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Ecco Bella FlowerColor Cover Up, Beige .13 Ounce

Easy on the skin, non-greasy, good coverage, chemical free, fragrance free. Mistake-proof color. Apply gently with our concealer brush.

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Received Lipstick instead but…

Having run out of the Ecco Bella cover up I ordered one from Amazon. I always buy this product from the Co-Op but it is an inconvenient drive so I decided to order by mail. When I opened the package upon arrival I saw it was a shade of pink lipstick by Ecco Bella rather than the cover up. Obviously a mistake. I did not send it back or complain because I liked the lipstick. I’m giving 5 stars despite the mix-up because this is my favorite cover up of all time. It does not smell, goes on smooth and looks/feels natural. The price is reasonable(the tube lasts a long time).Update: Nov. 27, 2011Went to the Co-Op to pick this up recently & saw the display for Ecco Bella was gone. After talking with the woman at the beauty counter I came to learn that EB is a difficult company to order from. In the end the Co-Op had had it with the slow service & order mix-ups. I relayed my story about receiving lipstick instead of cover-up & the beauty consultant said this is typical & the reason why they discontinued doing business with Ecco-Bella. Providence was on my side that day because the woman then pulled out a basket of clearance Ecco Bella & one cover-up was left which I snatched up! I hope this company gets it together because I love their products. If a mix-up ever again occurs I will complain.

Isabelle Clyde Park, MT

Its natural, but…

This is one of the first natural concealers I tried and I loved that it was natural but thats about it. This Beige color I purchased had pink/orange hues to it which just looked really unnatural/unflattering. The product was easy to apply and had decent coverage but it had an oily finish, which turned cakey if topped with powder. It also creased under my eyes which was unflattering.However, my main problem was it made me break out which I wasn’t expecting from a natural product. I ended up using it quite a few times just to make sure and each time I would break out.Might be okay for other users but for me it was a definite no.My current favorite natural concealer isKorres Wild Rose Brightening High Coverage Concealer – WRC2 (Light) 1.5ml/0.05oz

Alice Greenwich, NJ

Great coverage and lasts well.

This works great and offers great coverage. I use it to cover dark undereye circles as well and all other imperfections on my face. It lasts well, but will last all day if I powder under my eyes lightly after foundation and then again after concealer. My only complaint would be that it does settle in the fine lines under my eyes a bit, but that’s probably just the thickness of it.

Karin Orchard, NE


Will buy again. I use this every day near my eyes and I do not feel bad one bit sleeping in this or using near my eyes.

Bonnie Spring Glen, PA

Great product, awful packaging

Really like this natural product – goes on smoothly and has good staying power! Only reason I knocked it down a star was because the tube didn’t come in a box – it was completely wrapped in a horrible product lab/sticker that was a HUGE pain to get off! Recommended for natural beauty products.

Jeannie Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Very Nice “:D

This was my first experience with an all natural cream coverup and I’m actually very pleased. I mostly used this for around my eyes and it does a wonderful job at covering dark circles but I notice I do break out when I use this elsewhere (around the nose/chin) I do however have sensitive skin and I’ve yet to find a concealer that doesn’t cause breakouts/clog pores. Instead I use this cover up around my eyes and then set and buff a natural powder makeup (honey bee gardens) on the rest of my face. This combo leaves my skin looking flawless. I knocked off a star because I did get pimples after about 2 weeks of using it on the redness around my nose, but I’m still pretty happy with this and I’m never going back to 200+ ingredient drugstore brands that actually create wrinkles and potentiallu more serious health problems. 😀

Natasha Pennington, AL