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e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner

No more tugging or pulling on your eyelids with this easy glide liquid eyeliner. The smudge-proof liner is rich in color, creating a long lasting defined look. The fine tip brush creates easy and precise definition for natural or dramatic effects

Key features

  • Long Lasting Color

Honest reviews


Color shown on website is not accurate – at least for Ash

The Ash color is shown on the Amazon website as being a definite silver gray. The actual product, however, is more like a soft black. As I was specifically looking for gray, I am disappointed. The image might even be characterized as a misrepresentation. It would probably be a good idea to look at this product in a store before buying it here.

Tamika Gattman, MS

cheap, long lasting, doesn’t smudge

I bought a 3 pack of this eyeliner from Target last Halloween (2009). It came with a white, a glitter, and a black liner and I actually bought it for the glitter to go with my Halloeen Costume. Well the white and the glitter were a waste, but I figured I’d try the black one out (I paid $2.99 for all three). I was shocked and thrilled when it turned out that the black liner worked amazinly! It’s easy to apply – I personally prefer a sponge tip to a brush – so I was thrilled to find out it came with that. It stays on all day, doesn’t smudge, and is easy to remove – just with soap and water. I used to spend a ton of money on liquid liner – sometimes they’re just plain messy, sometimes if you make a mistake, they’re next to impossible to remove, and sometimes they just run all down your face as the day goes on – but this stuff doesn’t do any of that. Plus, you can’t beat the price!

Kaitlyn Miquon, PA

So-so, but color is not accurate

This is an ok liner, but it doesn’t stay on the way the Cover Girl liquid liner does. The Cover Girl liner does not budge. This one smears as much as a regular eye pencil.The other problem is that the color is COMPLETELY different than the description and picture. I ordered “midnight,” which is suppose to be a dark blue. The picture illustrates a color that is a bit lighter than navy. It is almost completely black. I’m extremely fair, and cannot wear anything this dark. Complete waste of money.

Marisol Paterson, WA

Highly Recommended!

Absolutely love it! But be sure to apply some eyeshodow or finishing powder around the eye, so that the liquid could stick to the powder and not end up crumbly on naked skin. Once it dries it is wonderful! It is intense!

Carrie Bingham, ME


I bought this because of good reviews… But it’s too slow to dry, it smears all over, and it flakes off in the middle of the day!

Katrina Nixon, TX


Smooth, easy to work with, easy to correct mess up! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!if u love cat eyes, this one is a good liner to use

Veronica Lapel, IN

Great color

I love purple and was looking for a purple liner. Luckily I found e.l.f. eyeliner since I have used their liner before and like it. his is a nice color and goes on smooth.

Colleen Lake Cicott, IN

Doesn’t seems like an eyeliner at all!

When I first used this, it came on like a water-color marker drawn on skin! It doesn’t shows much of a line. The formula doesn’t seems right at all. It fades out the moment you apply it. It’s really watery just like a marker. Wouldn’t recommend this eyeliner from this brand. I’ve tried other eyeliners and it was nothing like this.

Geraldine Augusta, MT


This eyeliner is on the smaller side, but it works wonders! The first time I used it I got the most perfect results.

Felecia Oak Ridge, TN

its okay

pretty good liner. Heard its cheaper at target. My only problem is that it does run and the application brush should be a little more sturdy.

Ellen Lumpkin, GA


This eyeliner is of really good quality. It stays true to color. But, just as a personal preference, I don’t really like ANY liquid eyeliner as much as pencil eyeliner.

Kelley Milford, CA

not bad

This stuff is alright. It’s good if you’re new to liquid eyeliner and wanting to practice or experiment. I didn’t have issues with it smudging or wearing off. The only issue I had was a veeeeeery minimal flaking on the inside corners of my eyes. Then again, I personally have watery eyes and I started the line very close to the tear ducts. I’m going to try starting a bit farther from the tear ducts and see if that will make a difference. Aside from the inner corners, no issues with flaking. I tried this on a whim because I’m awful with liquid eyeliner and wanted to practice and master it and for a buck, I can afford to practice all I want!

Corrine Wyandanch, NY


This work real good i love that the brush is super thin and it just glides on the eyes !! Its a must have

Lakeisha Rockford, TN

Do not buy.

I should have listened to the reviews and not have bought this eyeliner because it doesn’t work! It is so thin and runny, I found it fairly pointless.

Marci Grafton, OH

my favorite

I have used other more expensive liquid eyeliner but this is my go to eyeliner. I absolutely love it. It has great color pay off and it lasts me all day. The brush is easy to use for myself and although sometimes i get too much on the brush when I first take it out, it goes on smooth. I have no complaints about this product besides, that on occasion I have to go over my line once because it gets a little less dark towards the end. Its also very cheap. on the elf website it is only $1 as well as in my walmart.

Corinne Woodruff, SC

Love it

I love to use this on my top eye lids versus the bottom since it runs into my eyes when I put it on the bottom. When I appy it on the top though it goes on perfect and stays on all day.

Lisa Reeder, ND

Very, very good!

Wow! What a discovery! Why pay outrageous money for liquid eyeliner when e.l.f. makes such good stuff. I put it on in the morning, and at the end of the day it is still in place. It doesn’t run, and it nicely defines your eyes. The applicator brush is just right and gives me enough control to get the effect I want. This is an amazing bargain.

Kelsey Sun City, FL

try it

definitely a good buy. for anyone into liquid liners, this is a wonderful one. i dont use it as much as my pencils but for the ‘hot in the club’ look. this is the thing to do

Dawn Rayville, LA


This is the best VEGAN eye liner I have found! The color lasts and is pretty solid (like, not watery). Impressed.

Kelly North Rim, AZ

Best $1 I ever spent

I am always sketchy about trying cheap beauty products in fear of being disappointed. Unlike most super cheap beauty products (its $1) I love this liquid eyeliner. The brush is so accurate and not messy, the formula stays on and lasts all day PLUS it is easy to remove using makeup remover at the end of the day. I love using this for going out or just spicing up my day time look. Would recommend this eyeliner to anyone, my favorite colors is black. This eyeliner is always in my makeup kit. The bottle has been tossed around when traveling and the container has never leaked or left a mess. Overall great product!

Ericka Saint George, GA


I have silver and a golden color and they are both phenomenal, I’ve had them for a little over 2 months now and they work like they’re brand new. I line my eyes with black liner and do a gold or silver line right above the black and I get endless compliments on how pretty the combination is.

Nola Williamsburg, OH

Love it!

I just got this in Black, Midnight and Copper (I’ve purchased the silver one before). I am so impressed with the black and he Midnight ones which I wear most. The brush makes it so easy to draw the thinnest line or to thicken it up to your licking. It is also opaque in one passing and I have absolutely no problems with smudging or transfer. I have to say that now I actually prefer in to the cream version: it is cheaper, easier to use and it doesn’t budge even if it doesn’t claim to be waterproof. i am in love and I’d recommend this to anyone looking for an eyeliner!

Jamie Lawrenceburg, KY


easy to apply looks good on stays on all day has a ice mat finish and I over all like this product

Carissa Mchenry, ND

Good stuff!

I love the elf eyeliners! I especially like their glitter ones. I use Stardust just about everyday. I use one of their darker liners, then I put a line above that with the Stardust. Makes my eye “glittery”, but not “overboard”. I get many compliments, and at MY age, that’s saying something!:)I only gave it four stars, because the “Plum” color looked a bit lighter and more “purply” in the photo. But I still like it.

Alissa Marietta, GA

It’s not bad.

I am rewriting my review. When I first got it i really didn’t like it much but I realized it takes a few times to get used to applying the eyeliner with this applicator. The color pigmentation isn’t amazing, but it’s not horrible. The super thin tip makes applying liner to the inner corner of the eye much easier. I have to run it over a few times to get the look I want, which isn’t ideal, but overall the price was very cheap.

Cheryl Orient, IL

Not worth a cent.


Helene Latonia, KY


This one works for me! I typically have to do short quick strokes across the eyelid (I’m not a pro- no one swipe for me). It doesn’t clump for me, but it does not last very long either. It dried out about 3 weeks after purchase and I do not use it everyday.

Latasha Stockholm, ME

A little watery

I like this just needed to get used to it its extremely watery you need to wipe the tip of the brush off and than its fine.

Deloris Rudolph, WI


I have the brown color of this liquid eyeliner and I can’t even notice a difference that it was brown. Looks black when applied. Also it seems a little watered down so when you apply it you have to put 2 coats because it leaves streaks where it missed the first time. You can get a better liquid eyeliner so don’t waste your money on this one even though it’s cheap.

Edwina Dos Rios, CA

I like it.

I like it, but the color wasn’t the color that I thought it was. It was more dark blue, I thought it was black.

Joanna Weslaco, TX