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Earth Therapeutics Back Brush Far Reaching – 1 Brush

Brush-Far Reaching Back Brush by Earth Therapeutics 1 Brush Brush-Far Reaching Back Brush 1 Brush Product Get a handle on the FAR REACHING BACK BRUSH. Special curved handle gives you secure leverage as you scrub away the impurities. Regular scrubbing is important because it unclogs pores allowing skin to release toxins trapped inside the body. A plush matting of natural bristles gently exfoliates and stirs up circulation while the deluxe long-reach handle gives you a helping hand to get at those hard-to-reach places. After use tap away excess water and hang to dry. Keep in dry area. Warnings Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.

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great quality for an inexpensive brush lasting over 3 months …

great quality for an inexpensive brushlasting over 3 months so far and no bristles falling out or wood looking badgreat product

Reba Lake City, CA

Poor quality, 2 of them cracked within weeks of purchase

I’ve used these types of wooden brushes in the past, and they have lasted a long time. The only reason for replacement has been because they tend to get a tad moldy even with good care, due to aging and exposure to constant dampness. This brush didn’t even have a chance to get that old. The first one developed a crack within 2 weeks of purchase, and shed many of the bristles, and it was definitely never dropped – always hung with care in the shower. I took it back and the store replaced it for free. The second one lasted barely a month and now it has suddenly developed a crack down the middle like the first one, and is also losing bristles. I will try to superglue the crack before it gets any bigger but I don’t know how long it will last. Bottom line: Go with another brand. Btw, Earth Therapeutics products are made in China. ‘Nuff said.UPDATE: 6 days later, after applying superglue to the crack, it seems to have stopped the loss of bristles and the extension of THAT crack. Now, however, there are other cracks developing along the lines of the inner bristles. It’s a little harder to get drops of superglue down in between the rows without getting it on the bristles themselves. I suppose if one were to coat the entire white plastic part with a thin layer of superglue the brush might last longer. But should consumers have to do that in order to have a bath brush last longer than a month?? Is this what we’re reduced to with the lowering of product standards? Pathetic. I’m done with Earth Therapeutics.

Jeannine Saint Peter, MN

Great Exfoliante Brush

Therapeutics Far Reaching Bath Brush is the best in their line of bathing brushes.The upside: Lasts a long time. The downside: May crack (but did not break and is still usable). This is one of the nicest natural bristle bath brushes available and great for those hard to reach areas.Important note to remember: when exfoliating skin with a natural bristle brush do not use more than 3-4 days per week, to allow skin time to recover and boost collagen, and to avoid bruising skin.Overall A sound buy. B+/A- or Four Stars!

Lupe Sunapee, NH


I have been looking for a back brush with a long enough handle and a good grip. I saw the very low price, and even though the reviews were bad, I thought, how bad could it be? I am very glad I bought it. It has worked and stood up just fine.

Charlene Rising Fawn, GA

This is NOT junk; I love it!

I got one of these a few years ago, and I love it. I have also purchased one for my mother, since she has a harder time washing her back; she likes it also. Yes, when wood is exposed to water, it will crack a tiny bit. It will still last a long time, and feel really good. I guess I just got lucky to buy ones that were NOT junk.I had tried other back brushes, and the bristles would never get soft; it was like scrubbing with sandpaper. Get this one; you will not be sorry.

Pansy Orlando, WV

A Great Brush for the Back!

This is THE best back scrubbing brush! I am very pleased with it. The bristles are strong enough to give your back a good scratching/scrubbing without causing irritation, no matter how long you use it. The handle has a grip that won’t let the brush slip out of your hand while in the shower and it is long enough to reach every inch of your back without going through contortions. I LOVE IT!! The price was right, the delivery was quick, and the quality is excellent. I would recommend this brush to everyone!

Beth Willow Street, PA

Great so far…

With all of the negative comments I was sure this brush would fall apart upon the first use. However it was instead a pleasant experience. It seems the wood has been waterproofed as the water beaded up quite a bit. The bristles seemed to stay in place and were not harsh but rather soft and only slightly scratchy. I’ve had other brushes that mildewed fast and that will probably happen to this brush if you don’t hang it up to dry. I like the ergonomic grip handle and it seems like this brush is easy to use. I will say however that when I bought the brush I didn’t notice the nail sticking out of the handle part by the brush. I had to pull out the nail. It looked like the nail had been nailed in from the wrong side of the handle. I can’t explain it but it was just something I had to fix before using this brush. I like that the brush head can be seperated from the handle but if you prefer you could glue it on with some wood glue. So this is great so far but I’ll be back to tell you if it falls apart and how long it lasted.~The Rebecca ReviewP.S. I have been using this for a month and it is still great. 6/14/2013

Hazel Fort Riley, KS