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E.l.f. Zit Zapper

e.l.f zit zapper

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Honest reviews


Don’t waste your money

I have tried a lot of products, but this one was the worst. It literally didn’t do anything, didn’t feel like it was drying my blemishes out, didn’t tingle, didn’t diminish blemishes….just a waste of time and money.

Nola Floyd Dale, SC


I would have never guessed this little acne treatment pen would be so effective, especially for the $1 I paid for it at my local Target. I have suffered from acne for over ten years and have never found a spot treatment that works so well. (The only other product I would compare this to is Burt’s Bees’ zit pen, and that’s much more expensive and harsher on my skin). The pen shrinks and dries up zits quickly. If I feel one coming on – even one of those horrible, painful, under the skin cysts – I just apply some of this product morning and night, maybe some in the afternoon, for a few days until the area stops being sore, and it will keep them from even forming in the first place. I like that you can use a lot of it on one spot without it irritating your skin. I have pretty oily skin, but it’s also very sensitive, and I’ve had a lot of adverse reactions to acne products. This one will make my skin peel a little if I use too much of it in one place for a few days, but that’s it. For $1, it is beyond amazing, and you have nothing to lose by trying it! My only complaint is that I wish they sold more of it in a bigger/different package!

Tracie Eastport, NY


I love the convenience of he roll on. Some people don’t like the tea tree oil scent but I like that better than some fake perfume smell. I do find that this works better at preventing breakouts than as a treatment for existing ones- I prefer benzoyl peroxide for that. Please note that these are much cheaper in stores- about $1.00 where I live. At that price I buy them several at a time and use at least one up every month.

Phoebe Clarksburg, WV

Works Okay

This stuff seems to work on smaller zits but I don’t really notice a difference on larger or deeper pimples. Still worth the price and the container is nice–it is small and has a twist top so I can take it with me on the go and it doesn’t ever get stopped up if I don’t use it for a while.

Lynne Walls, MS

You’ll NEVER catch me without it!

So, if you’ve read any of my other reviews, you would know that I am unlucky enough to be prone to acne / breakouts in the jawline area…I’ve spent HUNDREDS of dollars on every acne product there is and lots more than that on dermatologists and treatments. I swear by this stuff. I use a grapefruit acne wash in the shower, (currently) use a Simple Radiance Wipe when I get out, then use this (I personally take out the roller ball and just dab the solution on my face – seems to be quicker and easier) and once it’s dry, I apply my moisturizer (currently using Simple Protecting Moisturizer)…I RARELY see break outs anymore. I will never not use it as long as they make it (and probably for a while thereafter – I have over 20 tubes in my drawer – I pick one or two up every time I got to Target!)…For the cost, you cannot afford NOT to try it!

Irma Winchester, ID