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Earth Therapeutics Foot Therapy Moisturizing Foot Socks, 1 Pair

Therma-Flo Weave. These socks bring relief to dry, rough, callused feet. Designed with our special Therma-Flo Weave, these unique therapeutic socks work with the skin to help absorb and retain the valuable active oils that keep feet looking and feeling soft and smooth. One size fits most. Not tested on animals. Environmental friendly. Product of China.

Key features

  • moisturizing foot socks
  • 100% cotton
  • moisturizing socks

Honest reviews



These moisture socks by Earth Therapeutics are the best I’ve used. Their Tea Tree Lotion put on first, is a great way to go. I wash on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. They will perform well for a long time. I use them every day.I am very dissapointed I won’t be able to shop for them with this company anymore, at now $35 , plus shipping for two pair. This is a huge increase over what they were when I last purchased them in August of this year. So, back to the Earth Therapeutics official Website I must go. In August I paid $7.82 for a 2 pack , from this same seller. I don’t know what happened. Wish I could shop with them again, but not at this price. They delivered quickly and the price was outstanding.On Earth Therapeutics they are about $7 per pair or $15 for 2 pairs. This price is double that and they charge shipping.If you buy on Earth Therapeutic official site, the shipping is free on any order over $25.

Matilda Little York, IL

Perfect Pedicure Socks!

I have been using 100% cotton socks made for use with foot lotion. These socks are better all the way around. They are 90% cotton with spandex. The spandex ensures that the socks fit snuggly yet comfortable on your feet – Not to tight. They only come to right below the ankle so I worried about them staying on all night but had no problems. They are just the right texture to wear in summer and winter…not to hot & not to cold. They feel really nice on your feet and foot lotion stays on your feet and in the socks, it doesn’t come through the socks. If you have been wanting to try them now is the perfect time at Amazon’s 60% off price. GREAT SOCKS & GREAT PRICE. I’m ordering more to make pedicure gift bags for my friends and family at Christmas.

Katie Coweta, OK


These are great little footies for softening up your feet! They fit really well without pinching or feeling like you have socks or slippers on in bed. I used some foot cream I’ve had for a while and it didn’t bleed through at all. Great product!!

Dawn Big Piney, WY

The socks are great. The ad seems as if there are two …

The socks are great. The ad seems as if there are two pairs, but they are only one.The booties themselves fit nicely,

Rose Kingston, WI

Foot Therapy!

Great idea for some great foot therapy! I try to use them every night. Great product for keeping your feet in great shape.

Maura Perkins, MO


They do work – but I don’t like the fit. They are kind of big on me and they have a weird seam that makes them uncomfortable to wear (I don’t generally like to wear socks though). It is an excellent deal for a two pack, but I just don’t use them that much.

Zelda Franklin, ME

Earth Therapeutics Foot Therapy Moisturizing Foot Socks, 1 Pair (Pack of 2)…

This is nothing but a pair of handmade pair of thin booties. I don’t recommend these at all! only stating the truth.

Amanda Breckenridge, TX