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e.l.f. Eyelash Curler

This innovative eyelash curler has a special curved design which angles to suit all eye shapes. Its silicone rubber pad applies the appropriate amount of pressure to curl lashes naturally and allows for damage-free heating. Get long-lasting curled lashes both easily and safely. Add a swipe of e.l.f. mascara and curled lashes remain in perfect shape all day.

Key features

  • Use with caution
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Honest reviews


Not good

I also bought this for a dollar, since I didn’t feel like shelling out more for a higher-end brand. Well, you get what you pay for.The rubbery part on the curler fell off after a couple of weeks. Otherwise there is nothing functionally wrong with the curler. However, it will not curl my lashes no matter what. I’ll pump it on my top lashes for a good 20 seconds, and my eyelashes stay put. Not good. I’m mixed Asian, so I don’t have a lot of eyelashes, but they are long. I’ve worked with other drugstore brand curlers before and they worked WAY better than this does.Bottom line: You get what you pay for. Consider investing in something more expensive.

Olivia Wakarusa, KS

Elf Eyelash Curler

i love this eyelash curler but it doesint really curl my lashes and i put on mascara and curled my lashes and it hurt so bad but it is a good eyelash curler just dont put on mascara and curl you lashes or it will hurt and your lashes will get stuck to the eyelash curler but i still use it to curl my lashes before i put my mascara on.

Hilda Maynardville, TN

the price says it all

i heard many raves about this product and i wanted to try it. I hate this product. maybe it’s just my eye shape but there’s this sharp edge and it hurt me pretty bad while using it. it doesn’t curl my lashes at all. i think this product was made for people with big creases. i truly dislike this product, but you get what you get with a dollar.

Hilary Wanatah, IN

NOT What I hoped

I was soo happy when i found this for $1 at Target! (can’t believe the price listed here is over the top!) The quality of the product is great, appears strong and well made for sure! But, that was not my problem. Sadly it didn’t fit my face, well not the orbit of the eye. It hit my sorta high cheek bones or something and then eye was to deeply set (I guess) to reach the lashes. Anyway, REVLON lash curler worked like a charm for 10+ yrs may hv to return to my old stand by!? New experience for me. Made my $1 return to Target and went on my merry way 🙂

Dolly Gordon, NE

Best eyelash curler IMO

I’ve used several different eyelash curlers over the years and this one is the best one yet. The size fits my eye shape perfectly and doesn’t pinch or pull out any of my lashes, the handle is very comfortable to hold and the little rubber pads on the inside seem like they will last for awhile. I’m very impressed, another great purchase from e.l.f.

Lilia Traphill, NC


I can’t express how happy I am with this product! I’ve used products 10x the price of this curler that haven’t work as well. Highly recommended!

Stella Lindenhurst, NY

So good!

Definitely worth the money and then some. I didn’t have an issues with it tearing our my lashes, so I give it a thumbs up.It gives a much better curl that other brands I have used in the past.

Ashleigh Villanova, PA

Cut in HALF!

I, too, am a new member of the stubby eyelash club. I have been using eyelash curlers pretty much since the Dawn of Man. ‘Cut in half’ is a previously inconceivable consequence of curling my lashes. It’s like a tiny guillotine! My lashes look like they didn’t survive the French Revolution! I am completely horrified that someone would sell this.

Ericka Hathaway, MT

A much needed replacement

I’ve been using an ELF lash curler for a looong time now but I accidentally stepped on it and warped the metal, and it never really curled properly after that. So, I bought a new one on Amazon for marginally more than at the store. Oddly, the part where you hold the curler is white and not black, unlike in the picture and also unlike my old one. Other than that, it works as expected and no better or worse than any other curler I’ve used.

Ava Wilmington, DE

No complaints, good value.

Works perfectly. I have no complaints. They are worth it for the price. They work well and fit comfortably into my hand.

Constance Indianola, WA


I love elf cosmetics because they are so cheap and work tremendously well.This wasn’t the first time i purchased an eyelash curler and i was not disappointed. The product works well and does a great job at curling the lashed perfectly. Yes you may pinch your eyelid occasionally if your not paying attention but that happens with most eyelash curlers. I think this is a great product and i highly recommend it.

Juliet Clarks, LA


The pads aren’t as hard of a material as they should be they feel more like sponges so when you press to curl if you do it to hard the curler will break them so you’ll need alot of replacement pads. Other than that is a good curler

Virgie Stratford, TX

Very nice

For MANY years I used Maybelline(sp.) lash curlers and they seemed fine. Then they started to pinch and pull at my lashes, and it hurt! I decided to try these. They are just what I wanted. They are very comfortable in my hand and curl the lashes without any pulling or pinching.

Latasha Henrietta, NC

Good Quality Eyelash Curler

This is a good quality eyelash curler! Unlike so many of the cheaply-made models on the market, this one feels sturdy and curls lashes without squeezing it so hard. It even comes with a replacement rubber part. This is so worth what I paid for it. I can confidently recommend this to others.

Katharine Gaston, SC


This eyelash curler is seriously the best thing ever. I mean it’s a dollar ninety five, and it’s by elf which can just turn a lot of people off but let me tell you, this thing is so springy, it actually curls your lashes and it curls really really really fast. I only put it for like 5 seconds and the effects it has are so awesome. Although, I have owned this twice in the past two years because it breaks kind of easily. My first one had a piece that became dislodged and the second time I can’t even remember what happened, but i basically decided that the good weighed out the bad so i still use it. The part about it that sucks is that you can only really get it online. Here, or on the elf store. So, it’s worth it to order one if you have a coupon for free shipping, or you’re already getting a bunch of other stuff as well. It’s not worth it to just order the eye lash curler. That being said, this is actually a really great eye lash curler, probably the one with the greatest effects that I have ever used. It just sucks because it breaks too fast, but then again its only 2 bucks.

Adelaide Biola, CA

As good as curlers sold for much more!

I’ve been using an eyelash curler off and on for years. I recently purchased the e.l.f. Cosmetics Eye Lash Curler and what a surprise — it’s as good as the much higher priced curlers. After playing with it for a while, it did do a good job of curling my lashes. I can’t say if this tool will last long, but for an occasional user it’s like finding gold. It really makes you wonder about the profit margin for cosmetic companies. Thank you, e.l.f.!

Tasha Centerville, SD


It did curl my lashes but I noticed after a while that it was pulling my eyelashes out. Lots of them. When I removed the little rubber inside I found around 20 eyelashes in there 🙁 sad to think that this ended up making my eyelashes look even worse in the long run.

Pamala Garnavillo, IA

Not bad at all

Where I come from the eyelash curler was priced at $1.00 (1.25 with tax) and I could completely believe that and I thought it was reasonable. I definitely got what I paid for and then some to the point where I went back and bought a few more as stocking stuffers for my girlfriends. The eyelash curler is sturdy and came with additional black cushion grip strips for the bottom part of the curler where the under side of your lashes sit.I’ve heard some people complain that it “doesn’t give them enough curl”, I run my lash curler under warmer water in the sink and under my blow dryer on the “warm” setting (never hot) then I test it on the back of my hand to be sure I can handle the heat before curling my lashes with it followed by mascara. I never ever curl my lashes with mascara or false lashes on at risk of damaging them.

Angeline Knotts Island, NC

Great product for 1$!

I have two of these as I managed to break one after some rough air traveling. It’s all you’d want from an eyelash curler: a firm grip, a good curl without damaging or pulling out lashes and an affordable price. It comes with an extra band and you can get a set of additional bands from the ELF website. The curler itself is much cheaper there as well. You won’t regret buying this!

Matilda Wiggins, MS

Only because the seller is great. and ships out fast

i want to like the eyelash curler. i really do. but it pokes the upper inner cornor of my eye when i try to get close with it. but it works very very well. and this seller is awesome. and ships super duper fast!!

Celeste Mifflinburg, PA

It,s cheap and good to use.

It,s good to use,fit my eyes,but it is very cheap,I have not any pressure to buy it.I will buy again.

Patrice Henryville, IN

Works well.

I bought this because it was cheap and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something that I probably won’t use every day. I believe this came with an extra rubber grip thing for when you need to replace it. But i’m not 100% sure. I also didn’t like the instructions that came with it, it made my eyelashes come out crinkled. So I have found my own way which works a lot better.

Ida Windsor, KY


I had bought this product in the store, and I had used it several times, no problems, worked well (So I thought). I was just reading reviews on it, and saw that it had clipped some of the other users eyelashes in half. I have never realized this before. But as I was using it today… it happened! My eyelashes were clipped right in half! RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY EYE!! SO NOTICEABLE!! Well, needless to say, as soon as that happened I through it right away. Beware, it may seem like a great cheap item at first, but it could turn on you too!

Leah Cumby, TX

just as good as more expensive curlers

This is a great curler and I love the fact you can buy replacement pads for really cheap so you dont constantly have to buy a whole new curler. Those expensive curlers are totally over rated. this is JUST as good!

Bertie Lake View, IA


this s a really nice affordable curler for lashes i think like 3 bucks yea but its a four because unless you can keep up with the squishy extras your out of luck man and all ur product gets caked on

Marion Scotch Plains, NJ