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e.l.f. Eyelid Primer, Pearl, 0.17 Ounce

Preps your eyelid for smoother, longer lasting and crease proof eyeshadow. The lightweight liquid formula quickly absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear and increases eye color longevity.

Key features

  • Preps your eyelid 
  • Lightweight liquid formula 
  • Quickly absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear and increases eye color longevity

Honest reviews


Okay for the price.

This product is not very expensive so I can’t be too disappointed in it. However, with that said it is just okay in my opinion. The brush/wand is really rough and I have to use a soft sponge to smooth out the product because the wand will hurt you. The color is not impressive but I think my eyeshadow does last longer when I prime my eyes with this product. I won’t buy it again but it was a not a bust. I will use it til it ‘s gone.

Rhonda Albion, MI

Not to my liking

I got this because of the price. I was looking for a more “liquid” eye primer instead of the cream but this one is too liquidy. It just feels like I’m applying water to my eyelids. It doesn’t hold my eyeshadow at all, it actually makes it run and glob up. I thought maybe the white was a different consistancy then the nude so I also purchased the nude one but it did the same thing. If you wear cream shadows or pigmented powder shadows pass on this and go for a more pricier one. This was just a let down.

Kristen Orchard, NE


Since this eye-shadow primer improves coloring of the eye shadow piled up on it, it moves more finely [ the color of eye shadow ]!

Sophia Broomfield, CO

Glittery as heck!

This primere was very cheap, thats why I bought it… I liked how it looked in the advertised picture but in actuality it is EXTREMELY glittery LOL!!! It doesn’t work too well on decreasing like my Loreal Decrease which I bought form walgreens butI guess it would look cute wearing it alone on a no makeup day LOL!!! Overall it’s OKAY but don’t depend on it to keep your makeup from creasing!

Elinor West Sand Lake, NY

Good (:

I like this primer because it really helps keep the eye shadow on, but mostly when you stay dry, I’ve realized if you wanna party and get sweaty, it does rub off a little too easily, but for a regular day, this is the perfect primer.

Emma Northfield, OH


this primer is ok, not my favorite though! the white doesnt soak in, you can see it through your eye shadow! i probably should have gotten in clear! i like the e.l.f brand though so i will definitely buy from them again! the delivery was quick and was well packaged

Frankie Gilmore City, IA

Lasted all night!

Perfect. First time user for a eyelid primer! & I would suggest those who enjoy using eyeshadow makeups to buy this maybe buy a extra to keep stock. I love it. No smudges at all. Eyeshadow stayed in place all evening.

Flossie Bluemont, VA

Great price for what you get

This is awesome. I bought Shany 96 and Shany 40 color makeup pallets and this. It makes my makeup stick a lot better and last a lot longer. I can do my makeup at 8 in the morning and will last all day long even with everyday wear and tear. Great stuff.

Amparo Tullahoma, TN

great primer

This primer makes ur eyshadow pop its really nice goes on nice and smooth and oh its a lil shimmery but I love this primer.

Georgia Danvers, IL

eye primer

eye shadow primer works well.i like the light pearl effect you get with this product.item does not crease or flake off.

Jewel Buffalo, TX


I wanted my eyeshadow to pop more so I bought this, inexpensive. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. Maybe I misread the description. Pearl is iridescent…this is just sparkly. It doesn’t make my eyeshadow pop any more than it doesn’t when I don’t use it, either.

Rocio Cleveland, AR

Sticks Like Glue (On UR Eyelids)

By far the best of the best in primer for eyeshadow. The secret is to allow to dry after applying sparingly with the sponge applicator. Then apply eye shadow as you normally do and it will last until removed at night.

Pansy Heaters, WV

Pretty okay.

Sometimes this looks cakey with eyeshadow under it, and the “Pearl” color has a bit more of a pinkish undertone than I would like since my skin has a golden undertone. But I went to a Streetlight Manifesto concert the week I bought this, and my makeup stayed perfectly throughout a long concert and a four hour drive on a rather warm day. I’d say it’s a win.

Britney Kinsley, KS