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Earth Therapeutics Hydro Exfoliating Towel, 1 each

3 ft long x 1 ft wide. Perfect length for washing your own back. This towel is excellent for gently buffing away dead skin cells, opening clogged pores and cleansing the skin of impurities. A mainstay in Asian bathing cultures, this towel also massages the skin and stimulates the circulation of blood throughout the body. Not too rough, not to soft, this wash cloth achieves just the right balance. Not tested on animal. Product of Taiwan.

Key features

  • Acylic handle Mesh Back Brush with Ergo Grip Handle

Honest reviews


Pleasantly Surprised!

I’m a big fan of exfoliating to remove the dead skin cells that tend to clog the skin and make it look dull. I had been using an exfoliating brush for washing and an exfoliating back brush (not the type with the long wooden/plastic handle but the one that’s a long continuous bristle with a handle at each end). Since they were out of my usual back brush, I picked up a single pack of the hydro towel to give it a try. Its length is designed for self cleaning your back. I wasn’t expecting much but I was very pleasantly surprised by:1) its light weight. You can ball it up in your hand and use like a shower sponge but it does a great job exfoliating while cleaning and it feels invigorating!2) It lathered up great with only a little bit of shower gel. I wasn’t expecting such a quick and heavy lather so I put more on it than I should. My next thought was wondering how long it would take me to rinse all the suds out.3) The lather rinsed out quickly and cleaning! No rinse, squeeze, rinse, squeeze to ensure I don’t put away a soapy towel.The hydro towel is durable and dries completely very quickly (unlike bath brushes, sponges, loofahs which can harbor bacteria). So I have now replaced my back brush and body brush, wash cloth and all other shower sponges with the hydro towel. I definitely recommend this product!

Willie Knickerbocker, TX

90%cotton 10%lycra just the right texture!

Most of these cloths on the market are made of nylon and other inorganic materials. This one is 90% cotton and only 10% lycra and it is mostly biodegradable and also recyclable. It has a pretty surprisingly course texture but with soap applied it just feels really good on your skin and leaves you shiny and new! It gets softer with use and it is long so you can easily scrub your back. It did shrink in the washer but it was still quite usable. They are priced good too, I replace them about once a month or so. Great exfoliating product I would highly recommend.

Elisha Markle, IN


Works great for me!My skin looks like a baby skin 🙂 Love it.

Ella Clear Lake, IA


I love that the the length of this allows me to reach all of those unreachable bits. It’s so easy rinse and hang up to dry, and it washes well in the machine with towels. Agressively exfoliates without being too brutal…no special scrubs required…just soap. The 2-pack was a bonus!

Jaclyn Ft Myer, VA

This is a vanity life-saver!

I went to Whole Foods today because GNC didn’t have the supplements I needed. I stocked up on natural skin products galore. I remember reading about these towels, so I looked for it. Whole Foods had it! However, I wasn’t sure if it was the right one that I read on Amazon with all the stars and bought it anyway, hoping the buyer for the store knew what they were doing. Thankfully they did. I tried it last night and it’s wonderful. Move over Buf Puf because this towel is wonderful. At first glance it might seem a bit flimsy, but it will definitely surprise you once you get under the water. I’m so glad I researched this towel on Now I can finally stop putting prescription lotions and creams all over my skin that the dermatologists give me for dry skin, oily skin, PMS zits, and folliculitis, which only work temporarily and I believe have contributed to me always feeling like I need a nap.

Roxanne Elton, PA


This cloth is very tin and long. I like that I can grab both ends and pull it back and forth to scratch my back like a bear. When I recently had a self-tanning-fiasco (was told that it looked like I had been out climbing trees) this towel was my savior and removed almost all of the orange smears and the tops of me feet and ankles where it really looked like I had stepped in something nasty. The cloth rinses clean easily and goes into the washing machine with no issue. Also, the times I have forgotten to wash it for a while, I have never had it sour in the shower like washcloths can. So I guess it is somehow anti-microbial, or at least resistant to getting stinky.

Gertrude Elyria, OH

kinda like a long, scratchy scarf for the shower

Basically, this is a LONG, narrow “scarf” shaped microfiber towel that is used in the shower as a way to exfoliate the skin all over your body. I’m a distance swimmer who uses a ton of sunblock, so by the time I get out of the water, I’m really ready to SCRUB down my skin from head to toe and get all the chlorine and sunblock and salt and sand out of every pore of my skin. This Exfoliator definitely does the trick.The only thing to know about this is that it’s NOT soft. This is pretty much the same texture as a brillo pad. It doesn’t hurt your skin or anything, but it’s not always a pleasant experience, especially if you have any sort of sensitive skin areas or sunburn.But if you want a deep down clean, including your back and other areas that are hard to really get at in order to really scrub down, this is the greatest product for the bath/shower. It’s also excellent for traveling- it dries instantly and folds down into northing.

Jacquelyn Pemberton, MN

I like this product..

This is good, but no comparison to exfoliating towels from Asia. I just didn’t find this abrasive enough, and it got soft pretty quickly. It’s a lot cheaper though, so can’t complain about that aspect. Good for washing your back!

Ashleigh Canaan, NY

I’ll never use a loofah again

I discovered the benefits of using an exfoliating towel while reading a health magazine. I bought one to try and returned to Amazon to buy 4 more to give to my husband and sons. I love how clean and healthy my skin looks after showering or bathing using this towel.

Evangelina Lindon, UT


This is the best exfoliating cloth I’ve used yet. It’s just the right amount of abrasiveness – it actually feels good! It’s thin enough that you don’t need to dump on a ton of soap, and you can get into small spaces. I love the fact it’s long, because I don’t have the flexibility to get my back thoroughly anymore. The only thing left to test is longevity of the product.

Susan Wallace, KS


Growing up, my mama used to scrub me down with these bath cloths.I’ve been looking for it since then because I can’t get the same level of clean with body brushes or bath puffs.It does a perfect job of exfoliating and removing dead skin and dirt.

Lori Mammoth, AZ

One of my favorite things

I have been using these wash cloths for about ten years. Great back scrubbers. They rinse clean and dry fast. Of course, I haven’t been using the same one for ten years, but they do last a long time.

Jewel Sweet Home, AR