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e.l.f Studio mineral infused face primer, 0.47 Ounce

Transform your face into a flawless and smooth canvas with the Mineral Infused Face Primer. Developed to combat against excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines. This clear multipurpose skin primer will prepare your skin so makeup goes on evenly for a long lasting satin finish.

Key features

  • Sleek design great for travel or on the go
  • Tested by our team of expert makeup professionals for the best quality
  • Why overpay when you can get the same quality for less

Honest reviews



Great for a $6.00 primer! Keeps my face smooth before my makeup and my makeup stays on perfectly. I use some expensive makeup and there is no way I’d pay more for a primer than this, because it works great! don’t be afraid to try it just for the price, i’ve used expensive primers (smashbox, bareminerals) and this works just as well!

Desiree Strawberry Point, IA

So far so good

I have never used a primer before so dont really have anything to compare it to but I it feels amazing. My pores did get really little and my make up looked flawless. I havent tried it with my heavy duty foundation yet but I think it’ll do well so I am excited for my next girls night.The other reviews were correct when they say something is wrong with that pump. I had to open it and get it that way.

Helen Prole, IA

Effective but Not the Best

I’ve used other primers in the past (Too Faced and L’oreal Studio Magic) and this is not my favorite. I was hoping for a less expensive alternative to the other good brands. While it does make my skin feel silky smooth and my makeup looks good over it, it doesn’t seem to work quite as well as the other two I mentioned. It did not feel greasy or have a bad smell and best of all, I did not have any breakouts.I would still recommend it too the budget conscience, however.The biggest downside is the pump. It only works half the time and is very irritating. Do not purchase here, it is far less expensive elsewhere.NOTE: After this ran out, I purchased Cover Girl BB and no longer have the need for any sort of primer, as this BB is AMAZING as a lightweight moisturizer, primer and light foundation all in one.

Annabelle Brook Park, MN

Great Face Primer!

This face primer is like silk! I never thought I needed a primer. I always thought primers were a waist of money. I believed moisturizer was primer enough. Well, this is a great product. It feels great on my skin, and I find that I do not use as much makeup as I use without the primer. I love this.

Charlene Barnard, KS


This primer really made the difference with how my liquid foundation goes on and how it looks when done. It made my foundation look perfect! I love it and will be ordering more when I start to get low.

Geneva Newport, KY

Good (:

I really like this primer (: It goes onto skin flawlessly and it feels as if nothing is there once its put on.

Constance Port Isabel, TX

Smooth as butta

I heard about this face primer from someone on YouTube who had tried it and loved it. I figured for $6 it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. The formula is clear and goes on really smooth, it wasn’t too runny, thick, sticky or smelly like others I have tried. It made my liquid foundation glide right over my pores. It also seemed to keep me relatively shine free as my day went on and my makeup stayed put. No melty makeup shift midway through your work day. I plan to repurchase this product once I run out, which might take awhile because you also don’t need to use very much.

Kenya Greenville, WV

Pump sucks

This product is ok, goes on easy, lasts a good chunk of time. However I hate the pump. It squirts out everywhere! I put my whole hand over the nozzle when i go to use it, otherwise it gets on my wall!

Danielle Tekoa, WA

A steal!

OK- I am your typical twenty something female who has tried endless amounts of beauty/makeup products. I have oily/combo skin, that also tends to dry out in the winter. I was recommended e.l.f. products by a friend, and when I checked them out I figured it couldn’t hurt trying because they were SO cheap so I had nothing to lose. I ordered this primer, and have been using it ever since. It really helps to even out my skin tone, reduce my pores, and provide just the right amount of moisture to my face. I use it mostly on my cheeks and around the areas of my eyes that are likely to get creases. My foundation goes on SO smoothly, and can last an ENTIRE day when I apply this primer first. It also makes my skin appear less oily too. For $4 I literally feel like I am stealing this product. You can go spend $50+ on high end primers, or buy this that will work the same (if not better) and save yourself $45 dollars to spend on other products! If you ever choose to buy directly from e.l.f’s website, google promo/coupon codes first, they always have multiple deals going on that can usually either score you free shipping or a % off your total price!

Bridgett Menomonie, WI

Great primer for the price

It does a great job as what primers are supposed to do. It makes my face so smooth so when I apply my concealer, foundation, and powder it looks so even and gorgeous. It keeps the facial makeup on my face all day without any bit of fading. I also have the elf eye concealer which is not as awesome as this facial primer but it is decent.Anyway, the price here on Amazon really is unfair. This was only $6 in Target.

Lilia Evergreen, VA

ELF Studio Mineral “Clear” Face Primer

Ok Ladies:This is a clear face primer. I’ve used it and if you have oily skin as I do, this does the job of mattifying the face to prevent that oily look. I don’t wear make-up that often, but I do take pride in my complexion, so this clear primer will fit right into my facial regimen. If you do wear make-up I’m thinking that this will help you makeup go on very smoothly as it feel like silk when applied. Finally! a product which does what it claim’s for a very very great price! Buying another just to keep on hand.

Freda Arrow Rock, MO

Not impressed

I wasn’t impressed. My skin type is dry/normal. Sure, it went on smooth but that’s about it. It didn’t help my makeup go on any easier or help it last any longer. To be honest, I saw no difference in using this or going completely without primer. I prefer the monistat gel. My sister who has oily skin had a worse experience with it. It left her face extremely greasy and caused her to break out. She prefers to stick to oil blotting sheets and powder.

Autumn Picayune, MS

Not for me.

I have combination skin and this just seemed to make my foundation melt right off my face and leaves my skin looking splotchy and greasy. I think this texture would be great for anyone with dry or normal skin as it is very silky when you first out it on.

Rosalinda Weston, TX


I havent try it yet bit i think this product is worth it hope i enjoy using this and well see

Dorothea Lansing, IA

BETTER THAN SMASHBOX and costs so much less

This works just as well as smasbox primers, for a fraction of the price AND a generously sized bottle. I like a lot of ELF products and they are so cheap its almost no -risk to try.

Selina Riceville, PA

This stuff is pretty cool

I normally use a fairly popular prime from a mineral make up company but I did not want to spend the money for a small bottle again so I figured I would give this stuff a shot. I am pleasantly surprised at how it feels on the skin. I got it in the green because I have redness that I am not thrilled about. This primer is very soft in texture and almost like silk on the skin. I wash my face, put on a moisturizer, wait for it to dry, then apply this primer, then do my make up. It dries quickly and absorbs a little bit. It really smooths out the skin to get it ready for make up. I have noticed that my make up sticks better when I use this and it is easier to remove as well. So, I recommend this stuff even if you just try it. For the price, it is worth it. I will buy another once I run out which I don’t see happening for awhile because there is a lot of product and I barely have to use any. Makes it even more worth the money.

Latanya Kings Mountain, NC

Life Saver

Product itself was faultless, the main problem with it is the amount in one container. The tube has a false bottom to make it look larger. The contents only last maybe 2-3 weeks using 1-2 pumps per application.

Vonda Bremo Bluff, VA


This was aight. I’m not sure what the consistency was SUPPOSED to be like, but when I got it, the primer was like a congealed gel and I have to remove the top whenever I want to use it. I can’t just pump it out easily. It’s fine for a primer. I wouldnt go raving about it, but it’s better than no primer at all

Blanca Pursglove, WV

feels expensive

This stuff goes on so smooth and makes me face nice and soft and even for applying make up over it. You don’t need to use a product like this every day, only when you are planning to use foundation and stuff. For the price, it’s well worth it because it has the feel of a much more expensive product.

Stacy Leivasy, WV

Smooth & Useful!

This primer blends onto your skin smoothly and helps minimize / smooth out any problem areas making a nice clean and workable palette to do what you will makeup-wise. I hate products that smell weird or too purfume-y, this is nice and clean. My skin tends to be more on the dryer side, so after a basic exfoliation I apply this on and it’s wonderful and helps the makeup adhere for longer wear.

Jan Terlingua, TX

Did not like it

First of all I purchased this product from ELF and not Amazon. I like many Elf products. I think they are cheap but work very well. This one, however, I did not like at all. The primer has tiny sparkles, which I did not like at all, and I noticed that every time I used it, my foundation did not go on smoothly, would look streaky and looked awful. I tried other primers and my foundation looked normal again… So I attribute my foundation looking bad to this primer I was using at the moment.I do not recommend this Elf product.

Eileen Altamont, TN


I’ve used a few different face primers and I have to say this makes my face INCREDIBLY silky and soft and my foundation does go on pretty smooth. Everyone is talking about the pump and it stops working after awhile.. My pump works just fine I haven’t had any issues with it. It’s a clear gel form and not entirely sure if I would purchase again but it works for now.

Natasha Black Canyon City, AZ


I have never used E.L.F products before, but I had heard amazing things about them. I had wanted to find a face primer and this seemed to be an excellent price. I am not disappointed. A little goes a LONG way, so though this is a small bottle it lasts. It smoothed out my skin, made my face feel softer, and made my makeup go on and cover SO much better. Definitely recommend it to others, especially if you have large pores like I do

Debbie Junction City, CA

Face primer

This product does the job but is a little thicker than I prefer. I’ll probably go back to my old vendor who sells a thinner viscosity primer.

Chris Comstock, MN

It works!

I gave this product 5 stars because it seems to work just as well as my fav Vail primer which cost about 6x’s as much. So my ratings were based on the fact it was a smoking deal, compared well to my norm and I had no weird skin reaction.

Sylvia Millis, MA

No “straw” for pump

I have only used the product once so far. I really like how the product feels on my face. It is silky smooth and very light weight. I also like how my make up applies over it. My make up did seem to last longer even getting a little sweaty in the sun. The bottle is deceiving however it does say how much product you are getting and I had heard other reviews saying that you don’t get as much product as the bottle makes it seem.What I am really disappointed about is that the straw for the product to get sucked into the pump is not there. I don’t know if it just fell off and is in the bottle somewhere or if it just was missed completely. I was sort of able to get it to work by turning bottle upside down and shaking the product toward the top of bottle and using the pump holding bottle upside down. However because of this flaw I feel like much of the product will be wasted seeing as it will be very hard to get out of the bottle.

Leta Oakland, CA

Five Stars

Feels nice to me and it works so no complaints

Rosalyn Merry Hill, NC

Does not show up as green! (phew)

I love anything by e.l.f really so I was excited about this stuff! It really helps you to smooth on makeup and gives you a nice finish, however, it does feel a little slimy when you put it on at first. the feeling does go away but it kind of surprised me. as far as not letting your face get too shiny it isn’t amazing for that but i have noticed that my makeup stays put longer with it on than without.

Trina Dow City, IA

It makes makeup go on smoothly, but at the cost of feeling greasy

I can’t stand makeup that leaves a coating and makes your skin feel greasy. With foundations, it’s always about looking good but not feeling clean and fresh. This is no miracle product. It’s the same as all the other stuff out there. It definitely does improve the way liquid foundation goes on, and how your complexion looks, but this primer requires a powder on top to finish off, otherwise your face will feel very slick. Some people are calling it "silky smooth" but I would call it greasy. I will only use this periodically. For me, it’s just another layer and another hassle, which I do not want to add to the already tired makeup routine.

Tina Ratcliff, TX

new face primer

i’ve searched high and low for a primer that actually made a difference and didn’t clog my pores. this one does the trick and i use about half the amount of foundation.

Janelle Evanston, IN