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Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Hydro Gloves-natural 1 Unit

Exfoliating Hydro Gloves-Natural by Earth Therapeutics 1 Set Helping hands in the slippery shower. Gloves that exfoliate as they lather. One size fits all. Available in White Natural Forest Green and Jade.

Key features

  • Exfoliating gloves from Earth Therapeutics
  • Gets rid of dead skin and impurities
  • Softens skin

Honest reviews


too rough

I expected that an exfoliating glove would be rough. These exfoliating gloves are way too rough. I didn’t bother returning them, but I do regret purchasing them.

Ana Tunnelton, WV

Three Stars

Okay product but it took forever to arrive and was overpriced.

Eleanor Monroe, OR

These are fantasic…

…anyone complaining how rough they are… maybe you shouldn’t scrub as hard? If you use softly, it’s soft. And yes, it hurts if you’re digging it into yourself.

Glenda Belle Haven, VA

Skin is renewed!

I’mall about multi-tasking in the shower & this preoduct helps get rid of the dry flaky skin on my legs in the winter…it’s a keeper!

Joy Fajardo, PR

Works great before shower and in shower

I do not think I will be buying loofahs again. I never thought to use a glove to exfoliate in shower and dry brush before showers. However, after reading reviews I had to try it. LOVE IT.I keep one glove for dry brushing and keep the other in the shower. It is soo much easier to use then brushes or loofahs. Like rubbing with your hands . Shower gell them and they are good to go. Very natural to use.

Pam Vestal, NY

Love them

These are not too scratchy or too soft. They do get a bit big when they get wet but they stay on my hand and they shrink back down when they dry. I’ve had mine for two months and no sign of wear yet.

Tania Knott, TX

They work just like they should

Nothing special about these gloves. They work fine and exfoliate well. Same as you would find in a retail store. Go for whatever is cheaper, or if you are like me, order from Amazon because you keep forgetting every time you go to the darn store.

Kristen Averill Park, NY

Money Saver

This saves money on all those exfoliating creams which seem to run out too quickly. I use these gloves (they are very course/ rough) on my legs with body wash or soap.

Ruby Chignik, AK

Got the paint off my toes in one swipe!

I recommend this type of nylon gloves for use in the showers. I saw these in a Taiwanese supermarket and bought these on a whim. They’re pretty rough like the net cleaners for washing dishes but if you have “old mud” aka dead skin cells you want sloughed off, this might be a cheaper alternative to a loofah.

Jewell Knox, PA


Better than any more expensive ones out there, it brought my skin to the next level of smoothness and softness. Quite amazing when followed by a shower oil. I recommend using these gloves, and while your pores are still open in the shower steam, use some coconut oil all over your body. Amazing.

Catherine Boiling Springs, PA

Love these!

I purchased these after reading about them on a review for a tanning lotion. They work so well, I’m going to be ordering a pair for my sister and my mother! Highly recommend!

Anne Lanark, IL

Great for exfoliation

I love these and no longer use wash cloths in the shower. These are really stretchy and they have lasted me quite some time. Mine came in a pale yellow. It lathers better than wash cloths and is a great exfoliater. I pop these in the washer to keep it free of bacteria and mold. They dry really quickly too so its probably pretty low risk of mold and bacteria anyway. I can even use this on my face as its not too harsh but definitly better than "exfoliation beads" which never worked for me anyway.

Inez Livonia Center, NY


You can scrub good with these gloves and get a massage while you clean. Its a good thing. I got three.

Sophie Keen Mountain, VA


I ordered these gloves because I had used a similar pair before and really liked them but…….OMG! I waited for them to arrive for the longest time. Had I known the shipping was at a snail’s pace I could have just gone to the store to get them. I had lost all interest by the time I eventually got them. It was also quite noticeable that the quality wasn’t the same as the one’s I had ordered before so that was disappointing.

Alfreda Selma, NC

A little on the rough side, but if you like that good product

I love it for exfoliating but its a little rough on my boyfriends insanely sensitive skin and I bought it for him

Petra Sugarcreek, OH