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Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Hydro Gloves-Light Green

This package contains one pair of gloves. 100% Nylon. These Lux-Quilt gloves are specially woven to gently and efficiently exfoliate layers of dead skin and impurities from the body’s surface. An integral part of any cleansing ritual, these gloves unclog pores and buff away stress while stimulating blood circulation. Not tested on animals. Product of Taiwan.

Key features

  • Exfoliating gloves from Earth Therapeutics in jade
  • Gets rid of dead skin and impurities
  • Softens skin

Honest reviews



I am so glad I got this! I’ve always been an exfolitating buff (no pun intended!) but wanted something to make the mundane and tedious task of exfoliating easier and quicker. These gloves did it. It totally improves exfoliating. What’s even better is Earth Therapeutics also gave me a free body sponge. It’s so neat. It’s small but its really powerful! It has just the right amount of “roughness” my skin needs, without being to rough. But guess what? I think it’s better than the gloves! I love it and have tossed the gloves aside for a while. But I still love the gloves. It’s just I highly recommend this product bcz you’re getting 2 great products in one!

Gracie Branchville, VA

It may be a little too early to review this product but what the heck ill do it.

Today I’m in a mood to review as much products as i can from amazon (it could be the earthing mat im sitting on) hehe.Anyways these exfoliating gloves are amazing! i love them!! how come i never got one before i dont know? It makes showering more joyful easy and fast. I have been using loofahs for quite some time (started this year) but never really enjoyed them ’cause they would sometimes slip off my hands. I have tried different loofahs from small round ones to the ones with the stick and recently the one you use as a mitten. Never felt comfortable, it was either too wide long and uncomfortable or too heavy with the absorption of the water. The gloves are just right they dont slip off my hands and im able to move better and grab things on that tiny NY bathroom!Oh and it scrubs really well, i actually dont have to put any pressure to get a really nice good scrubbing.

Josefina Fountain, MI

Changing colors but still good

I really like these gloves! They make my Bath and Body Works sugar scrubs go so much farther. They definitely exfoliate and they don’t irritate.They lose a star, though, because even though I’m not using them on anything dirty (I wash off lotion from the day before before using these) they have turned black and got even blacker after I washed them. It’s not mold so I’m not sure what it is.

Debora Little Falls, MN

love these so far

I love these gloves! Absolutely amazing and they are rough enough to work but soft enough to just use. They are a little larger but I figure if they get completely wet in the shower or so they might just contour to your hand. Anyway, I recommend for men and women. 🙂 will update as I use them more. 6/11/2014

Muriel Pulaski, VA

Great with Moroccan Black soap

I have been using these mitts for a year now and they seem to be holding up fine still. I would recommend washing them in the clothes washer every week or so just because in my shower I have that pink slime and it get into the fibers.I primarily use these with the Moroccan Black soap (Eucalyptus and olives) to get the soap foamy (see my review there on how I wash with these and that soap)These mitts are soft enough for your 2000 parts and hard enough to slough off dead skin. I did find when I first got them, they were a little rougher than now. I got a rash from scrubbing too hard on the second day. Now they have warn a little being a little softer.I also poked a hole over time in them because I usually only use one to maximize the foamy soap; switching from one hand to the other in the middle of washing to get the other side of me. So now my thumb pokes out of the pinky side of the mitts.

Ramona Mount Wolf, PA

Work great…

These gloves work wonders on exfoliating in the shower. Just plop some body wash or scrub on them and go at it! It is so much easier than loading up a bath scrubbier – since you are just basically using your hands!

Jeri Haddam, CT

Great at exfoliating, but too large

These exfoliating gloves seem to be made for large hands. I would say that I have average-sized lady hands, and have never had a problem fitting into one-size-fits-all gloves, but these are too big on me. Because of this, they move around a lot on my hands while I’m scrubbing away at my skin.Otherwise, these gloves do a great job of exfoliating. I use them to scrub off self-tanner in the shower before reapplying it, and they work pretty well at getting the tanner off. They have the perfect roughness to do the job, while still remaining gentle enough so my skin isn’t stinging with pain.

Mamie Yankeetown, FL

I Like These Gloves, They Work

Wow, I really like these gloves, I wear both of them in the shower and I just scrub away. They remove lotion and everything; great purchase!

Maribel Clarkdale, GA


Hands down, the most effective body exfoliater I’ve ever bought in my life!!!!!!! I’ve spent money on some body scrubbers from every major retailer. This is the best one and the fact that it’s in a glove form makes it easier to hit every body part in great detail. Massage and clean even your feet (and every toe) in these gloves. I just wish I would have known about these so much sooner. I need to stock up cause I a total lifelong customer as far as these babies are concerned.

Lauren Blooming Grove, TX