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e.l.f. Pigment Eyeshadow, Naturally Nude, 0.05 Ounce

Create a bold and beautiful statement with these jewel-toned, multi-dimensional pigments that impart lustrous high-color payoff and long-lasting wear. The buildable, powdery-fine formula blends seamlessly for ease of application and can be layered for a variety of looks. From soft and neutral to strikingly colorful these six silky and shimmery shades compliment every eye color for a fun, flirty look. Eyeshadow Brush included.

Key features

  • Jewel-toned, multi-dimensional pigments
  • Lustrous high-color
  • Long-lasting wear

Honest reviews


Glittery mess

Good selection of shades but I did not expect them to be so glittery. I was looking for a softer shimmer I guess. When I tried this the eyeshadow made a mess and I spent more time cleaning up my face with eye makeup remover. With all the glitter I thought maybe it would be useful for a night out but it gives you racoon eyes after an hour or two.

Mina Delta, PA

Good quality

The eyeshadows have a great color/pigmentation, they are a little powdery but does not matter.I would use some with a damp brush to get different color. But I love them in general and will purchase again when I run out of them 😉

Yvette Hollandale, MS

Not what I expected

I really like the colors in this palette, but don’t really like the way that it goes on. I use a eye shadow brush (you don’t get one with the set) and it seems to only last a couple of hours on my eyes. I get the powder from it all over the counter and under my eyes (sorry, not sure I am explaining that correctly).

Heidi Paxton, FL

Great colors

I’ve worn this on several occaisions. Love the shimmer. The lighter colors are great for wearing to work, and the darker ones are great for a night out!

Ada Parmelee, SD

Versatile and lovely!

This set is great. You can achieve both "high glamour" and the "natural look", depending upon whether you use them wet or dry, and how much you apply. I am really impressed!

Jordan Granby, CO

Very Glittery

I love that it arrived in 1 piece but also i love the shimmer from the glitter that this makeup has not to much and not to little just right i will totally buy this product and others e.l.f. again !

Jody Cherokee, AL

Not bad…

Love the price for this eyeshadow palate and the fact that you get 10 shades, however I did find that the pigmentation wasn’t that great and there was quite a bit of fallout on my cheeks after application. I did use an eyelid primer and Mac’s fix plus to make the colors brighter and that seemed to help. Not bad for a $10 palate but probably won’t purchase again for myself or as a gift.

Violet Proctor, VT

try it

The colors are pretty but too shimmery for my taste. You have to apply alot for the color to actually shoe up. But its not expensive ao give ita try. Maybe it will work for you.

Cara Becker, MS

Arrived quickly but…

I bought this one as a sub for the more expensive set. I would just spend the money next time because it takes a lot of this one to get color out of it.

Lucille Isanti, MN

Big hit

This is a must buy for the prices. If you have ever tried any other brand of Bakedmakeup this will hold up in comparison. Can’t beat the price. Colors are gorgeous.Would buy again.

Cecile Boulder, CO

Just ok..

Just ok .. dint feel the colors blend in well or stay long

Silvia Grissom Arb, IN

I guess I’m a California Girl! LOL

I love the colors. I previously purchased a palette with different colors I use everyday.

Corina Cherry Valley, AR

there ok

I love the colors but it tood a while before I could get to a part of the eye shadow that would stick to a brush to show up on my eyes… once that happened I am completely happy w/ it.

Margery Dubberly, LA

Totally amazing for the price!

This baked eyeshadow palette is, for the money, totally amazing. Shop around and see outrageous prices for similar items elsewhere. The lighter colors are perfect for casual wear, the brighter ones are great for making a statement. If you use a primer, you’ll get it to last longer and more in-depth color on your skin. I recommend using a brush, and if you use water in your application, you will get a powerful pop of color. Make no mistake, this is a bargain. Make sure you check out the e.l.f. website, unless you are planning on ordering lots of other stuff to take advantage of this “add on.” (Try the e.l.f. brushes as well for a real bargain!)

Shelly Plantersville, TX

Great eyeshadow

Really pretty colors and they show up nicely. Lasts through out the day too. Like a previous person said that it does show up better when used wet.

Natalie Bangor, CA


I have bought 6 of these already. I tried it myself and loved it so much that I bought five more as gifts. You can use these wet or dry depending on the look you want.

Dora Vesper, WI


I have every color of these palettes. The colors are vibrant and fantastic. I use them wet mostly, but they are also great dry. They remind me of the higher end brand’s baked eyeshadow. They are well packaged and the large mirror is great. I have one palette I have had for over a year (with almost daily use) and there is still quite a bit of eyeshadow left. These last a while. would recommend these to everyone!

Shelia Wallingford, CT

not good

I bought these thinking they might be in line with the sephora baked pallets. not so. you cannot even use these dry, you haveto get them wet first to use them. and then they become too thick and pasty when you put them on. save your money and pay a little more to get a better palette.

Consuelo Elkader, IA


Gorgeous color and attractive love these colors so much that the color much seems clear and distinct…This beautiful shadowsThank you

Summer Gnadenhutten, OH

i love all the shades

great value for the amount that you get 🙂 all the shades are nice. i don’t wear too much makeup though and to be honest i only like the pink shades and the dark brown shade. the other ones are kinda too showy for me. and i usually wear the dark brown or the purple shade as eyeliner. i’d definitely purchase this palette again. thumbs up!

Rosanna Severn, MD


very shear. havent tried using a color under it or wetting my brushh but without anything. u can barely see it

Kay Wildwood, FL

Not a great product.

I have to hit the eyeshadow with the end of my brush to loosen it up a bit. It doesn’t stay on very long and I just wasn’t happy with it. It might work for everyone else though!

Candy Newark, DE


Not what I was expecting. Doesn’t apply well, have to use a lot to get desired results. Came in a timely manner and packaging was good!

Berta Ravena, NY


I saw all of the great reviews on this palette, so I decided to try it. For the price, I figured I couldn’t be disappointed. Needless to say, I definitely was disappointed. The eyeshadow is so baked on, you can’t get any on the eyeshadow brush.This would probably be good for a pre-teen, but not for an adult.

Louella Argenta, IL

Nice set

Nice and great for everyday. My 15 year old niece wars it on the daily and it doesn’t look to heavy or old.

Virgie Waterville, OH

Great color palet for cheap makeup.

I purchased one of the Sephora color compacts and while I really love it, I wanted to expand my colors at a cheaper cost. Are they as fabulous as Sephora, no but they are nice for the price. I find that I use the two in conjunction with one another for a good look. I’m ready to order a second one of these in another color family and they are great for stocking stuffers for $10.

Willie Pemberville, OH

LOVE this palette

This palette is perfect! The colors are beautifully pigmented (very glittery!) and apply really nicely dry, but you can also dampen your eyeshadow brush for an even more pigmented color, and it lasts all day! The palette itself feels well-constructed and more expensive than it actually is. I am a huge fan of Urban Decay and MAC eyeshadows, and these e.l.f. eyeshadows are definitely comparable! The only thing I would watch out for is fallout – because of the raised design, there is more fallout than most palettes. But for the price, this palette can’t be beat! Definitely would recommend to anyone that loves glittery, pigmented eyeshadow. 🙂

Jolene West Milford, WV