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Earth Therapeutics Mind/Body Therapy Sleep Mask, Cotton, Silk , 1 mask

Soft & smooth. Adjustable head strap. This plush and luxurious Sleep Mask is specially designed with an extraordinarily soft combination of cotton and silk that is very easy on delicate eyes and skin. Very effective in blocking out distracting light and visual stimuli. This mask envelops the eyes in velvety darkness and comfort so that the mind is free to rest, relax, and perchance – to dream. Great for: Cat naps; Power naps; Naps on planes, trains & automobiles; A good, full night’s rest. Not tested on animals. Environmental friendly. Product of China.

Key features

  • Heavenly-soft combination of silk and cotton
  • Envelops your eyes in cool comfort and velvety darkness
  • For blissful slumber – anywhere, anytime
  • Great for travel as well as the home

Honest reviews


Great product, great price

This sleep mask works great.Light weight, and easy to put on.The adjustable strap ensures it always stays put.The inside of the mask is black, so it blocks out all light.Helps you get a great nights sleep.

Tara Middletown, IL

I like It

I use this occasionally when I go to sleep and I want absolutely no light beaming through my eyelids. This mask is comfy and can feel a bit uncomfortable at first because of the padding underneath, but you get used to it. Don’t expect it to stay on all night either. Sometimes it does stay on and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on how much you move around I guess.

Kathi Fayetteville, TX

great for new moms!

I bought this mask when I was a new mom and needed to fall asleep quickly while my baby slept – can’t imagine sleeping without one now!

Nadia Gasburg, VA


I love this soft, silky sleep mask. Adjustable too, I also bought one for my husband and he loves it too!

Annette East Amherst, NY

I do not recommend

This smells funny and seems cheaply made. It has a velcro attachment in the back of the head that is very uncomfortable. I do not recommend, would not buy again and I hope this helps someone.

Mariana Jackpot, NV

Comfortable, Odor-less, Soft, & Blocks Out Light!

First, how could I not love a product that comes in double?After scouring the internet for a great deal on a sleeping mask that would be both comfortable, and effective at blocking out light, I finally found these.As soon as I got the masks, I used one that night. It was SUPER soft, and the mask is also adjustable. I did notice some issues with the velcro, as it could get some hair caught in it if you adjust the mask and expose the velcro. But, it wasn’t painful, just MILDLY uncomfortable, and did not deter me at all from a restful nights sleep. The mask if very comfortable, otherwise, and cushions my eyes very nicely.Some people talked about an odor coming from the mask. Well, after the first time using the mask I noticed a very faint enjoyable smell, but it wasn’t excessive, and was more of a “new mask” smell. It didn’t smell like a chemical, nor did it smell like they doused it in scent. It just had a hint of “pleasant new mask” but that faded over time. Definitely not a problem! Although I say it’s “odorless” I guess that’s an oxymoron, since everything that exists has an odor to it… however faint or strong, or however natural or chemical that smell might be. But these masks really don’t smell strong or bad at all, and I especially appreciate that since I have asthma.And the best part of all? Besides being comfortable, soft, and free of bad/strong/etc odors? IT BLOCKS OUT ALL LIGHT! I’ve worn these in the middle of the afternoon, or with the room light on just to see how great they are at blocking out light, and they are wonderful! There are absolutely no gaps. Heck, I could sleep with my eyes open and the lights on if I wanted to!Everything is soft & dark underneath these babies… just the way I like to sleep. 🙂

Nona Bloomville, NY


I have a large, bulky sleep mask that I love, but in the summer or with hot flashes, or if need it in my purse for travel, it is to hot and bulky. At those times this works great. It stores easy, keeps it dark for me, and is soft and works great.

Fanny Zoar, OH

love it

This sleep mask is super comfortable to sleep in. I use it every night and its so cozy and keeps the light out.

Kirsten Mc Kinney, KY

Very pleased

I have been using sleep masks on and off over the years. Many of them were uncomfortable and didn’t block out any light. I’ve recently begun working night shift and needed a mask for sleep during the day. This mask does an excellent job of blocking out the light. It has to be pulled down lower on my nose to completely block out the light, which is a bit irritating at first, but once I’m asleep I don’t notice it.I am extremely sensitive to scents, but this mask has no offensive scent.

Dixie Avinger, TX

Glad I found these…

My two teen sons share a room, but have different schedules. These really help block out the light when one stays up later than the other. They both said although they had a strong fragrance out of the box, it disappeared pretty quickly. They also said it stays on pretty well during the night and is soft and very comfortable. They’re both sleeping better now… so glad I found these.

Lizzie Hollywood, SC

Good Enough

It keeps light out as it’s supposed to do, but the strap really cuts into the top of the ear and it’s a little awkward to sleep with the strap above/pressed up against your ears. The velcro is really sharp, so when I loosen the velcro strap, the "barbs" of the velcro tear at my pillow, damaging the fabric. So I have to sleep with these with the mask on really tight to prevent the velcro-barbs from damaging the pillows. I’ve tried putting tape over it but it falls off because I toss-and-turn a lot.Aside from all that discomfort stuff, it works and it’s good enough for now.

Janette Osage Beach, MO

Large & Soft

Every once in a while, you may need to rest in the daytime because of work, illness, stress, a death in the family, getting sleep calibrated after a stay in the hospital or maybe even a flu or headache. When one of us needs to get rest during daylight hours, we’ve found these adjustible, large, soft and fluffy masks to be helpful. These come in an affordable 2-pack, which is great for spouses or roommates. At first, like other reviews tell, these smell strong. It’s supposed to be a lavendar scent, but it’s just odd. Fortunately, these wash well, but make sure the adjustible velcro is securely fixed and completely covering itself so that it doesn’t snag on other articles of clothing or linens in the wash. We also put them in a laundry bag purchased in grocery stores, drugstores, linen stores or, best of all, from your beloved Amazon. Washing them inside those bags not only further protects other items but also better protects lint and such from getting on the sleep masks, which is important because they are close to your eyes. In terms of pupil pain and undereye bags, we’re not sure how these would do for longterm use, but they’re helpful for occasional naps, so we assume they would do fine.

Dena Bryn Athyn, PA