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Earth Therapeutics Clari-T Pore Cleaning Strips, Clarifying Tea Tree, 10 strips

10 Nose strips. Refines + deep cleans the pores on the nose; Organic tea tree purifies on contact. Earth Therapeutics Clari-T Pore Cleaning Nose Strips are specially formulated to bind and pull away pore-clogging dirt and impurities from the skin. And enhanced with organic Tea Tree Essence – a natural purifier – these strips not only deep clean skin, but further refine the pores to reveal a cleaner, healthier, more radiant complexion. Dermatologist tested. Hypoallergenic. Made in Korea.

Key features

  • Relieves blackheads, whiteheads, skin blemishes

Honest reviews


They work, but you should avoid using strips

These pore strips do a great job of pulling junk out. People who complain about them not working probably didn’t follow directions…you need to wet your nose with water first. The reason I give this product a low score is because it makes your nose look horrible right after you use it. It made the pores on my nose look red and enlarged, which is to be expected after forcefully pulling stuff out of them. Not only that, I got a lot of pimples on my nose even after applying astringent to try to close the pores and benzoyl peroxide to keep them clean. I went through 10 weeks of using one of these strips every week and I can honestly say it isn’t worth it.

Deidra Buxton, OR


Well, to be fair I am not impressed with the Biore face strips either, but these pretty much just ripped out some face fuzz and left the clogged pores undisturbed. I don’t think any of this stuff works that great unless you have pores that are fairly enlarged. Steaming and a gentle once over with a good clean comodone remover is still the best way to accomplish pore cleaning.

Shauna Oilmont, MT

Feels good and works really well

Feels good and works really well. It always manages to pull out a ton of blackheads. Compared to other products, the chemicals used in this seem to be healthier/less unhealthy too.Compared to Biore, this product doesn’t perform as well for me if I follow both products’ instructions. In fact, this one barely pulls out any blackheads if I follow the instructions.However, what I do is wet my nose, apply the strip, and then apply extra water on top of the strip so that the whole strip is quite wet. It takes a little longer for it to dry because of this, but it works really well when I do it this way. For those who aren’t finding this product to be very effective, you might want to give this method a try.

Alma Ballinger, TX

works great

I used Biore strips when I was in high school and stopped after a few purchases because they were getting expensive. These work just as well and are pretty cheap for 30 strips!

Gale Dunnigan, CA

Great value! Better than Biore!

I’m so happy i discovered these on amazon! I get massive amounts of black heads on my nose, so much that it looks like a strawberry sometimes (gross i know…) I would buy Biore strips but always felt bad at the steep price with continuous use. I bought these on a whim and found that i got better results.Do yourself a favor and sign up with subscribe and save! you won’t regret it and you’ll save 5% 🙂

Erma Pfafftown, NC

Will pull your pores out!

I’ve been using various pore strips for a long time, so you could say I’ve been around the bathroom sink a few times. I really liked that these were more conscientiously formulated, and that they really do work! I used them with my friend the other day, and the amount of cloggage that was pulled out of her pores was truly amazing. I was actually rather jealous. For me, the pores strips always work, and I feel much better after using one. I don’t have a lot of blockage close to the surface of my skin if I keep up with it, so I rarely get a lot of residue on the strip, but it does wonders on tightening my skin and diminishing the appearance of pores. The tea tree oil also gives it a nice scent. Definitely a good product to work into a regular skin-care regimen.

Nannie Grandview, IN

I love this!!!

I use this once a week.I place this on my nose right after I shower.This works just as good as Bior, if not better.You do the cost calculations.

Camilla Buchanan, GA