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e.l.f. Lip Primer and Plumper, Clear Natural, 0.24 Ounce

Achieve longer lasting lip color and sexy plumped lips. The primer creates a base for lip color for no budge, no smudge pigment that lasts all day. The cinnamon scented plumper enhances your lips with a subtle plumping tingle effect for fuller, larger looking lips.

Key features

  • Longer lasting lip color and sexy plumped lips
  • Creates a base for lip color for no budge, no smudge pigment
  • Lasts all day

Honest reviews


Not So Good

This leaves a white residue on the lips and it interfere with the lip stick that your putting on give it a cake up cracked look

Shawn Thornton, WA

worth it.

I love how the primer goes on soft and thin. Its not thick, waxy, sticky, or oily. The plumper smells like pure cinnamon. I like it but some may say its a little too strong but that’s the plumper ingredients. It goes on clear and very soft. Its not waxy or to oily.

Beth Stillwater, ME

Not a fan

So it does keep my lipstick on longer, actually it stayed on for about 7 hours today. However, it changes the entire shade of your lipstick. I feel that it lightens every thing up as if you actually mixed your lipstick with white. The shade is definitely downgraded with this. Also the plumper is a cinnamon flavor and it burns. It felt like vicks vapor rub! I just dont do minty things well so maybe its my sensitivity. I can admit that I will use this (only primer) if I want to change up my lip color just for fun or if I insist on having my lipstick stay on all day. Other than that, I wont buy it again.

Flora Yorkville, CA

I like it

I use both sides of this product and I really like both. I do not find the tingling of the plumping side painful. I do find that the primer prolongs the life of my lipstick. Overall, very satisfied and I would repurchase.

Debra Vinton, LA

Not what I was expecting.

There was not a lot of product on either side of the plumper/primer. The primer is a skin color which completely changes the color of whatever lipstick you put on, making it lighter and a creamier clumpy texture. The plumper burns pretty bad and doesn’t really give the "plumping" effect. I have used way better plumper than this, would much rather pay more money for something that actually serves the purpose than spend close to $6 on something that doesn’t work. Not a good buy in my opinion, would not buy again.

Bette Melbourne, AR

plump side broke off

like the product. deff. gives me tingly feeling on my lips but when applying it. the plump side broke off easily so be careful when you applying

Janelle Whitt, TX