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e.l.f. Translucent Matifying Powder, Translucent, 0.13 Ounce

Achieve even flawless skin that’s smoother, redefined and shine free. This translucent powder works on a wide variety of skin tones to help set your makeup in so it lasts longer. The silky lightweight formula also miraculously mattes skin to diminish oil and shine for a beautiful and healthy look.

Key features

  • Achieve even flawless skin that’s smoother, redefined and shine free
  • Works on a wide variety of skin tones
  • Help set your makeup in so it lasts longer

Honest reviews


works great

Works great as a matte powder. removes the shine without making my skin look too cakey. the only problem that I notice is that It says transculent, but after putting it on I notice a slightly darker tint to my skin

Virgie Garnett, SC

So far, so good!

I’ve been using this product for about 2 weeks now and I’m enjoying it so far! It definitely cuts down on shine and is in a nice sleek case that could easily slip into any purse pocket. The sponge on the inside in handy too, but I’ve been using a brush to apply the makeup. I’m curious to see how it’ll do during the summer months when I have to worry about shine!

Consuelo Hamlet, IN

So love this.

I am a makeup artist so I tend to buy a lot of different brands of makeup for my kit. Mainly because not everyone’s skin is the same and does not react the same to certain brands of make up. I really liked this it is silky and light. It is great for a final brush over of the face. It brightens and is not heavy which is a huge plus. You can never be to sure when buying makeup online how it will be when you get it, but this was a nice surprise. Deff recommend this.

Cassandra Harper Woods, MI

Shine be Gone!

I bought this product at my local Wal-Mart for $3.00 based off of some Youtube videos I had watched and the lady’s really recommended this product for a nice matte finish and I was very satisfied with it. I think this a a terrific product and extremely affordable. I am a new fan of E.L.F product.

Heidi King, NC

no more mascara smears!

I always had a problem with my mascara smearing underneath my eyes after an hour or two. I watched a youtube video that said to put translucent powder under your eyes to stop the smearing. Now I hate face powders and I rarely if ever wear foundation, but I hated smeared mascara more. So I bought this cheapie for $3 at Walmart just to try out this suggestion. And it works, no more smear marks! The powder isn’t cakey and it disappears after you apply, leaving your skin matte and fresh. i’ve started applying this to my eyelids before putting on my liquid eyeliner and I noticed it really helps the eyeliner stay put as well. I do have a problem with redness around my nose so just to bring the redness down I’ll apply this which helps. I highly recommend this product and will buy again.

Joan Morris, PA


idk why but for me, it makes me look cakey. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but its for those days that are hot that I will use it. since its getting to the colder season, I might use it on its own. there’s no sun in Washington. no one will notice lol.

Sandra New Haven, OH

Worth the buy

Not bad for the price. Keep in my purse to freshen my face as the day goes on. Don’t really like using the sponge applicator, goes on better with make-up brush.

Marcia Swansea, MA

Ok for what it is

I barely use this product, it’s used more for its mirror than the actual powder. I’ve used it in situations where I forgot my powder at home, but sparingly because the color is a bit strange, doesn’t look bad on my Mac NW 25 skin but I can’t imagine a darker person using this. Overall not bad for the money, and maybe only for light oil control.

Michele Vantage, WA

It’s okay

This is an okay product for me. It does the job, but it also make my makeup look darker after applied. However, I’ll stick with this until I find something better.

Dollie White Cloud, MI

Mattifying, but does settle in wrinkles

Great price, and a little goes a long way! I had to learn to be very sparing or it did settle in my wrinkles and make me look older (I’m 50). But especially for the price, it’s very nice. I use the puff to press in a little then use a nice brush to distribute and smooth.

Lizzie Fort Walton Beach, FL

Good buy!

I use this every day and I like it. Very light on your face would definitely recommend this product!! .

Polly East Walpole, MA

“translucent” does not equal “colorless”

While I assumed "translucent" would mean it bordered on colorless, I was wrong.I have very fair skin and this was actually darker than my skin tone. If I used the applicator that came with it I have to be very careful with my blending to make sure I don’t leave a light brown streak anywhere. However, using a powder brush instead really helps with the application so I opt to do that instead.I will say though that this product WORKS. Its why I’ve kept it and bother with alternative application methods.Its mattifies for hours and as someone with combination skin I really value that.I also have eyelids that are oil-prone and I don’t often wear eyeshadow. A swipe of this with a powder brush in the morning does a phenomenal job of keeping that in check.

Paige Pyrites, NY

No better than any other

This isn’t a bad powder, but that is all it is, a translucent powder. The coverage is what you would expect from a translucent powder.

Maryanne Wilbur, WA

works great and awesome value

This has turned out to be an incredible product which is also a great value. Highly recommend this and its works as well as much higher priced items.

Aimee Malvern, PA

I like this brand

The brand is reasonably priced. The powder isn’t heavy, it’s perfect for days you want to look natural…but with a little help.

Dollie Lyman, SC