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E.l.f Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder St Lucia

Create a healthy and natural glow all year long. The Blush highlights the cheeks to add a flush of color, while the Bronzer accents and contours cheekbones for beautiful definition.

Key features

  • Create a healthy and natural glow all year long.

Honest reviews


Not anywhere close to Nars Laguna/Orgasm duo

Lots of people say that E.L.F’s “highlight and contour” is a dupe for NARS’ Laguna/Orgasm duo. Truly, they are not even close, in formula or color. I have uploaded a customer image of them side by side to show you just how they differ. Price wise, E.L.F. is $3 and NARS is $50.Out of the pan and swatched on your hand, both appear to have shimmer. This is because when you did that, you probably used your finger, which practically acts like a shovel. They have incredibly similar packaging and I’m sure this is intentional on E.L.F’s part.*E.L.F.’s blush is so pretty and natural looking! On your hand it may appear to be sparkly but on your face it won’t be. (Use a fluffy brush, not one with compact bristles, to avoid the glitter effect). However the longevity of the ELF blush is pretty short. I don’t notice it still on my face when I leave work. NARS’ Orgasm is a very long-lasting product but as you can see it is nowhere near the same color family as the ELF blush. I find Orgasm to be a glitterbomb on me for daytime use. I do find it’s less so if I use a very fluffy brush to apply it, however I can still see bits of glitter in my pores (especially as the day wears on). This for me is a nighttime or evening color, or one I wear only if I plan on being out just for a little bit. I will say though that when I have tested the Orgasm blush through a day of work, it was still there when I went home. (I do get a lot of people ssking me if I got ‘too much sun’ when I wear it, even though I don’t put much on)*The contour colors may appear to be similar but in use, they are nothing alike. The ELF product has a yellow cast to it, which tends to affect how my foundation looks throughout the course of the day. The ELF product is very powdery and transfers to a brush easily. NARS’ Laguna highlighter has a less powdery formula, very firm, and you have to use a stiffer contour brush to apply it. To me this is a good thing, because I found that the ELF powder was so soft, that it was easy to over-apply it, and to apply it in places I didn’t necessarily want it to be. The NARS Laguna felt more precise. Also, the Laguna did not tonally change my foundation look, which is very important to me. I’m pasty-pale, I probably shouldn’t even be playing with bronzer, but I have been and I don’t want it to look like war paint.*I used the blush products on my eyelids as a base, and the contour colors on my crease, for a cohesive `natural’ look. This worked well with the ELF blush and NARS Laguna contour. The ELF blush and contour didn’t look very nice, since the ELF contour color is so yellow. By midafternoon my eyes looked very grody and I had to fix it with another color. When I used the Orgasm/Laguna duo, the Orgasm’s pink color on my lids really brought out the fact that I have redness in my skin. It looked horrible. The ELF blush and Laguna bronzer though, paired nicely.In no way, shape or form are these two palettes interchangeable for each other, no matter what you read elsewhere. Just look at the color differences in the photos, and imagine just how different they are on your face! My advice would be to TRY the E.L.F. if you can get it cheap locally, and see how you like it before you fork out $50 for a NARS palette. I wish now that I had just bought the Laguna bronzer by itself since it would have been cheaper, and in general the Orgasm is NOT my favorite blush. (Deep Throat is nice, not as much glitter or brightness). I keep both of these palettes because I like the blush from one and the bronzer from another.

Lisa Gladewater, TX

Great stuff!

I am in love with this duo, I reach for it every single time I wear makeup. I love the bronzer for contouring – while in the pan it looks like it has some sparkle, that doesn’t really transfer to the face, so what you see on your cheeks is a matte bronzer which is easy to blend and simply perfect for getting that chiseled look (I am fair skinned, so I cannot use this shade as an overall bronzer – I don’t like that look anyways, so I have no issues with the darkness of the bronzer). It’s great that it doesn’t look orange at all on. The blush is very nice as well and it’s pigmented. What a steal for the money! ELF put out two new shades of this product last fall.

Sharlene White City, OR

Glitter War Paint

I tried to like this, but there’s just way too much chunky glitter in this product for me to like it. Also, the product is darker than pictured, but the same is true of the picture of this product on elf’s website. The blush is much more red than pictured and as a fair skinned woman, I will never be able to use this, unless it’s for Halloween or something similar.

Norma Rogers, NM

LOVE these colors

The colors in this palette are beautiful! They complement one another really well- and go on nicely. It’s no chore to blend these products in and they have a very pretty, subtle shimmer that is perfect for spring/summer. I definitely recommend ELF products. They’re a great value!

Deidra Jeffers, MN

Would not buy again

The bronzing powder did not show up very much on my skin tone even if i packed it on and i did not like the gold specs in it.Would not buy again, would go for a matte formula.The blush makes a great highlighter for darker skin tones though.But i pretty much bought this to contour with and was not pleased.

Marion Harrison City, PA


This product is my current go to in the morning. The blush is such a pretty color and I get so many compliments whenever I wear it! I have fair skin so the bronzer must be worn in very small amounts for me right now but once I get a little color this summer it will be perfect. Both products can be built up to create a bolder look or sheered out for more subtle color. I love this compact so much. The packaging is sleek and solid. The mirror is a decent size. The blush is very shimmery and the bronzer has a more subtle shimmer. I don’t usually need a cheek highlight when I wear this. Definitely not a matte product but that works for me.

Caitlin Denton, KY


Neither great nor awful. For the price, I have no complaints, but sleek is definitely better and more pigmented for people on a budget.

Tiffany Lowmansville, KY

love it

it already hit the pan im about to reorder i love this elf set! i dont really use the blush b/c of my dark completion but i love love love it

Sally Kirby, AR

Half pleased

Overall, this product is not terrible. I really love the two shade of both the bronzer and the blush. However, the bronzer is difficult to work with for me. I also don’t use cheap brushes- they are all sigma. It also has some chunks of glitter that I wasn’t aware of when I applied it. My face was sparkling way to much because my foundation has a bit of glitter to it. The blush is Exactly what I was looking for. The bronzer not so much, but it could be worked with when my others are running low.

Bettye Peace Dale, RI

The shade I bought is just a little too dark for me.

I’m still learning how to contour, so I’m sure that I will like this product a little more as I figure it out. It doesn’t blend super well– I’m going to have to invest in a stippling brush. The blush is the perfect shade for it, although I keep it towards the jaw and use a lighter color closer to my cheek to really make the effect pop.

Pamela Ft Mitchell, KY

My Go to Bronzer!!

Bought this palette on a whim and I’m really glad I did. I got the shade Turks Caicos and I was worried that the blush would be too light and the bronzer too red for my yellow undertones. But boy was I wrong, it shows up perfectly on my caramel skin tone. The blush is a bit powdery and has to be built up in order to see the true colour, with the bronzer, a little goes a long way and it appears matte on the skin, making it perfect for contouring. I would definitely reccomend this product!

Lucinda Tavares, FL

The colors are nice; much too powdery for my liking

* The ELF Bronze, Blush duo colors are nice; but much too powdery for my liking* I recommend trying the NYC or L’Oreal bronzer near the same price range

Therese La Grange Park, IL

Elf Blush and Bronzer

This is one of my first forays into bronzer after watching a makeup tutorial and deciding that I was missing that in my life. I bought a few to experiment with and this is probably one of my favorites, despite the lower price point. ELF makes excellent products and their Studio line rarely disappoints. This is no exception. The bronzer is purely matte brown and the blusher is a light rose colored product with a little shimmer to it. (Nars Orgasm wannabe? Maybe). The texture is a bit powdery. If you have rough brushes, put them away and reach for the softer brushes when using this product. A little goes a long way and it will saturate your brushes at the slightest agitation.I find myself reaching for this bronzer to try my hand at contouring each morning. Some days I do a better job than others. I’m pretty sure my co-workers just keep to themselves and never mention that one cheekbone looks higher than the other. Maybe I should put my contacts in before trying my makeup? Either way, the bronzer blends well usually.I did find it blended better over regular foundation/powder than BB cream. It seemed to really adhere to BB cream and then it goes NOWHERE. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. I’ll just take out my contacts and decide later. The blusher is a lighter color. I find it is a perfectly subtle blush for when I didn’t overdue my foundation. It’s great for the office. It’s got more shimmer on it that I’d like, but I compensate by adding a bunch of glitter to my eyeshadows so no one notices my blush.Long story short – this was one of my better purchases and I was excited to get it in the mail. I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed and when I run out, I’ll buy it again.

Rosalind Dewitt, KY

good quality

I love this duo .. I’ve been using it for a long time now .. Cheap price but a very good quality ..

Meghan Sutter, IL

Pretty good for the money

I do really like this product, however i use the “bronzer” for contouring and didnt care too much for the blush. I have extremely fair skin, so fair that i have a hard time finding foundation light enough. This bronze color because its not super pigmented actually ended up working awesome. I used it to contour my cheek bones and wow it made a world of difference. I set makeup with urban decay makeup setting spray and this bronzer lasted all day. A great value for the money especially since Hula is so much more expensive but id say very comparable in color.The blush is very powdery and i didnt care too much for it. It also has sparkles in it which i can do without. Ill probably continue to purchase this product strictly for the bronzer.

Ramona Oneida, IL

Did the job

Pleasantly surprised! Loved the color of the blush and the bronzer was very blend-able. Definitely purchasing this product again 🙂

Jillian Southmont, NC