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Earth Science Chamomile & Green Tea Eye Makeup Remover, 4fl.oz.

A gentle and effective herbal formula to purify and refresh the skin while removing makeup. Non-irritatin; no artificial colors; 100% fragrance free.

Key features

  • Gel-based formula gently dissolves makeup gently
  • Formulated with hyaluronic acid, chamomile and green tea extracts
  • Fragrance free and suitable for all skin types

Honest reviews


Great product

I have only tried two other eye makeup removers before and found them to not work very well. I felt like I was never fully removing my waterproof mascara and felt like I had perpetual raccoon eyes. This is a great product. It took off every trace of eye makeup including waterproof mascara, eye shadow and eye liner. It comes out of the bottle really quickly and has the consistancy of a liquidy gel. Doesn’t have a harsh smell and seems to soothe the eye. Very happy with this purchase and will buy again when I run out unless I can find it somewhere locally.

Angie Williamsburg, WV

Works well for removing smears

I see that another reviewer mentions that this will not take off waterproof mascara, that is true. Generally this gentle formula does not take off heavy duty make ups. However, I find it is excellent for removing smears, raccoon eye, and make up residue. I use it every morning under my eyes before applying lotion and eye makeup. I also put a little bit on a q-tip to help even out eyeliner. It has kind of an oily feeling, and is a little viscous, but leaves no residue on skin, and leaves skin feeling silky and moisturized. I would recommend this product if you looking for a gentle, natural make up remover. However, there are certainly stronger products out there if you need to remove some serious makeup.

Autumn Pride, LA

Natural and gentle

This is a very nice eye makeup remover. It does not sting your eyes. It removes most eye makeup easily, its not oily or greasy and it does calm the skin around the eyes since it contains calming ingredients. The formula is in a aloe Vera gel like form. The only downside of this form is that when you squeeze it out, its a bit hard to control the amount. Overall, its a very nicely priced natural eye makeup remover product. Gentle and effective. Would buy again.

Mae Puryear, TN

My eyes feel ten years younger!

Everything the bottle says is true for this eye make-up remover. I recommend it even for the most sensitive skin. It is a treat to use at the end of the day and a little goes a long way!

Michael Rusk, TX

Gentle and effective

Are you afraid of putting possibly harsh makeup removers around your eyes? You should be!Earth Science is a Santa Barbara, California company committed to making skin and hair products that are gentle for the environment and gentle for your skin. This artificial color- and fragrance-free gel does a great job of removing makeup without irritation, and it leaves behind no oily residue. Heck, its herbal ingredients, including chamomile, green tea, and bilberry extract is great for the skin.I highly recommend this wonderful product.(Review of Earth Science – Eye Makeup Remover, Chamomile & Gr T)

Tammi Harbor View, OH

Gel formular nicer than liquid to use

I’ve stayed away from liquid eye makeup remover but the gel format sounded interesting. It does work quickly and does not bother eyes. I still have to rub a bit and use cotton pads. I prefer a cream which is less hard on the eyes.

Diana Meridian, CA

The Best

I have been looking for something like this forever. This eyemakeup remover is gentle, thorough, non-greasy, non-smelly, and totally effective. A little goes a long way and you don’t have that nasty film-over-your-eyes effect when you are done. And no stinging either. I am planning on buying a whole bunch more because I’m worried that it’ll suddenly disappear. It. Is. Great.

Leola Allport, PA

Dissolves EVERYTHING–but the *trick* is: don’t use cotton balls, use it as a face wash

It’s a gel cleanser that’s crazily effective as an oil cleanser or creamy milky cleanser –but doesnt leave any residual. Rinses squeaky clean without tightness and nary a speck of makeup. No need for “double cleansing”! the secret? The powerful, yet naturally-derived “star ingredient” of Decyl Glucoside which dissolves everything in its path.The removal process is why i think people are rating this lower– You have to do it THIS WAY: Emulsify gel all over wet face, massage, and you’ll see your foundation, eye makeup, liquid liner, even mascara and oil-based lipstick break down into dirty brown rivulets (ewww). Rinse off, and that’s it! Even my false lashes and lash glue come off with this product. No residual, no weird feeling of having to follow up with another cleanser.IF you are using this the “old fashioned way” i.e. cotton ball, swiping product all over face, etc” then you will not see the product breakdown. This is the worst way to use this product! You MUST use it like a traditional face cleanser – wet face, massage, and rinse. Remember – NO cotton balls!I have always used milky/creamy/oil-based cleansers to breakdown makeup, followed by a foaming cleanser to emulsify and “double clean”. there is no need for that extra step with this Earth Science product. I’m duly impressed.

Ines Jarratt, VA

Drying and doesn’t remove makeup

I really wanted this eye makeup remover to work because it’s cheap, and it’s not tested on animals. However, it does not do a good job at removing makeup and always left some behind, no matter how hard I scrubbed. It barely removed any mascara at all, and my mascara isn’t even waterproof. I could have dealt with some makeup left over, but the fact that it dried my eyes out really bad was a deal-breaker. I’m going to try Say Yes to Cucumbers next and hope it works.

Hester Little Plymouth, VA

Very gentle and effective, does not sting

It removes my eye shadow and liner gently and quickly without stinging. It is excellent.First, remember to spread it out EVENLY on a no-lint cotton pad. I did not do so first, and too much gel went into one area of eyes. It is a clear, very gentle, non-irritating, no-flagrance gel that glides on your eyelids. It is 100% effective. I don’t wear mascara so cannot comment on that. I highly recommend it. I did not buy it from Amazon.

Amie Ontonagon, MI