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e.l.f. Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 83221 Porcelain

This lightweight and hydrating formula is breathable and provides anti-aging sun protection with UVA/UVB SPF 20. Achieve even skin tone and naturally radiant skin with this moisturizing sheer tint of color. The smooth formula enhances your complexion with the nourishing key ingredients aloe, cucumber and vitamins A, C and E.

Key features

  • Lightweight and hydrating formula
  • Breathable and provides anti-aging sun protection
  • SPF 20

Honest reviews


Not For Me

This product is very sheer, and I still look like I’m using a fake tanner.I’m tan only compared to the moon, and my face puts her craters to shame, so my quest for the perfect foundation is never ending. In an attempt to help heal my acne, I’ve begun dipping into tinted moisturizers and, unfortunately, my search for the perfect product continues. While e.l.f.’s product feels just fine on the face (it feels and smells more like a tinted sunscreen), the color (‘porcelain’) is way too dark for my uses. For comparison, I use N2/W2 of L’oreal’s Tru Match. This may work for people at the darker end of the pale spectrum with perfect skin who are looking for a somewhat-subtle glow, but for anyone who considers themselves even kind of pale, I say look on.3 stars because I don’t think it’s a BAD product–it’s just a bad product for me. The good news is that you can layer it for thicker coverage, so if you are a tan girl (or a pale girl who wants to look like a carrot) who wants an extra shot of radiance, then this product may work for you.

Joy Park Hill, OK


I bought this from Target yesterday. I’m 17 btw :). I was actually looking for the elf studio concealer palettes but they were out of stock. So due to time, i hurrily picked something random that looked like it would cover up a few of my acne scars on my face. And let me tell you! This stuff is awesome! It matches and evens my skin tone beautifully! i bought the almond shade and after falling in love with it, i immediately went back to Target and purchased the fair shade for my bestie! And now she’s in love with it! And so tonight we’re having a makeup, hair, and nails party and we’re gonna recommend this to everyone! 😀 xoxo

Cleo Huntington, TX

Okay for the price, but not comparable to high-end products

I got this because I wanted to see if it could be a cheaper alternative to my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. (Which I love, but at $43 for a tube, it’s pricier.) The ELF tinted moisturizer feels very chalky and not easily blendable compared to the Laura Mercier formula. It wasn’t awful, so if you cannot afford a high end brand it’s acceptable, but it’s not a dupe formula-wise. If you’re used to high-end products, I wouldn’t recommend this.

Marcia Leslie, MO

Nice, affordable tinted moisturizer

I’m a caramel-colored woman of color. This color matches very well, isn’t heavy, and just does that light coverage for everyday wear. Especially for those who do not enjoy wearing a lot of makeup.

Lindsey Gustine, CA


I never understand how this product gets such good reviews from people. First of all, it feels heavy and sits on my skin. It does not moisturize at all. You have to use a very small amount at a time, because otherwise it looks streaky and builds up on your skin. The lightest shade, porcelain, makes me look orange. And my biggest problem, after using it once it made me break out, even though I do NOT have acne-prone skin and I can normally switch between all sorts of different beauty products without getting zits. Even though the e.l.f. tinted moisturizer is really cheap, it’s not worth the money at all. It doesn’t moisturize, the "tint" didn’t match my skin tone (although I could see how people would like it if they got a matching shade), and it actually made my skin worse by giving me pimples. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Beulah Dixons Mills, AL


I’m new to this brand of cosmetics and it did catch my attention because of the natural ingredients & sunscreen.For summer I always look for tinted moisturizers with sun screen that aren’t too thick or make me feel like I’ve caked spackle on my skin.This tinted moisturizer is at first a little weird feeling, by being sticky, and runny. It goes on smoothly and dried quickly without problems. I use a natural loose powder from Aubrey to set the foundation.Overall I would say this is great compared to the most expensive, and the least expensive of all moisturizing foundations. It does not irritate my sensitive skin, covers just enough ( I use a green colored correcter and concealer) doesn’t run or come off in the heat we have locally.I like the beige color because I have such light skin with gold tones, because it doesn’t make me look like a zombie. The nude is also a great neutral color with gold tones that looks natural with my skin tone. I guess you really have to just play around with colors to see which will work just right for you.I do have very light skin so beige or nude work for me, because I’m fair complected not ivory pale.overall I am very happy with my purchase and did order the nude, because the local store here only had beige. I also have the concealer, and ordered the primer to try as well. I love the concealer, because it is creamy, light & works great to add a little extra brightness under my eye area.

Christi Blue Ridge, VA

Doesn’t have good coverage

I used to use this exclusively when I was in college; it made me not look like death by warming up my skin tone (my skin is naturally pale and dull). However, I stopped using it after college because that’s basically all it did for me–change the tone of my skin. The coverage of this tinted moisturized is not good…it doesn’t even do the job of evening out my skin tone. It also has this wet, greasy feel on the skin, like I had a layer of grease on my skin. In photos it photographed fine though–usually tinted moisturizers with SPF can make you look whiter, but this didn’t have that effect.If you need a tinted moisturizer to at least even out your skin tone, you may need something more. Overall, I don’t like it.

Julie Mayview, MO

Elf tinted moisturizer Espresso

This product is awesome! It blends seemlessly and isn’t cakey. My only complaints are that a little doesn’t go a long way and I wish there was a wider range of colors for women of color. I can wear either a Nc50 or Nw45 in Mac but what about the women who wear NW50? They like ELF too and should have to samw opportunity to try this product out as well. Oh and you don’t get much product so if you use this everyday it may go pretty quickly, considering too that you can’t just use a little to get decent coverage.

Ma Hammonton, NJ

Eh ok

It’s is kind of thick and I found it off in color. I like the Mac tinted moisturizer much better!

Tracy Rising Star, TX

Took some time, but I like it now

When I first tried this TM, I liked the feel and texture but the color was awful. I’m a very pale redhead and the lightest color was VERY orange. I played around with it a little and found that if you use very little the color will blend out and still cover redness. The only reason this isn’t 5 stars is because I’m very oily and in general TMs don’t have staying power for me. But I still love to wear this when I’m outside in the heat and don’t want a full face of makeup but still want a little something.

Lela Haw River, NC

Nice for the price

I have always used a foundation but now that it is winter I wanted to try something more moisturizing. The price is great for anyone who wants to give a tinted moisturizer a try! I bought it in Almond, which is a deep tan, a little darker then my skin tone. It doesn’t really rub in that easily and kind of leaves a line on my jawline. The coverage isn’t that great but I wouldn’t expect full coverage from a “tinted” moisturizer. It is a little thin for my liking and it really doesn’t seem to be any more moisturizing then my regular foundation. It is great for anyone who wants to try a tinted moisturizer but doesn’t want to spend a lot.

John Enterprise, UT


I’m REALLY fair, so its hard to find foundations or tinted moisturizers that match my skin tone. This was the lightest they have, and I figured Id try it, but even Porcelain is too dark. Not to mention this moisturizer was really Thick and sticky. It felt like I was rubbing tar on my face.

Betsy Chacon, NM

Great tinted moisturizer!

LOVE this product, I buy it all the time. It’s great for everyday use and you can defiantly tell the difference!I think it evens my skin tone out a little bit, I’m naturally very pale and this moisturizer just happens to be the best thing!

Lucy Butler, OK


I am definitely buying more of these. It was a little dark for me when I first put it on, but when I blended it out it was AMAZING!

Alma Mantorville, MN

You Get What You Pay For, But That Is Okay

This product is only $3.00 at Walmart where I purchased it. To start with it is not a moisturizer, like it says, it is really a heavy concealer with tons of oil. It works great on set and stays on because of the oil under the lights for my actors, but I can’t wear it myself without getting tons of acne from clogged pours.If you don’t like heavy foundation, or you have oily or sensitive skin you should avoid this product. If you want a cheap foundation then this is perfect for you.

Cora Colonial Beach, VA

Nice color and coverage

You kind of get two products for the low price of one. I really like this product. The color is really good for my skin tone and it actually has nice coverage. On the weekends, I use it rather than applying foundation. Its not a heavy coverage but maybe a light to medium coverage.

Minnie Universal City, TX

bought the wrong kind for my skin if there is one for my skin color?!

When I bought this I thought that this could work for my skin tone. I am dark skin African American. didn’t work it you are dark DON’T BUY IT IS NOT FOR US.

Joyce Lorena, TX


It also becomes a time crunch and convenient, since this is extended very smoothly and a certain grade can cover

Carmella Mc Ewensville, PA

So smooth!

So smooth! It is light, easy to apply, and does not rub off on clothing. This was a good purchase.

Rhea Churdan, IA

Smooths and Protects

I really like this tinted moisturizer. It is a little heavier than I am used to using but once it is on I don’t notice. I was worried about the size but a little goes a long way so it hasn’t been an issue. Overall a great product that I use every day. My husband says it doesn’t look like I am wearing makeup but my skin looks smoother and more even.

Juanita Lewis, IN

Good TM, suits my skin tone

So I have used this product for a while, and it does good. Doesn’t fare too well in very hot climates, but it’s okay for daily wear, it has SPF, a good enough shade selection (for the price range) and the shades match natural skin tones, at least my Indian skin tone.Overall, a good product!

Luann Pilot Point, TX

First time using elf products I’m a happy girl

Got here on time was happy wit the way it was shipped loved the color n my face feels a lot better will reorder again

Marcia Grenloch, NJ


I lovvvvve this tinted moisturizer! its light and delicate on the skin which is definitely good for the summer time. I highly recommend this product!

Letha Atmore, AL

Blends in Good

I def. don’t wear any makeup. I wanted to try something to cover up my uneven skin that didn’t require too much. It worked and I love how it has an SPF

Alyson Mount Sherman, KY