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e.l.f. Eyebrow Stencil Kit

Achieve perfectly shaped brows to accentuate your face. These reusable stencils are easy to use. With 4 stencils to choose from curved arch, soft arch, structured arch and full arch, it makes these brow stencils suitable for all brow and face shapes. Now your eyebrows can look picture perfect everyday.

Key features

  • Achieve perfectly shaped brows
  • Accentuate your face
  • Curved arch, soft arch, structured arch and full arch

Honest reviews


Super easy!

I love this product! It is easy to use and the plastic material is bendable! But don’t be deceived; you can go directly to the ELF wesbite, and get thsi SAME set for $1! Just a heads up; times are hard!

Geri Leon, IA

Love this!

I love this product! It works really well, hold up, is strong and not flimsy at all.I use it in 2 ways. 1) I place it over my brows and use white liner to draw an outline and then pluck anything outside of the white line to keep the shape growing that moving forward. 2) I then place it over my brow when doing my make-up and use brow shadow/pencil to define the shape.Super easy, and affective. I also find the shapes to be natural and not too dramatic like a drag queen. I have a small face and I found the length to be perfect as well. For the price this is a steal and well worth it.

Lorie Silver City, MS

Nope. Not Good.

So, I was pretty excited about this product. I have nice, fuller brows but I am constantly stuggling to make them both the same shape. I’m not sure if anyone else struggles with this but it drives ME crazy when they are uneven! Unfortuently, this product was not the solution. The kit comes with four stencils: two “small” and two for “large”. Well, the two smaller stencils were a joke…I couldn’t fathom them working on any women with an average size face shape, although if I let my five year old pluck her brows (umm no!!) they might work for her. The two larger stencils also didn’t work: one placed the arch directly in the center of my brow like an upside down “V”, while the other made me have “apostrophe” brows. All bad ladies. Save yourself some time and money and skip this product.

Katelyn Uniopolis, OH

1-2-3 your eyebrows are done!

This is an excellent product. The only problem is they are too big for me, I am very small. I gave to a friend and she loves them! I love the product I just wish they would make another in a smaller size so I can use them too!

Madeleine Humboldt, MN

How The Heck Do You Use This?!

To be perfectly honest, I can’t figure out how to use this thing, and it doesn’t come with directions. The plastic stencils are good quality – they’re firm but bendable – but once you pop out the insides … then what? Do you hold the stencil over your eyebrow, fill it in and pluck around? Do you use the part you popped out, trace around and tweeze? What the heck are the paper stencils for? I tried a few different ways and just gave up, lol … I guess I’ll go back to my old method of guess and pluck!

Augusta Vian, OK


Super flexible and models are good too, but recommend.Super flexible and models are good too, but recommend. Tenhos other stencils but are not that good and better than ever met.

Juanita Baxter, KY

good stencil

I put a 4, because not very easy to hold the stencil, he drives off and then need to paint an eyebrow. Ideally I was approached by one option. the other 3 you can give to your friends, mother ..

Rosella Dowelltown, TN

Sometimes, you just have to defy fate

I was born with scanty eyebrows. They aren’t long and they aren’t thick. These stencils are cut from thick plastic and are pretty sturdy; the various shapes available should be enough to please anyone.When I have to go somewhere and look like I have eyebrows, I use these. Every single time.If/when they wear out, I’ll buy another set ASAP.

Ginger Defiance, PA


Unreasonable of me to think this could work. Stupid of me to think this would work. You are either born with correct brows or you aren’t, period.

Heather Glenmont, NY


I thought I would need it because I am growing eyebrows back. The stencils are flimsy and hard to figure out. Maybe I would try them if I knew how to use them

Ruthie San Juan Capistrano, CA

Helps me keep matching eyebrows

A very Simple product.These are a big help when plucking my eyebrows. I put on the stencil, colored in with brow pencil, plucked everything outside.Do be careful to hold in place on both sides and check for eveness before you start.

Sheri Port Elizabeth, NJ

HORRIBLE stencils they are to long and weird shaped

Don’t like these and my real brows look better than the out come of the stencil shape. I wanted to have a natural arch shaped brow and these make your brows look really long with a short arch at the end.. WEIRD.. Don’t like and I won’t even give these to my mom cause she would just look silly. The pic online is not what they look like when you stencil them on,there’s no thin line part at the end it’s a little bit thinner than the front bigger part and it looks horrible.. DON’T buy

Young Jamaica, NY

hard to use

As far as the effects that the stencils are made to achieve they do that. The application however is another thing. They’re very hard to hold with one hand and then stencil on the brow powder or eye shadow onto the stencil. I used it literally probably twice and now they’re sitting in the unused make-up graveyard which is the trash. 🙂

Nan Atqasuk, AK

Loved this for a while

I absolutely loved these stencils at first. They worked great with all kinds of brow powders – a thicker brush gets the job done quickly. I have brows that are so blond that they cannot be seen, and it’s difficult to "draw" my brows on as some hair is missing as well. This made them look full and manicured. I saw a photo of myself and realized that it really didn’t look so great on me – I probably just picked the wrong stencil, and made it too dark. Once you find the right one, it’s just a huge time saver.

Lacy Salitpa, AL


I wasn’t sure i would be able to position these stencils so that they were natural looking . But after a few times experimenting, I find them very easy to use. I can get a more natural looking shape to my brows now. And it’s become faster than free handing with pencils or powders alone. I think after I use them for a few more months, I’ll learn to do it on my own, but until then, these stencils are great.

Allie Mesa, AZ

It does not work for me

I have never been able to get both brows identical with just my pencils so i bought the stencils to help. First off they are too bulky and i just discarded the two small ones (which are a joke).They are just hard to use and keep moving all over my face. I thought the plastic would stick to my face till I was done. My brows came out worst than when I used just my plain ole’ pencils. Just a waste of my money.

Rosalie Stillwater, PA

e.l.f. Eyebrow Stencil Kit

I find this product very difficult to use – I didn’t really like it – it was more hassle than necessary

Hope Economy, IN

Neat Tool

I’ve used this a few times and it’s really helpful to fill in the brows and create different shapes/styles to add dimensions to your face. It also helps for me to grow out my brows and how I want them to grow out. The stencils are clear/plastic sheets that they have cut outs of the different brow shapes that you want to achieve. It’s super easy to use and all you do and trace the shape onto your eyebrow and fill in the rest.

Sofia Port Chester, NY

Three Stars


Krystal Granite, CO

easy to use

not gonna lie, I messed up my eyebrows when I was a kid. plucked them til they were lines. bad bad job of it too. I fill my eyebrows in so it looks like I have eyebrows. these help so much to get them done right!

Dolly Westminster Station, VT

An alright eyebrow stencil kit

The stencils are quite big, so I had to cut them at the bottom part so I could actually open my eye a bit so I could see what I was doing better. I thought I was going to find one stencil that would be on the end of thinner eyebrows but I didn’t. If you like your eyebrows a big bigger and fuller then you will be OK with this kit.

Kerry Pisek, ND

Stencil Kit

I purchased this kit a few months ago and never got around to writing a review. Honestly, I appreciate what E.L.F was trying to do with this but I don’t find it helpful at all.Since I bought it I haven’t used it once, I just feel my eyebrows will look much too fake if I follow the stencils they provided in this set. I love E.L.F’s other products but I would not recommend this.

Jo Port Orchard, WA

it’s ok

I like that the stencil will let u get a nice shaped eyebrow but i don’t like the materal it’s made from,it make it harder to use.

Tiffany Wales, UT

hell yes

my eyebrows may be overarched sometimes or i just want different shape of eyebrows this with eyebrow pencil or powder is a girls best friend

Faye Iona, SD

Tried it, but don’t use it.

It’s a good idea, especially for those of us who find ourselves almost without eyebrows. I used it several times and was satisfied with the effect, but after a week or so decided to go back to drawing my own outline. Even the thinest of these was too thick for an old lady’s face.

Raquel Ardsley On Hudson, NY

It took some time but my eyebrows look awesome.

I receive my delivery in an acceptable amount of time. When I open the package I saw that the stencils were the kind of material that maybe a sturdy cardboard maybe made of. 2 of the samples obviously not for my face shape but two of them actually looks really nice. This product is not as easy to use as I thought but after some time I did get the desired result. So I would suggest this to a friend but only if I knew that person was patient enough to take the time to master this. I can tell that 2 or 3 more times using this I should be a pro. Will update after those two or three times.

Angie Trevett, ME

e.l.f. eyebrow stencil

I do like e.l.f. products, but I’m not sure if I like this or not. This might be good for people with huge bushy eyebrows, but mine are a lot thinner than the stencils. They also seem very large. They might be good to use if you can place them with some tape and fill in the stencil with some eyebrow powder just to how they look being a lot bigger and larger.Gonna try that and see what happens, then I’ll be able to give a better review of how they work. One good thing is they weren’t very expensive.

Wilda Loranger, LA

Five Stars


Tammi Teaneck, NJ

So in love.

These stencils are just what I was looking for. Very good price. The fast delivery is a huge plus as well. Also they provide you with a coupon to use. Awesome!!!

Tabitha Whitney, TX

very nice stencils

They are pretty shapes for eyebrows, really good price and durable. I use at least once a day and they still look new

Saundra Gate, OK