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e.l.f. HD Undereye Concealer Setting Powder with Brush, Sheer, 0.04 Ounce

This light-diffusing powder camouflages fine lines, dark circles and imperfections, perfect for on camera or everyday wear. The silky powder adds a velvety finish ideal for wearing alone or setting in cream concealer. The vitamin C and K infused formula helps to restore and strengthen skin for a revitalized appearance.

Key features

  • This light-diffusing powder camouflages fine lines
  • The silky powder adds a velvety finish
  • The vitamin C and K infused formula helps to restore and strengthen skin

Honest reviews


Save your money…

…for a higher end product. The price definitely makes it all the more tempting to buy, but don’t. It was supposed to sort of brighten the undereye area, and set your concealer so it doesn’t crease. I wanted to buy Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder, but after seeing this product that supposedly did the same job for a cheaper price I went ahead and got this one instead. Now I wish I had just gone with its more expensive counterpart. Not only does this NOT brighten the undereye area, it has glitter in it. Why would you want glitter under your eyes for everyday wear? As far as just keeping the concealer in place, when I put it over my concealer all it does is make my undereye area look cakey. It’s also messy, but what can you expect from a loose powder? The only reason I gave this two stars was because of the shipping and seller, both of which were excellent. The package arrived earlier than it was supposed to. The other reason I gave this two stars was because of the brush it comes with. It’s not a very good brush, at least not with the powder. But if you use it as an eye brush or a concealer brush, it works wonders because of its small size. This brush also works well for applying concealer under the eyes. Overall, I will not be buying this product again. Save the $6 you’d be spending on this for a better setting powder.

Antionette Mapleton, IL

Something I thought I didn’t need – until I did!

I’ve been having issues with my sunblock & concealer conspiring to remove my waterproof mascara. It’s like they got together & decided my best look was raccoon. On a whim I picked up this super inexpensive powder for under eye use only. Whoa! This powder put my concealer in its place! Now my mascara stays put & this finely milled powder keeps my concealer from settling into fine lines. Very pleased & will purchase again.

Juliet Hawaii National Park, HI

Ooohh I like this stuff

I put it on last and don’t have issues with eye liner making it’s way under my eye. I have REALLY tested it too… during all types of partying and physical activity, works like a charm.

Cheri Bellefonte, PA


After seeing that this is slightly pink and having shimmer I became very skeptical about it. But, once applied LIGHTLY on top of concealer it somehow works wonders (I use the ELF Flawless Concealer brush for that). All the fine lines disappear and ever high-resolution professional photography cannot detect any ugly fine lines in there with this product. It will also last a long time, since I only use a tiny amount each time. A must have in my opinion if you’re over 25. Not to mention a steal for just $3 on the ELF website.

Josefa Witter Springs, CA

Bye Bye Creases

This setting powder did a wonder to the creases, knock them down and scared them away. No longer are there creases.

Guadalupe Linden, NJ

Didn’t pan out

Being in my early 40’s, I am always looking for powder that sets my concealer, won’t cake or settle in my fine lines. This is not that product. It cakes really bad and will crease every soon after applying it. Not to mention, the brush is terrible! I had to use a fluffy eye make up brush to get the powder on. What a pain. In the description, it says you can use it with or without make up. Not really. Without concealer/foundation, it provided no coverage for dark circles. I did give it 2 stars because I DO like the color, very light and it’s silky texture. But I will not be buying more.

Allyson Valley Farms, AZ