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e.l.f. Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter, Glow Fair, 0.34 Ounce

Correct under eye problematic areas such as dark circles and bags easily and effectively. Contains vitamins A & E, chamomile, caffeine and green tea to moisturize, soothe, and tighten the skin around the delicate eye area. Blends in easily and evenly to provide a smooth and natural finish.

Key features

  • Correct under eye problematic areas
  • Moisturize, soothe, and tighten the skin
  • Blends in easily and evenly

Honest reviews


Not great. Not bad.

I love e.l.f. products because of their prices, but they are kind of hit and miss. This product is pretty good. The concealer is so so, but I really like the highlighter. It goes on easily and doesn’t feel cakey once it’s on. For the price, its a great buy!

Jo Atlantic Mine, MI


Yes I would buy again and recommend to others. I have purchased this several times. Why do we have to have word minimums when all we need to say is that we like or dislike the product and would or wouldn’t recommend to others.

Maxine Provo, SD

love this for the highlighter

This is the best highlighter I’ve used under and around my eyes (and I’ve gone through a bunch looking for the right one) that doesn’t cost a fortune. I can’t imagine a better one out there. *note – the concealer is pretty much a waste, just doesn’t cover – I wish there was a whole tube of just the highlighter. (minus one star)

Lakeisha Wyatt, WV


need to get more, almost out. its a bit liquidy but it works out well. I need to start using it more.

Sondra Dresden, OH

LOOOOOOOOOOOvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this !!!!!

Perfect, perfect, perfect.I use this every day. Loove.The concealer did run out fast, but maybe I just overly applied when I first had it.But I luhhhvvveeeee, the concealer look on the face.I apply under eye, nose bridge, and above eyebrows.When I first apply the concealer, it is a little like ghost, but the highlighter part tones it down….Then I apply the contour white powder on my Sephora Scuplting Disk, and it sets it PERFECT.But only prob I had was, it runs out fast, so Im buying more.BUY BUY BUY, wont regret.

Summer Milaca, MN


Both sides were really chalky. It went on like it was chalk mixed with water. It was really dry to me.

Hilary Somerville, OH

The best highlighter and concealer around!

I’ve tried powdered concealers and highlighters that did nothing but accent the wrinkles around and under my eyes. I’ve tried creams that were so thick, I looked like I had, well, a glob of concealer under my eyes. This concealer and highlighter combo are different. Both sides of this are just the right creaminess so that they go on very smoothly, and you can pat them carefully so they are barely perceptible. They are not thin by any means, but they are not obvious when applied lightly. The glow highlighter is not sparkly at all, (I’m way too old for that), but it is definitely lighter than the concealer, and when applied under my eyebrows really brightens my whole face. Again, it is not obvious that I have it on at all. This product is way better than any of the expensive products I have used, and you just can’t beat the price either.

Emily Gualala, CA


Nice combo concealer-highlighter.Good texture for blending and for touchups. Doesn’t settle conspicously. Nonirritating. This is my first time using e.l.f., which popped up while I was ordering a much more expensive concealer. I’ll be trying out more of this line.

Melody Hamilton Dome, WY

Doesn’t work for me

I actually ordered this off the E.L.F. website and was excited to try it. I put the highlighter on first and it hardly showed up on my skin. It was really thin and watery and wore off after about 5 seconds. The concealer part was way too light for me but once I applied it, it was virtually invisible. It was also watery and thin and came off almost immediately after I applied it. Not even worth the cheap price.

Kaitlin Lapeer, MI

Love the 2 n 1

Works well, excellent price, and I carry it around in my purse. I’d purchase again. The highlighter is a little better than the concealer.

Latisha De Kalb, MO

Very Happy with the product

I was not sure about ordering something of color online but the color is just as pictured, was fantastic and I love the ease of the applicator having concealer on one end and highlighter on the other end

Marcella Clinton, AR

The very excellent

The very excellent deal and I am pleased to deal with you again, and I will recommend my friends to this product.

Randi Cinebar, WA

Average coverage

Doesn’t provide much concealing under eyes, which is where I wanted it. The highlighter seems most helpful of the two.

Kimberley Assawoman, VA

For contouring

I bought this for contouring. It is pretty good, but I wish the white has a bit more staying power, it’s a bit sheer and blends away rather fast.

Monique Holstein, NE

Horrid Product

With Elf you are taking a toss up. It is either passable or so horrid you want to cry. This is so horrid you want to cry. It doesn’t cover anything, it is oily and running, and you have to apply it like lipgloss. I wouldn’t suggest it to people, in fact I tossed the one I bought. It was a $1.00 and tax down the drain. Not worth it. Avoid it at all costs.

Meredith Jacobson, MN

Great concealer for my dark circles

I’ve been using this concealer for awhile now and just recently ran out, so I needed to restock. I love this concealer and highlighter duo. I have dark circles under my eyes that are hard to cover. This works really well and leaves a light sheen under my eyes to deflect the dark circles. The highlighter is great too below eyebrows, on cheekbones, etc., but use it sparingly. A little goes a long way. You can’t beat the price for this great product.

Twila Toppenish, WA


So far this product has worked nicely on me. I was a little disappointed with the size of the bottle though, it seems like it will not last that long.

Harriet Keensburg, IL

Not for me..

Not impressed. I thought I would give this a try because a couple of YouTube girls raved about it. I don’t understand why. I’ll stick to my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind and my MAC Pro Longwear concealers.

Alfreda Cave City, AR

dont like it at all

I’ll be short on this:the concealer doesnt offer either a médium coverage! it just dissapear no matter how I apply it.The highligher looks like glitter on my and personally, I dont like that totally fake glow on my face.wont buy this never again

Carolina Bella Vista, CA

Seriously Great Concealer, just wish it came with more concealer

To start off, I have P.O.T.S, which long story short, I’m short on blood/oxygen to my brain and pass out often. I also have porcelain skin, so naturally, super dark circles and green veins around my mouth come with it. Most concealers made my eyes feel cakey (because of having to use so much just to get it to work) or look “yellowed” on top of the purple dark circles under my eyes. This stuff truly covers exactly the way I want it to. I put around 6-8 dots under and above both of my eyes and then use a blending brush to blend it in. Then I put about 6 from the corner of my mouth down my chin and blend it and instantly the veins are way less noticeable. The highlighter also blends in smoothly and really does work well, especially on the brow bone. I uploaded a photo to show my skin unevenness and circles before and what it looks like after with the concealer. So if you have super fair, super thin, uneven colored skin like me, then I recommend trying this product. The only complaint I have is there isn’t enough concealer to last a while in the bottle. I ran out of concealer after just a month or so, but I still have a ton of highlighter left. I’d love to have just an entire bottle of the concealer since it only takes a tiny bit of highlighter to use.

Meagan Terry, WV

It works good and is easy to apply.

Love this eye concealer and easy to apply! It works great, I love it! Is nice for everyday wear makeup.

Dollie Cadogan, PA

Doesn’t conceal, doesn’t highlight

Both products are very watery. I could pretty much put on the highlighter, and it would not dry, and I could wipe it off with my finger. It also didn’t have much “highlight.” The “concealer” was so sheer, why bother? Three dollars plus tax down the drain.

Marianne Monterey, IN