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EARTHLY BODY Marrakesh Argan Oil Gift Bag Set

Marrakesh Shampoo 8oz:Sulfate-Free. Rich botanicals provide gentle cleansing for all hair types.Unique Hemp-Seed & Argan Oil formula restores moisture.Safe for daily use on damaged and color-treated hair. No alcohol, no parabens, no dyes.Made in the USA.Scent: Original (Earthy/Spicy-Sensual).Marrakesh Conditioner 8oz:Hemp & Argan Oil formula replenishes hair.Silk proteins maximize moisture & color retention.Botanical elements smooth hair to detangle and provide control. No alcohol, no parabens, no dyes.Made in the USA.Scent: Original (Earthy/Spicy-Sensual).Marrakesh X: A leave-in hair treatment that does ten different Xtraordinary things for your hair!Stops BreakagePrevents Split EndsAdds BodyCreates Silky FeelThermal ProtectorAdds ShineRepairsDetanglesFrizz ControlSeals Hair Color Made in the USA.Scent: Original (Earthy/Spicy-Sensual)Earthly Body Marrakesh Oil- 2ozProtects hair from elements.Infuses brilliant shine.Moisturizes & conditions naturally.Protects & moisturizes for thermal styling.Controls frizziness and unruly hair.Absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy residue.Reduces drying time up to 50%.Made in the USA.Scent: Original (Earthy/Spicy-Sensual)Along exotic journeys to Marrakesh, there is the ancient and rare Argan Tree, growing only in southwestern Morocco. From the nut of these magical trees comes Moroccan Argan Oil, known for a thousand years for its incredibly rich benefits for hair and skin.Earthly Body has combined this Moroccan Argan Oil with the nourishing and moisturizing benefits of Hemp Seed Oil to create a unique haircare elixir — “Marrakesh Oil.”

Key features

  • Marrakesh Shampoo 8oz
  • Marrakesh Conditioner 8oz
  • Marrakesh X 4oz
  • Earthly Body Marrakesh Oil- 2oz

Honest reviews


Yummy smell but nothing special

Really love the smell of this stuff but it’s really nothing special. My hair doesn’t look shinier or in better condition.

Lynnette Dawson, IL

Awesomeness, in a bottle…~!~

I have written reviews on a few other hair products { Peter Coppola Argan Oil Sham and Con } Along with Aquage { lovely } I try to get a set , and I must say , I’m a die -hard when it comes to a tried and true product { I stay with it }..So I bought this on a whim , it’s the best off the cuff decision I’ve made….The day it arrived my hair was on it’s 3 rd day of not washing . I use coconut oil with a few other oils once a week { if needed } as a oil mask ..{ I suffer from environmental issues , and have started to go more healthy. So I was excited to use this , and wow, I was not expecting the result of Soft, Silky & Shiny Hair..It looked amazing then and still does…I’m going to use this brand instead of the Peter Coppola , and I’ve been using that for as long as I can remember..this outshines Peter’s Argan Oil and then some..So pleased I took that gamble..~!~I don’t perm { though I have , last perm was 4 years ago , never dye hair } trying henna for the first time in a few days }but my hair continued to look really dry , even my skin , until I started looking into Barlean’s supplemental products { coconut oil and their omega 3-6-9 with flax seed oil..Lastly I’m off most of my medications , by self detoxing.. and have lessened doses per day down to one , every 16-17 hours , hoping to get it too every 24 hours , I’m still needing for temporal arthritis { yes , you can get it pretty much anywhere } It usually is found in women , more than men , and usually in senior’s…I’m special, { not a senior , yet.. I have a different variation of the disease , and have had it for well over 10 years , going healthy on products has me seeing some major improvement ..~!~

Ana Prudenville, MI

Best product yet

I have used many different hair products. My hair is waist long, wavy, fine but a lot of it. I purchased this and had it shipped directly to Hawaii to my families home so I would not need to pack my own. This set had everything I needed, but was a brand unknown to me. I spent 5+ hours snorkeling yesterday and my hair was one huge rats nest. I had only used this product once, the day before. When I got back to the house hours later it took me very little time to get all the knots out. After washing my hair and conditioning using this product my hair was so soft and easily combed out. I will be purchasing more of this product for my house and throwing away all of my other Argan oil products. This one is by far a more superior product.

Lora East Otto, NY


I have very thin hair that is easily weighed-down with product, and I started using the leave-in conditioner which smells amazing! I bought this gift bag set to try out their other products and I am never going back! What a great set, seriously! It really does make a great gift. I spent $15 on just the leave-in from my hairstylist, so this is definitely a steal at $25 for the same size leave-in, and it’s a great set to travel with too!

Therese Bowman, ND

Amazing product! Worth the price to try this whole set!!!

I love this stuff so much! For one, like everyone else says, it smells amazing. A sweet spicy smell, some of the products smell a little more earthy and spicy than sweet.-The shampoo and conditioner are light, I don’t see how others found the conditioner "too thick/sticky". The shampoo is very light, there is no lather but it seems to clean very well (no greasy residue left behind). Both are very hydrating, which I found surprising since they were so light.-All three leave in products smell amazing, they are a much more concentrated version of the shampoo/conditioner. All three are extra hydrating, I had no issue detangling the damaged/fried ends of my hair. My ends also feel hydrated and silky. A little goes a long way with the leave in products. (I learned this when I put too much, that you don’t need much for it to feel silky).For reference I have thick coarse hair, some is healthy and some is dry/damaged. Usually my hair ends up wavey and poofy after a blow dry, but this made my hair rather straight (which I was happy about!) The only thing I did notice was my already thick/coarse hair had a lot of volume. My hair looks and feels extra thick!

Jennifer Drifton, PA

Smells wonderful, just not crazy about the shampoo.

First off, the smell of this stuff is amazing. I think the other reviewers describe it way better than I could so I wont…it’s just yummy, ok? The "oil" is more of a serum….I really like that, and buy that on its own. Its great to put in your hair after using a flat iron…it smooths and shines, and smells so good. The shampoo I didnt really like, it doesnt lather at all (probably because its natural) and I absolutely HATE the bottles the shampoo and conditioner come in….the bottles I got, had no pumps like the picture, just the pop open cap…and you have to squeeze really hard to get the stuff out. I don’t think those brittle hard plastic bottles are made for squeezing 🙂 The conditioner, and "X" hair treatment are pretty nice as well.So in summary, everything was great, except the shampoo/conditioner bottles and non-lathery shampoo.

Elva Umatilla, OR

Buy it

Good product! I just don’t like the smell, to strong.. Shampoo+balm+cream .. Too much the same smell! But quality so good, make my hair silky and super shiny !!! Even so damage hair will be repared !!! Don’t believe , try!!!;)

Jordan Coldwater, KS

Love it!

I love the spicy scent. It starts out really strong but when it’s dry it’s just a lingering barely there scent. My favorite product is the Marrakesh X. It detangles wet or dry hair with a very tiny amount and does not weigh down your hair. I have reordered that in the dreamsicle scent for my girls. It’s on it’s way 🙂

Chelsey Hebo, OR

Marrakesh Oil is great!

Let me say I have long very very straight hair. The conditioners from Earthly Body are superb. My hair is shiny without looking oily or plastic. I have movement in my hair. It easily detangles my hair. My hair stays really soft for several days even if I don’t wash it. It smells nice – original is spicy and exotic and strong – dreamsicle is a lighter scent that smells like orange creamsicles – high tide smells tropical. I ordered all three scents to match my moods. I will say the shampoo doesn’t work super well on my hair, I have to use a lot and it doesn’t want to lather up. I will continue to use the conditioning and stying products daily. I can even get my hubby to use dreamsicle leave in on his hair. All in all I love these products!

Kelly Altamonte Springs, FL