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e.l.f. HD Blush, Superstar, 0.51 Ounce

Rich and creamy HD blush naturally sculpts and highlights the cheekbones for a soft-focus effect that is great for everyday use. The vitamin E enriched formula conditions and hydrates the skin for a healthy, radiant glow.

Key features

  • Naturally sculpts and highlights the cheekbones
  • Great for everyday use
  • Hydrates the skin for a healthy, radiant glow

Honest reviews



This product is very pigmentated, but it doesn’t go well with my pale skin tone so i don’t really care for it

Luz Carbondale, CO

Oh my god

LOVE LOVE LOVE!I just need a needle head size of this and it cover both my cheeks perfectly. A little DOES goes a long way with this gorgeous product! It is so amazingly pigmented! and the colors are so vibrant and warm! I have it on superstar and it looks like a coral peachy pink, so natural and it spreads SO nicely!It is not oily, it does not clogs my pores, god i just ADORE this product!It is only 3$ on the elf website though, I don’t know why amazon inflates the prices so much, but anyway, this is DEFINITELY worth the money.For the people that claim that this makes you look like a clown, please, learn to use the pump properly, and THEN give your reviews. With the lightest push you can get the correct amount of product , rub it with your fingertips and apply it. The product is great, believe me! Use it on tiny proper amounts and it IS the most charming blush you could ever wear on your cheeks! I am just in love with this line!

Leila Orchard, TX

e.l.f. liquid blush – what a color payoff

The color is exactly the same as shown in the photo, and it sits nicely on the cheeks.One warning: be very very careful when pressing the pump to let the stuff out. I pressed as I would a foundation, and I received too much product. I could have painted my whole body….Great blush.

Alissa Manley Hot Springs, AK

HD blush by elf

this is bendable blush but highly pigmented so go lightly – I ordered a stipple brush by elf and will see if that makes the blush easier to apply –

Pam Garfield, GA


This was very hard to use. Too easy to get over pigment. I’m glad it was cheap because I haven’t touched it since a few weeks after I purchased it. Disappointing.

May Wana, WV

Perfect color that stays!

I absolutely am in love with this blush! It took a few tries to figure out the easiest way to apply it but once I figured it out it was love at first sight! It’s a simple pink that can build able to a much darker shade. Plus it stays on all day!

Gretchen Campus, IL


I love this blush , it’s a small container but it says to use only a tad bit and literally that’s all you need is a very small bit . It looks great on my face , it’s by far the best blush I have ever tried . Such a pretty pink & it came on time .

Rosanna Sarepta, LA

Great product, very concentrated.

I was looking for a alternative to Tarte, which I love. This very concentrated, and is a mousse like consistency. When they say use a little, they are NOT kidding. I have medium skin, and I use the smallest amount you can get out at a time-which is like the head of a pin. I get the little dot of blush on my index finger and press it to my other index finger. It spreads well, but I have to use too much to cover each cheek(and then I look like a clown) so I use a setting spray which(the one I use) is like a herbal tea for skin with a little shimmer. I spray each index finger and spread each one on a cheek. This often still leaves too strong a color on my cheeks, so I have gotten to where I keep a little tissue handy and blot right after before it dries. That usually does it. If you can figure out how to get even less out of the pump, then that will probably work for you. I imagine those with darker skin won’t have as much of a problem. I love the color, though. A coral pink. I might try one of the paler colors-maybe this one is just too intense for my skin tone.

Enid Endicott, NY

Best Blush!

A little goes a LONG way!! I read the other reviews on this, and knew it would take some time to figure out the perfect amount to use. I started by dabbing a TINY bit on my middle finger, rubbing it against my other middle finger, and then lightly dotting along the apples of my cheeks, back to my temple. I then use my ring fingers on both hands, and blend both dotted cheeks in small circles in the same direction (towards temples). This blush is all about blending, so play around with it a bit. I’m naturally very fair and freckly, and found this colour works really well with my complexion.

Sherri Arnold Afb, TN

e.l.f. products keep getting better and better!

This Headliner HD blush is a high quality cosmetic. First of all, the color density is wonderful. It is so totally concentrated that you will take quite some time to finish the little bottle in comes in. I also got double use of it, because it makes a fabulous lip stain. The color stayed on my lips through most of the day. It might take a bit of practice to make this work for you. I strongly recommend putting a tiny dot of it on the back of your hand and working from that. If you find that you have put on too much, you only need to add a tiny bit of foundation to blend the color.The Headliner shade looked great with my natural coloring, giving the appearance of a natural and healthy blush. This is an excellent product at a bargain price — so worth a try!

Loretta Blandford, MA


I like elf cosmetics, but this is just terrible. Comes out very pigmented and is very difficult to apply. Even once I applied it somewhat decently, I looked like a 5 year old playing with makeup for the first time.

Keisha Astoria, SD


Super super pigmented so use very very little or you’ll look like a clown but great stay power and not greasy.

Angelica Northampton, MA

Super pigmented!

This blush is soooooooo pigmented! I have it in Superstar and Headliner and both colors are gorgeous and work well with my very pale skin. It also lasts forever on your cheeks. However, given the superior pigmentation of this product it is very important to apply it correctly or you will end up looking like a clown. I always shake it before applying and then I squirt the smallest quantity possible – that will be plenty! I always do this on the back of my hand and I would never recommend applying the product directly from the container to the face. I then blend the product on the back of my hand with the ELF Small Stippling brush and then apply it to my cheeks. I start with very little product, blending it in very well, because you can always layer more if you want a more intense color. I love it!

Dianne Rock Springs, WY

Very good product

Sincé I read good reviews on this, I decided to order it. I bought it in Supertar shade and when I first applied it, I realized that one pump size was too much for the results I was looking for, so, for me, using a very Little dot size does the trick!Is very pigmented and feels good on my skin.btw, this is my boyfriend account lol.

Marianne Lost Nation, IA

Very bright and blotchy.

When using the smallest amount possible, this blush was still very "clown-like" and hard to blend in. I looked very unnatural.

Kathrine Lewisburg, OH

Good color, hard to apply

This blusher is very concentrated, but not very emollient. My skin "grabs" it, making it look like clown blush. To use it, I have to mix it with moisturizer and apply with a brush. Not convenient.

Alma Brillion, WI

Great and easy-to-use product!

This blush is great. Of all the shades, I thought this (headliner) was the most natural and easy to wear on a day-to-day basis. Headliner is a great light, cool-toned pink that flatters most skin tones.This blush is supposedly a dupe for Make Up For Ever’s HD blushes that look very similar to these in terms of content and packaging.The consistency of this product is a creamy, thick consistency, kind of like a thick concealer from a tube. Clearly shown, this product has a pump to easily get a good amount of product out. You only need a very small amount of product to get great color payoff and good blendibility on your cheeks; just a dab of your finger (like I use, it’s easier) or a stippling brush, and blend it well across the cheeks.The staying power and finish of this product are great. It lasts all day (doesn’t need to be set with a powder and can be applied after powder) and the finish is very natural. Though almost undetectable, Headliner has a very fine shimmer that highlights the cheeks a little. I love it :-)The only problem I have with this blush is that without shaking it before I use it, it comes out as a separated liquid.Overall,PROS:-GREAT PRICE, so affordable-Good finish and lasting power-Great packaging-Nice color as well as color payoff/opacity-Easy to blend/nice consistencyCONS:-Separates if not shaken

Leann Athol, MA

Great Blush

This product is interesting and easier to use than regular powder blush. The color may be a bit too orange for some but the product is great.

Bessie Piedmont, OH


I love this blush it looks and feels great on me. I will buy more of this soon. I wish there was more colors.

Lorena Finley, ND

Pretty color, easy to overdo

This product is a nice pinky coral. I have very fair skin, and it looks really nice on me. It gives a more dewy glow than powder blush. Heed the warnings from other reviewers, you only need a *tiny* amount of product. I would dispense less than a pump and have excess. I would then take the product and apply it to a blush brush. I would smear it around the blush brush to distribute before applying. With some blending, it gave a really nice, natural looking glow. It is definitely easy to overdo, so start with a miniscule amount!

Alexis Lovejoy, GA