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Eau Thermale Avène Soothing Eye Contour Cream, 0.04 lb.

Light weight eye cream relieves under-eye puffiness and moisturizes the eye area.Indication Sensitive eyes Stressed, fatigued eyes Under-eye puffiness ——————————————————————————– Skin type All skin t

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Irritated my eyes!

I am so disappointed in this product. I expected it to be soothing, however after trying it several times, I have decided that i must discontinue use of this eye cream. I have noticed after each use that there were several small bumps with redness and irritation around my eyes. I can’t figure out what in the product is causing this reaction, but out it must go.

Esmeralda Russellville, AR


This is the best eye cream. It may seem a little pricey for such a tiny tube, but it lasts FOREVER. I’m notorious for using more product than is strictly necessary, and even I only use a dollop slightly smaller than a pencil lead for each eye. It keeps the area around my eyes moisturized and smooth, and makeup goes over the cream and stays put quite nicely. Finally, I have very sensitive skin and eyes, and this is one of the only creams I’ve ever used that doesn’t irritate either!

Annie Collison, IL

The best, ten stars.

I have used this wonderful Avene eye cream for the last four or five years at least, and by use I mean I don’t buy any other and only use this one which is radical considering that this is the second eye cream that I have ever bought ( and I’m 32) that really works for me. My eyes used to be VERY dry and the flesh very picky and needy of moisture, it’s exhausting putting on five layers of eye cream, with this one I can do with one or two but it doesn’t turn my face into a slick mess. My first find that worked was the Burt’s Bees royal jelly cream which brought relief and started to finally satisfy my skin but its thick, thick lovely goo in comparison to this. Over time my skin has calmed down, now it’s balanced between mixed dry and oily parts that have normalized after using good products with healing thermal water. Avene and Vichy are two brands that I have also used when I lived back in Europe and I’m still amazed and impressed that they really are great, regardless of where I live. Natural rich mineral water from the soul of this planet combined with great cosmetics does one wonders.Not to sound like a spokes person for Avene but my medicine cabinet is full of it with many fun samples as well, mostly thanks to my mom who always supplies me with it as well ( she’s obsessed with it). This is a wonderful brand, you don’t even have to have bad, dry, sensitive skin, this will work for anyone making your skin feel smooth, comfortable and supple, it won’t take twenty years off but it will make you look and feel your best. It’s soothing, healing and since I wear makeup it’s just perfect for smooth, nice application. I love the moisturizing qualities of this eye cream, it makes my skin feel so good that I don’t even have to think about it, now that’s relief :)- Kasia S.

Elda Summer Lake, OR

Not sure yet?

Not sure yet I just started using it. So far it seems ok. It is not oily and blends in quickly. I can apply my make up over it easily.

Josefina Pomerene, AZ

Avene Eye Cream

I have so many allergies and this product works well without causing any allergic reactions. I also use Avene Redness Reducing SPF Lotion and I like that product too.

Catherine Stow, MA