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e.l.f. Eyeshadow 32 Piece Palette, Everyday, 0.99 Ounce

The studio eye shadow mini palette includes 32 eye shadow colors and 1 double-sided eye shadow applicator. Endless colors and textures. Built-in mirror. Flawless touch-ups.

Key features

  • Endless colors and textures
  • Built-in mirror
  • Flawless touch-ups

Honest reviews


Love it!

e.l.f cosmetics are SO underrated! Their products work so well and the prices are affordable. This is for the MAC wannabees, us beauty loving girls on a budget! The colors are so pretty in this palette and the mirror on top is really helpful. Some of the colors shimmer and some are matte, which I LOVE that there is a variety. The gold shimmer color is my favorite. They also hold their pigment really well on the eyelids, which is what I hoped for to start with. They’d probably work even better with a primer, which I’ll be buying next! All in all I’m soooo happy with this palette. Seriously, buy it. It’s so good.

Cecelia Auto, WV

AWESOME in every way!

I bought this off of the elf website, but I love this SO MUCH. The textures are wonderful and fairly matte, they’re EXTREMELY pigmented, and they apply so easily! They even stay all day long. They’re actually so pigmented that I had to remove some the first time I used it. This will probably last me an entire year, if not more. BUY IT! So worth it.My only little complaint is that these shadows do run a bit if you have oily skin, but that’s because they’re so pigmented. That problem could probably be fixed with a makeup setting spray.Looooove it! Thank you elf.

Marissa Points, WV

Colour pigments were too light without primer

You do need a primer because it lasts really well with the primer, and the colour payoff is decent. The matte sometimes need layering.

Maricela Alpena, AR

nice large palette

I have been looking for a nice neutral/browns palette for awhile that had more than 5 colors. this was priced well and works just as well as the urban decay naturals and the sonia kashuk naturals palette but has better colors than both. I would recommend. The top plastic seems a bit flimsy so make break at some point but otherwise is good.

Kerry Dudley, MA


Love love love. Has the same shades as the Urban Decay Naked palette. Goes on very smooth and is very pigmented.

Josie Bessemer, AL

Great colors & great price!!!

I just got this eye shadow pallet today & i love it already!!! 32 colors to choose from makes it hard to choose. LOL 🙂 I love that the colors are so spot on & the pigments are incredible for a drug stores makeup. A little really goes a long way with this pallet! Another plus for me is that there is sparkly colors & matte colors. I like using the matte colors for my crease & i use one of the matte brown colors to contour my face. Dont use the spongy brush it comes with though. To get the best results with this pallet i would use a good eye shadow brush and i use the sigma E40 blending brush to blend it all together nicely so there is no harsh lines and the eye shadows blend together nicely. I also love that there is a matte black color & a sparkly black color as well. There is 2 other pallets like this one is the everyday, and one has more vibrant colors like blues and such. This one is the natural witch is great for me because i have brown eyes and love the earthy tones and browns & golds are always my favorites! This is a great buy & i will be getting the everyday pallet next. Did i say the price is ridiculously AMAZING for this pallet??!!! LOL I really do love it & cant wait to play with it more!

Haley Soledad, CA

Wonderful eyeshadow palette!

Oh gosh I use this everyday. Great dupe for Naked palette by urban decay. Love love love. Plus it’s six bucks…

Kenya Paupack, PA

Not bad for the price

So I got the natural palette and I’m fair toned with eyelid primer.I found patting the shadows on instead of wiping it on makes it last longer. (WORKS SO MUCH BETTER WITH PRIMER TOO. You should be using primer anyways if you care about lasting and pigmentation of color.)Pros:ValueColor choiceLong lasting (for darker colors)Con:The whites do work but they aren’t the best whites I’ve ever used and you need to use a good amount.The shadows crease sooo bad in my eyelid crease which looks super nasty if I’m wearing black or another dark shade. You need soap and water to get the concentrated shadow off. This is my major complaint.Would I buy again?Probably… unless there is a better value or I find a better kit in store. I figure this one will last a long time though. I’ll probably be using this for a day to day looks so I don’t wear more expensive shadows to the grocery store etc.Hope this review makes sense and reads well 🙂

Alyssa Emmett, MI

Great product!

ITs great the colors look great on my eye and its easy to mix and match. Thats the best part for my every day look!

Lenore Sparta, MI

Doesn’t blend well

This eyeshadow does not blend smoothly. It always looks uneven and splotchy, no matter how much time or what quality tools I use trying to make it look good. I’m currently using this palette only for eyebrow filler.It also doesn’t have many mid-range colors. Everything on it seems to be either a crease or browbone color. It is very cheap, but I wouldn’t suggest purchasing.

Augusta Milledgeville, OH

Many many colors

Although this was shipped damaged, the plastic cover had a 5" crack in it, I can still use it. Amazon was fantastic and although the manufacturer would not take the return, Amazon immediately refunded my money. I keep it in a zip lock bag due to the crack.The shadow really stays on all day. I do use the elf eyelid base before the shadow. There are many many colors to choose from. This is a fraction of the cost of high end eyeshadows and does a fantastic job. I do save my favorite from Urban Decay for special occasions.

Sherrie Maunaloa, HI

Buy it! You won’t regret it!

Buy it! This is the best makeup thing I have purchased in a long time. I love luxury makeup (urban decay eyeshadow is my favorite) but now I’m on a little more of a budget so I decided to try this instead of the Naked UD palette. I’m so glad I did! This has smooth application and great pigmentation. I also really like how there’s a mix of subtle shimmer and matte colors. I’d HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!

Carole Trenary, MI

Excellent color palette

I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. It definitely compares to the Urban Decay Naked series. The colors are on target and the pigment lasts all day. E.l.f. has pulled it off…again. They are never a disappointment!

Meredith Holderness, NH


The colors are so beautiful and pigmented. I had one before, but dropped it and broke half of the powders. So glad i found this on amazon. It came pretty fast and love how they have a bit of a shimmer but not too much.

Britney Crowheart, WY


I bought it for my mother and she loved it, since we couldn’t by the NAKED one ’cause it was over. The price is really nice and the colors too. She wore it for the first time and the glittered brown that she picked in the last line (third color, last line) was really coll in her eyes. But, the second color, in the second line, was a bit problem, it didn’t appeared so much. I think it would last a little longer, because less than one hour later, we were living and the eyeshadows looked like if she was wearing it all they long. Maybe it would be better if she had putted a foundation, a BB cream or a primer, because I gave it to her in the same day and she wanted do were it right way, so didn’t put anything else on her face.

Lily Owensburg, IN

I like it.

Love it. The shadow smoothes on easily and the pigment is great in the lighter colors. I don’t wear much dark eyeshadow so I’m not too concerned with the pigmentation in those. But if you’re looking to use the dark shadows, this probably isn’t for you. Only problem I have is the case cracked easily. Just have to be careful with it now.

Twila Ashton, MD

Worst Possible

Seeing all the reviews I have ordered this product and only one color is nice and blendable in this palette. Rest all the colors are like just some powder, they dont mix well. Initially I thought I am not using the right primer, but I bought a good quality primer , thought my brushes were bad and bought a high quality brushes too…and re tried them on my eyes and still this sucks big time. I am highly disappointed to buy this. And moreover, the palette came with no brushes…Grr….!! I wonder how people gave nice ratings to this. May be amazon is selling any duplicate product? God knows… I dont recommend this to any one…

Yvette Ranburne, AL

Black goes on light grey & colors are hard to blend

After watching several youtube smokey eye tutorials for hazel eyes and fair skin I got started searching through every brand of eyeshadow palette on Amazon. Since i dont use pastel blues, pinks, purples and oranged i didnt want 1 with those colors plus all that extra blush and lip creams that take up so much space, just a nice, modest selection with gold and neutral smokey colors as shown in the pic. I picked this 1 because I love e.l.f products and it had all the colors I was wanting. Unfortunately though, the black, which was a must have, isn’t pigmented and after applying it 8 times in 1 spot i couldnt get it any darker then just grey so I went back to my nyx for smokey eyes kit. I knew it being a $6 add on it wasnt going to be perfect. I just figured it would be small and so would the portions but the palette was bigger then expected. The colors are just not very good and dont blend well. The lighter colors have more pigment and the darks are lacking. They dont show up as they appear in the palette. I don’t have the budget for high dollar name brands so im going to continue the search for the perfect smokey palette for me.

Bianca West, TX

Urban Decay Dupe

Read that it was a good dupe for the first 2 Naked pallets. It is a great natural/nuetral pallet but I would appreciate more golds and pinks. Tip: use white eyeliner on your lids to make the colors more vibrant.

Jade Bonners Ferry, ID


Not very pigmented or lasting. There’s no finely milled, shimmery shades here – but there are some with huge glittery chunks. There are lots of colors that are so similar they might as well be duplicates. The only reason why this gets two stars is that there are a few colors that are decent.

Jill North Benton, OH

So inexpensive for so many neutrals!

I bought this so I could practice my smokey eyes without breaking the bank. Its filled with neutral colors so you wont worry about not using certain colors unlike other eye palette’s. The shadows work great together and with other makeup. Very happy with it!

Bertha Sheridan Lake, CO

best eyeshadow i’ve ever used

i love elf after this palette. it has very similar colors to the naked 2 pallet but for so much less expensive. they have pigmented colors as well as some matted colors. i absolutely love it and plan on buying more palettes from elf in the future. even without primer, the eyeshadow stays put and looks amazing. i’m hooked!

Misty Fletcher, OK

I love E.l.f!!

I love this palette!! Beautiful natural shades that will compliment anyone. Cant beat it for the price!! I definitely recommend E.l.f. products!! They’re cheap and 9 times out of 10 they’re good quality.

Graciela Chugwater, WY

Great Pallette

The colors are awesome. This palette is great for me a beginner. The colors go on a little light so you have to apply a generous amount if your going for a darker look.

Kara Franklin, NY

Christmas present

I purchased this as a Christmas present for my 11 yr old daughter. (Actually for Grandma to give to my daughter for Christmas:) The colors are beautiful and the make-up arrived in perfect condition.

Hannah Colorado City, CO

Use Primer 1st

The price is great. Make sure when using these to put on a primer first, otherwise there could be issues. Just plan on purchasing better applicators as the ones that come with this are junk.

Norma Milano, TX

It’s mediocre.

For the price, this is a pretty good palette. I’ve used it several times and the pigmentation is okay, and the colors blend well.

Elisa Oak Ridge, LA

Great for gift giving

My sister LOVED this palette for Christmas.

Carissa Linn, TX

Great color palette

I love the colors in this! Perfect for any occasion! Has mirror at top too. Very happy with this purchase!

Shanna Geneseo, IL

Three Stars

Over rated too cheap you need a base with these colors light and deceptive a brown looks purple.

Antoinette Spring Grove, PA