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eb5 Facial Cream

Created by Research Pharmacist Robert Heldfond, eb5 Facial Cream is designed for men and women, seniors and baby boomers alike, who are concerned about aging skin. Containing Vitamins A, E and B5 in a penetrating and nearly greaseless base, eb5 Facial Cream helps improve the appearance of facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, “feather lips”, uneven blotches and dry, sensitive skin. It’s like using 5 creams in one jar!

Key features

  • One 4-ounce jar of facial cream
  • Contains Vitamins A, E and B5 in a penetrating and nearly greaseless base
  • Developed by chemist Robert Heldfond to moisturize and prevent wrinkles; ideal for men and women of all ages
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet; tightens the appearance of loose, sagging skin; hydrates dry and sun-damaged skin
  • Safely and effectively keeps your skin looking young and healthy

Honest reviews


Tried this one prior to Neutrogena….not happy about it..

Eb5 cost a lot more and I did not see any difference in my skin. In fact I thought this cream was very heavy on my face and did not absorb into my skin very well. So it goes into the wasteland of creams on my nightstand and under my counter and chalk it up as a wasted $35 on my part.After reading all the five star reviews (many of which is their only review on Amazon) you would believe that this is the next miracle cream. My original review stands, it does nothing for my skin besides moisturize, I have seen no difference in wrinkles. If you are just looking for a moisturizer then be my guest and buy this product. If you want an effective wrinkle reducer, then keep looking.

Phyllis Tamarack, MN

It works!

I had been using olay moisturizer, and was satisfied, but tend to vary my routine to try other products. In the past I have also tried products by clinique, neutrogena, mary kay, say yes to carrots among others. I decided to give eb5 a try. The thing that influenced me to purchase the product was reading the reviews by customers who had been loyal to this brand for years. The face cream does perform well, it is not greasy. I tend to use it at night since it does not contain a sunscreen. In comparing it to other products, the thing that stands out other than it’s performance is that you need so little. The directions state to use the amount the size of a pearl…and that is accurate. So, this product will last a really long time. The olay product I was using, “olay regenerest night recovery cream” comes in a 1.7 ounce jar and I had finished it in 4-5 weeks. This product will last much longer, so that is a money saver. I will be purchasing more when needed.

Angelina Strafford, NH

Excellent Facial Moisturizer for All Skin Types…

I’ve been intrigued by all the latest and greatest hyped-up beauty products for years. I feel like I’ve tried almost every high-end to in-between moisturizers on the market. Some are extremely overpriced and I’ve never been 100% satisifed with the results.I decided to try eb5 as the reviews were good. I have aging combination skin that tends to get a bit drier in winter. I apply eb5 morning and evening after cleansing, and my facial skin has finally normalized after only a week. My face looks more plump and fine lines have disappeared. There are no oily or dry areas, just normal beautiful skin. The cream soaks into the skin, so it makes for a great primer for foundation. I don’t need to use much as a little bit of cream goes a long way.Overall, I’m totally pleased with the results and will continue to use. eb5 is possibly the best facial moisturizer I’ve ever used. I’m so glad I decided to try it.

Beryl Lowmansville, KY


My mother inlaw just passed away at the age of 94. She had very nice skin and would not use any other facial cream other than eb5 for the last twenty years. She had just bought a jar of eb5 before she passed away. I decided to take the cream home and try it. She was right it is the best facial cream I have ever used. I’m 61 now and hope I can use it til I’m 94 like she did. She left me something that goes a long ways and is well worth the money.

Natasha Skipwith, VA

Face Care

this cream was just what was required it met all my needs and i would happily recommend this item to any of my friends. Thank you for a great item

Kirsten Agana Heights, GU

Wish I had discovered this sooner!

I have been using this cream for two weeks and just love it. My skin is softer and feels nicer. I have sensitive skin and this product hasn’t bothered me nor given me any blemishes (as some creams in the past have). I am delighted to have found this product and feel good recommending it to anyone seeking a great daily facial cream.

Rachelle West Union, SC

Product is not bad

I think it is ok, but I don’t like its smell. I smell like I did not wash my face :). As for quality, it is like a lotion, don’t know what it can do to my skin…

Alma Kiester, MN

a question to user of eb5

I have more of a question but have been using eb 5 for a bout a week . I was hoping to find out if the eb 5 you women are using has a think waxy consistency to it. I do like the the one I bought is fragrance free it doesn’t sting my face I have very dry skin . I feel as though its waxy and sits on top of my skin an not totally adsorb. mine could be old jar they sent to me .Thank I do like but afraid I might of got an old jar .

Laurie Reeds Spring, MO

It’s okay…

Before this , I was using a lightweight, nicely scented ROC facial lotion. I loved putting it on. I loved the light, silky feel and how it quickly absorbed. I loved the bottle it came in. It was small, nice and dispensed a good amount of lotion. It even had sunscreen in it! I decided to try something new and different (maybe better!) So I went with eb5. I think I regret this purchase. The cream is heavy, it doesn’t absorb easily. It feels greasy and the jar method of using it can get messy. It doesn’t have sunscreen. Well I can’t return it because I used the piping method (like you do for decorating a cake) to try and shove this eb5 cream into the ROC bottle. Results were hilarious and overall successful, but it was a greasy mess. Next time I will probably get ROC again. I’m not a huge fan of this cream. It seems like when I wear it, my fiance sneezes a lot. We were in bed together and he got close to my face and started sneezing, complaining that it felt like a phantom traveled up his nose and behind his eyes (LoL). It started happening when I started using this cream. Oh well this forty dollar phantom is here to stay until I use up this overpriced cream. You live and learn………

Lakesha Roberta, GA

Had a reaction to the product

Unfortunately I have a reaction to the product. I used this product years ago and loved it. For whatever reasons. I got a reaction after using the product. Amazon was very good regarding the return and credit for this product.

Ilene Winamac, IN

Nothing special

I’ve used Cetaphil cleansers and moisturizing cream for ages & have been happy with that brand. I gave the eb5 a try based on excellent reviews and hoping for something to slow the aging process now that I’m in my 40’s. It is a nice thick cream (very similar to cetaphil cream I use), but I still need extra moisture after applying it fairly thickly. I haven’t noticed any appreciable difference in my fine lines & wrinkles, so will probably not order again and stick with Cetaphil.

Anne Lawton, PA

Didn’t do anything for wrinkles

It’s an ok moisturizer, but nothing special. I’m 30 with fine lines and I did not notice anything different. Not too fond of the ingredients either.

Alissa Englishtown, NJ