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Earth Therapeutics Back Brush, Gentle Buff, 1 each

Not tested on animals. Save recycle. Environmental caring. Gently scrubs away old skin and impurities from your body. Regular exfoliation is important because it stimulates and revives skin to release toxins and breathe freely. Product of China.

Key features

  • Gentle Buff Back Brush
  • Ergonomic Handle

Honest reviews


Does help descale your back!

This product does what it’s suppose to do basically. Might be better if replacement heads were available. As for cleaning it or being afraid you can’t really clean it properly like the first review complains and therefore down grades it. Well have you ever heard of those hand cleaners with 99% killing on contact etc. THey are made of alcohol mostly and they are proven to work. So Rinse this gadget off with some soap and water. Then apply a pump or two of the hand cleaners and leave to dry. Also another thing I like to clean with is Grapefruit Extract as it’s powerful and definitely cleans deep. I use this to clean our Sonicare products and toothbrushes. And it even desolves hard water scale in the bottom of our bathroom glasses and around the faucets. I do not use it all the time but when a good cleaning and it’s an odd item like tooth brushes and what have you then I’ll use it Also you can run it through the dishwasher. And by the way sponges and if your dishwasher can handle this back scrubber/descaler place it in that. It should come out ready to go another round or two. So THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX People when you need to:))))(I also use the GE on glass and metal nail files and heel files and put them through that dishwasher on occasion. I’ll just once in a while collect a bunch of personal care products that are OK together for a dishwasher bath including combs and hair brushes. If made of plastic and wood it’s better to air dry not hot dry and put the plastic’s on the top shelf. Our pet brushes go in too! Place really small items if need in a nylon net bag or vegi bag you’ve saved like comes on grapefuit or oranges etc. With holes…nylon bags are my favorite which we made ourselves from large netting. Oh speaking of netting…throw in those nylon buff puffs made of the finer guage stuff while you are at it. Watch wood products they can warp if too hot or saturated with too much water.

Sharlene Queen, PA


This back brush was way too long for me (I am 5 feet tall) and was very difficult to use because it felt like a lead weight after 2 or 3 minutes. The sponge tip is also a poor design because it creates mildew like CRAZY. Essentially, bacteria gets trapped inside the sponge and the next time you use it you are just rubbing that all over yourself. Gross.

Kristin Conger, MN

perfect exfoliating cleanse of my upper back

I really likeEarth Therapeutics Body Sponge, Exfoliating, 1 each (Pack of 4)and this is one on a wooden handle so that you can reach your upper back by yourself. For my sensitive dry skin, these buffs are perfect for just the right amount of exfoliating dead skin cells without scratching or damaging my skin! They have just the right amount of give to go over curves such as shoulder blades. The buffs foam up my cleanser nicely. The only thing I would like better about this brush is if the handle was all wood without the plastic rubbery grip. The eight bucks shown is indeed the MSRP and you can get it here on Amazin’ Amazon for that with free s/h or you can go to your local bed bath and beyond with a 5 bucks off 15 coupon for more savings. I’ve also seen Earth Therapeutics at Kohls and my local drugstores. I will continue using the Earth Therapeutics buffs as I like they get me thoroughly clean and exfoliated while soothing not reddening my sensitive skin.

Shelley Oregon House, CA

It’s still working!

I wish it had a more curved handle for when you want to use it on your back, but other than that, it’s great!

Fern Mason, IL

Wonderful back brush.

I purchased this brush because it is gentle and it really is gentle.Best back brush I have tried.

Carmella Washington, UT