a lot of it on, and while it did not clump, all it took was a little eye watering to make me resemble a raccoon.I’ll stick to the cheap waterproof stuff.

Krista Mexia, TX

It would have helped if I’d read the color

So I forgot to read the color line on this product, and I wear black mascara rather than brown. That was my first problem with this product. That being said, I’ll never wear it, but I still put it on to sample the product. This mascara is pretty good. It adds length without making my lashes extra clumpy. Combined with my handy dandy eyelash curler, I looked pretty fierce when all was said and done. I’d recommend this mascara to someone who uses brown mascara, otherwise, I’ll stick with old faithful–Maybelline Volume Express.

Krista Montgomery Village, MD

This product contains palm oil. Palm oil production causing extinctions

I was surprised that this company puts palm oil in this product (and also in their foundation.) A simple Google search will provide more info about how palm oils/waxes are destroying the homes of 2 types of orangutans to the point of near extinction. I’d like to try this product if they would use an oil that isn’t harmful to wildlife.

Merle Cornersville, TN

great for my beard

The even non clumpy texture and rich brown-is perfect for my greying beard. It may be a bit light weight for some peoples lashes,but suits my beard and mustache well.I know this may seem a bit strange,but it encourages me to groom the details of my appearance.I am not involved with many brand names in mascara,but have tried quite a few,and this one makes me look natural with it’s consistent texture.It would be even better if it were truly water resistant.

Taylor Tchula, MS

Not bad

Not a bad item nothing amazing but it is nice to have a brown mascara that is ecco friendly. The mirror attached to the body was nice too, I’d say that was probably the best thing about this product as far a useablity and quality. It is also water resistant which as someone with sensitive eyes like me, is a must.We are only talking about mascara here so you really can’t be too excited or gushing about such an item. But it was a good item something I may buy when I finish the first bottle.

Margaret Franklin, MI

Safe and Natural Looking, Just Don’t Expect Knock-Out Lashes

The best thing about this mascara is that the Cosmetic Safety Database lists it as one of the safest mascaras on the market. Also on the plus side is that the mascara itself looks really pretty and natural, definitely darker than no mascara at all, but considerably lighter than the black, curling, lengthening mascaras that I am used to (e.g., Chanel Extreme Lash or Prescriptives False Eyelashes). Those latter type of mascaras also tend to do a lot of the work for you when you put them on, that is you don’t have to work terribly hard to coat your lashes and you don’t need any kind of curler. It definitely takes longer to put the Ecco Bella on, and you can’t get a dramatic look even if you try. It looks more like you have lashes that have been dyed fairly dark and it doesn’t look like you’re wearing mascara. It’s a really pretty and natural look and I quite like it for daytime as well as casual evenings especially given its low toxicity. For those big evenings out, however, there will still be a place in my makeup drawer for dark, dramatic mascara.

Hannah Trumansburg, NY

Pretty good mascara. No clumps! (B+ Grade)

Ecco Bella is a pretty good mascara. It doesn’t clump and I was quite surprised by the end of a long day, it didn’t give me racoon eyes or smear. What else can I say? Take a chance on this makeup product.Katiebabs

Shelly Sanger, CA

Happy Eyes!

Finally, a mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes!I’ve tried many, many mascaras over the years.Even those that claimed to be “hypoallergenic” gave me itchy, swollen eyes. It got to the point where I simply gave up wearing makeup, with only the rare occasion beckoning me to risk eye irritation for the sake of beauty (not a good idea).Well, now I can wear mascara and not experience any discomfort. Ecco Bella is the answer I’ve been looking for. It is a completely natural mascara — NO irritating chemicals. I tried it (with some trepidation) and was pleasantly surprised to be able to wear it without consequence. There was no itching, no swelling and no redness of the eye.It doesn’t hurt that it is a really lovely mascara. It goes on very smoothly without producing clumps and it feels light and cool to my lashes. It is a subtle mascara and preserves a natural look while enhancing the eyes. I love the bottle–it comes with a little built in mirror on the side, just in case I need to make an impromptu application somewhere. The price point seems right to me. It’s not cheap but not overly expensive and it’s worth every penny knowing that I’m wearing something that looks great, feels natural and it won’t hurt my eyes.I highly recommend this product.((review written by my wife))

Liliana Nescopeck, PA

Lush, soft, natural looking lashes!

Here’s a mascara that looks like rich milk-chocolate in the clear tube, and provides a deep, dark, espresso-colored finish to the lashes. The color is very flattering, much less harsh than pure black.Just as nice is the fact that the product leaves lashes soft, without the spikey, stiff feel you get from some mascaras. In addition to length, this mascara also added a nice fullness.Tube design is also good. There’s a “flat” shape to it that allows you to get a secure grip so you can easily use the little mirror that runs down the side.After a full day of wear, I experienced NO flaking, clumping, or smudging. NO racoon-eyes look. The product came off easily with my usual makeup remover.So, the product produces length, fullness, thickness, and nice color, without smudges, clumps, or flakes. Definitely a winner.

Janna Fordoche, LA


This is an OK mascara, but not as good as some others that are similar in price.First, the good: I love the little mirror built into the side of the tube. That’s a great feature. I also like the color – dark brown, not too light or fake looking. I have dark hair and eyes, and it looked as good as black.The not so good: I didn’t think it went on as smoothly as other mascaras. It caused my lashes to stick together, and I had to use a lash brush to separate them so they didn’t look clumpy. I tried applying it out of the bottle and wiping off the brush first, but either way it didn’t separate well as it went on. However, once I used the lash brush, it ended up looking very nice and natural, sort of feathery (no clumps). It also wasn’t entirely smudge-proof, although the smudging was pretty minimal.Overall I probably would not purchase this mascara, since I know of other brands at the same price that go on much more smoothly and don’t require using a lash brush.

Myrtle Newport, NH

Difficult to tell what is unique about it and why I should buy it.

The text is simple and restricted to the name of the mascara. Difficult to tell what is unique about it and why I should buy it. The bottle is slender and small and would fit nicely in a small purse. The mirror on the back side is a nice touch, the perfect size and effective for applying mascara on the go.The brush is fairly standard, though the pile is on the thicker side. The chocolate color is also pleasant, but standard. The liquid appears to be a little bit clumpy. The combination of the thicker pile of the brush and narrower opening of the bottle causes the mascara to build up on the outside edge of the opening, as the brush is plunged in and out during application.The product however, coats the eyelashes nicely. There are few, if any clumps, and the lashes are separate.

Concetta Tremont, PA

pretty good

I am a fan of brown mascara as it makes my eyes look more natural so I was quite excited about this product. It arrived in the most practical tube with flat sides to prevent rolling and best of all a mirror on the side of the container. BRILLIANT! The brush, however was a bit weak. The color which appeared light in the tube was a nice shade when applied. Although it looked good the mascara did not thicken or lenghthen as well as others I have used. Overall though I was pleased and would purchase this product again.

Rhea Nicktown, PA

Wonderful, Natural Mascara

I’ve been using natural cosmetics for a number of years. I’ve been using Ecco Bella’s wonderful blushes and also use some products from Bare Essentials and Aromaleigh (a great mineral make-up company) but had never tried Ecco Bella’s Mascara before.I don’t wear Mascara often but when I do I have to be really careful of which type as I have very sensitive eyes; I’ve mostly used Maybelline waterproof (my only non-natural cosmetic!) as it stays put and doesn’t bother my eyes, so I was very curious how I’d like the Ecco Bella brand Mascara.It’s terrific! The brown is a very nice color, sort of a dark brown which is my usual shade. They say it’s not waterproof but listed as water resistant but I found it to wear as well as my waterproof variety. The brush is nice and long and you get a good coat from one application, it dries fairly quickly, stays put and did not irritate my eyes (my most important requirement!:)I am VERY happy with this mascara, it’s a keeper!

Eunice Carlisle, NY

Aaah! Hard to find brown!! Absolutely NO clumps

I am fortunate to have found this in brown, as it is sometimes difficult to get this acceptable color. This brown mascara looks good, it looks natural without clumps! The mascara pulls out of the tube without clumps. It will lengthen enough and as you coat a little more, it remains easy to apply. Washing it off is easy to do.As women gently age into their 40s or more, they need to realize that black mascara needs to be applied moderately, so go with brown.An attached mirror!What’s neat is there is a mirror attached to the flat design of the tube. Great for those who carry their mascara with them.There is NO smell that can be allergenic. Brown is a good color, especially for the very-lite skinned women and for the darker skin, it blends in with dark eyes. ….Rizzo

Kerri Ogdensburg, NJ

Excellent! Ecco Brown Mascara

I like this mascara. It does not make my eyes sting and it’s so natural after it’s applied.There are so many mascaras out there that when I use them, my eyes start stinging, I don’t know if it’s fumes or some sort of chemicals.This mascara does not do that to me. Highly Recommend!!

Laura Tecate, CA

Nice brown to accentuate my eyelashes

This mascara is great for me, who does not wear alot of makeup and wanted something that accentuated my eyes without being overly bold. The brown works well with my hair color and complexion. There is some slight clumping I notice when I try to put it on, but maybe that’s just me.

Johnnie Barnwell, SC

Beautiful Lush Luxuriant

So I’m a mascara snob – for a variety of reasons. I have incredibly sensitive eyes, and at the first hint of flakiness, I start to cry. Quite a few very expensive mascara’s have failed me in this regard.This mascara went on beautifully, just one coat and you’re done, lovely lush colour, I was really impressed, it’s definitely brown, but so rich, it doesn’t feel like black’s poor cousin, it felt like it was a colour choice in it’s own right. I really like this mascara and will buy it again.Didn’t smudge, flake, burn, and did thicken and lengthen my lashes. And it had a great rich shade – what more can you want from a mascara!

Annmarie Elmo, MO

Great color without clumping… perfect for sensitive eyes

For those with sensitive eyes and skin, it’s essential to find mascara that doesn’t clump excessively and that refrains from irritating the eyes. While skin sensitivities are clearly a highly personal and unique matter, Ecco Bella Brown mascara was the first mascara that has ever worked for me without in some way causing irritation to my skin and eyes. I am also thrilled with the ease by which I am able to control how much mascara is applied at any one time, so there is no risk of clumping lashes together.This mascara is the perfect color to complement my eyelashes, and I found it even works as a means for coloring sun-bleached eyebrows, when carefully applied in moderate quantities. It’s wonderful to know that this mascara is natural and organic… something that those with sensitive eyes and skin will rejoice in, as they are able to wear it free from pain and irritation.Ecco Bella brown mascara comes with a completely surprising and very delightful feature — a mirror built right in to the side of the bottle, so it’s always easy to see how much mascara is being applied, even if there’s no wall mirror available at the moment.Ecco Bella Brown Mascara is the perfect long-lasting, non-irritating mascara for blondes and light brunettes who wish to be able to carefully control the amount of mascara they apply without clumping. It’s awesome!

Mattie Clayville, RI

I like this

I love that it is natural and it doens’t run easily nor does it flake off like some mascaras will. It makes my eyelashes look nice and darkens them nicely. This is one item I will purchase again, I found it very good, comfortable to wear and no reactions to it. I have had problems with some mascaras making my eyes sore and red (the skin around my eyes) but this causes no reaction at all.

Alma Mulino, OR

Naturally nice

It is nice to have a more natural mascara available that performs just as well as one that has ingredients in it that are not needed and can be harmful to us and/or the environment.I have very dark brown hair and brown eyes and lashes. Until now I have always used black or black/brown mascara. Ecco Bella brown mascara is a deep rich brown that accentuates my brown eyes and hair very nicely.It comes off very easily while washing your face.Give it a try, I think you will like it.The packaging is exceptional with a mirror built into the side of it allowing for appliction where ever you maybe.

Lauren Auburn, CA

Tendency towards clumping, but amazing staying power.

My review title tells my biggest complaint with this mascara. In all my days of mascara wand wielding, I’ve never dealt with a product that is so prone to clumps and the dreaded tarantula eye look. I’m chalking it up to the nature of the brush and my own lack of skill after using anti-clump mascara for so long. A base prep coat really helps with this problem.Otherwise, I’m quite satisfied with this. I purchased the mascara in brown and love the color and how smoothly everything goes on (save for those darn clumps). And this truly does have some incredible staying power that doesn’t flake as much as the more expensive department store brands–awesome.So I suppose this is one of those reviews where the good and bad cancel each other out. If you’re good at putting on mascara, I recommend this. If you’re like, you might want to find another product.

Lula Port Saint Lucie, FL

A superb brown mascara

Although I usually use black mascara, a brown one is nice to have on hand for a softer look. I have been disappointed in most brown mascaras, as they just don’t have the right combination of softness plus definition.I am very pleased with this Ecco Bella mascara. I was skeptical at first, as it looked like a run of the mill applicator brush which usually has a skimpy effect on my lashes. But the consistency is great. What’s more, it lasts all day with no flaking or fading out (another problem I’ve had with brown mascaras is the effect of disappearance through the day). Another bonus, it removes very easily with regular remover. It is not waterproof (which I like).All in all, I would highly recommend this. I would like to try more products from this company.

Ida El Macero, CA

Very Subtle and Pleasing, but not for everyone

I was very surprised to find I liked this product. I would highly recommend this product for people who are minimalist in the make up arena. It felt very natural.PROS:- The bristles on the brush were at a great length and nicely spaced to brush through the lashes.- No clumping or flaking.- Appear to do well in the rain, w/ only slight bleeding. (I wore it in the raind for 3 days.)- No smell.- No matter how much you lathered on, it didn’t make your lashes stiff like spikes and still looked natural and light.- Nice subtle color. (I have black lashes, and I would never have thought to use this color, but I really liked it.)- Interesting packaging w/ a mirror on the back for people who want to carry it around w/ them.- Easily washed off w/ soap and water w/ no smears left over.CONS:- Would have liked it to be waterproof.- I didn’t realize that the cellophane wrapping actually had some of the product details before I threw it away. It would have been nice to keep a list of ingredients and etc.- The product might be too subtle for most people because it doesn’t exaggerate the eyes or lashes by much.

Danielle Fowlerton, TX

Great Stuff

Great. It is hard to find brown mascara. I am a red head with very fair skin, so black is out. This stays on till I take it off, even waterproof mascara usually makes me like a raccoon and it is very genital. No problems with contacts, and I don’t look like a raccoon. Thanks for a great product

Candice Blandford, MA

Nice mascara

Ecco Bella Brown Mascara. Sometimes I want to achieve a natural look and don’t want to use a black mascara, and that’s how I decided to purchase this one in brown, it’s very pigmented and it has a nice brush.

Eva Troy, IN

Gentle brown color of the mascara : appealing and pretty!

I found this mascara to be delightful with its soft brown color and its ease of application. It doesn’t clump up or come on too strong; it simply enhances your lashes in an unassuming way. It’s not the mascara you would choose for your “big night out”, if you were walking the Red Carpet, hoping to win an Oscar (it isn’t dramatic enough), and it isn’t the mascara you would choose if you were planning to go to a real tear jerker of a movie. It isn’t waterproof, so you’d be caught at a sad movie with that awful messy runny marscara look.However, it has some neat reasons why I do like it, anyway.First, as I said, I like the color very much. I normally wear black mascara, but it’s nice to change to a soft color like this. It will go with some of my nude shades in eye shadows which I have already bought for the upcoming summer months. Also, it has a little mirror on on the applicator. This is something I have never seen on any tube of mascara. It is a rectangular shaped mirror on one side of the application tube, and it could come in handy to help you apply or touch up. Very innovative and clever!I enjoy trying new makeup products as I love make up. This mascarca by Ecco Bella is a fine addition to my collection of make up.

Allie Glen Spey, NY

3.5 Stars

This mascara is very light weight and subsequently doesn’t give much volume. So, it isn’t good for those looking to “extend” their lashes. However, it doesn’t clump, or smudge and the mirror on the side of the tube is nice. This would be good for women whose lashes are already long or for young ladies who are just starting to use make-up. The color is less dramatic than black, which also makes it nice. It is a little on the expensive side for the amount/size of the tube, but if you’ve got sensitive eyes it is nice to have.This isn’t for everyone, but for some it’s just right.

Tasha Bethlehem, KY

My favorite mascara!

This is my favorite mascara! I was looking for a brown mascara, and I was interested in this one because there are no harsh chemicals in it. I am impressed by it. It doesn’t flake. It lengthens and volumizes my lashes. I like too that the brown is so natural looking which is what I wanted. This is the first brown mascara that I’ve ever found that is really brown. Usually they look a little black to me. I will definitely repurchase!

Audrey Morehouse, MO