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e.l.f. Cosmetics Luscious Liquid Lipstick – Maple Sugar

True color therapy is here. Intensive hydrating agents along with natural pigments leave lips with long-lasting color and moisture. This luscious liquid lipstick creates wearable color that flatters a multitude of skin tones and looks.

Key features

  • To activate twist pen 10-20 times or until color is seen.
  • Layer on color. Reapply anytime.

Honest reviews


I like this a lot

This lip gloss was very hard to get out at first. There is a lot less product than it looks once you start twisting the gloss down to the brush. It took me a while to get the gloss out because it had been set right side up so the gloss was towards the opposite end where it needed to be. But after a while of twisting the end the gloss came out. It was shimmery and smooth and went on beautifully. I brushed my teeth and drank tea with this on immediately after a light application and it stayed on strong. I purchased this for a dollar at my local walmart and I will definitely re-purchase this along with the nearly nude matte lip color by e.l.f. I think the fairy gloss and nude lip pencil will go great together.I did purchase mine in fairy which is not an option here however, it looks sort of like baby lips, maybe a little lighter. Its very nude and sheer and I would highly recommend it.

Meagan Ivanhoe, VA

E.L.F. Luscious Liquid Lipstick <3

I bought this at my local Target for 1 dollar (Plus tax)in the color Baby Lips, and I absolutely love it!I have extremely red lips, and most pinks don’t show up well. This gave me just the right amount of pinkness! It’s cooling on my lips, like a minty sensation. The actual container is quite nice, it dispenses the right amount of product onto your lips. Overall, a great buy! I really recommend this!

Alicia Odessa, NE

Elf Maple Sugar liquid lipstick

This gives me a nice nude lip. I love the packaging and the brand. I would purchase more in the future.

Mamie Denali National Park, AK

Good for the price

I am wearing this right now as I am writing this review. I bought it in pink lemonade because it looked really shimmery in the tube. The shimmer doesn’t really come through when you put it on it kind of looks deceiving. It is just a medium shade of pink and looks shiny but nothing special. It smells really weird like kind of minty with a little fruity smell. I don’t really like it. The tube gets used up fast as well. There isn’t much product inside of it but for the price, it’s not a bad plain pink gloss.

Maritza Vance, SC

Love it

I ordered this for the third time because I really love the color and it stays on the lips for a long time. not too sticky, slightly shear.

Alba Marietta, OK

I Got What I Expected For the Price.

Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F) is a pretty good brand for the price. Cheaper than wet and wild at many places, it gives me the ability to provide various cosmetics on set, and in my personal life. For the most part they are an okay quality, same as NYC or Wet and Wild. I wasn’t a huge fan of this personally, I didn’t like the type of tube or that is was sticky.However, as a producer the color and price together made this a great item, worth more than the 1 star I felt for it personally. That was why I averaged on 3 stars.If you need a cheap and fairly good product, use E.L.F. but I suggest getting it in stores. At Walmart (my location) this same product is only $1, and the same at my local Target.

Kathi Saint Ann, MO

Shiny but too pink

I gave this E.L.F gloss a try. I am always happy with E.L.F. products. NOBODY can beat their prices! I liked the texture and shine of this gloss, but being a very pastel gloss user, I found the pink to be too dark.

Virgie Pratts, VA

I want it in every color.

First you have to know it only costs a $1 in any store that sells E.L.F.Second- this is wonderful lip product.It is moisturizing,does not feel sticky or heavy on,just looks like you have natural and healthy lips.On the down side it does not last long and is not very bright and pigmented.Still,for a $1 I want this lipstick in every color.

Ashleigh Sellers, SC

I really like it!

I have multiple colors of this, but I think the one that I have repurchased most often is Bark which, to me, is a really great nude, very appropriate for work. I would not call this lipstick, although I do find myself wearing this on its own, without another lip color underneath, but in realty it does look more like a gloss. You don’t get a huge quantity, but for $1 on the ELF website I am not concerned. I really have no complaints about this product and, being so inexpensive, it’s very convenient to throw one in every purse. I would recommend this.

Coleen Conover, NC

nice product, cheap applicator and not much inside

I read pretty good review for this product and brought it when it was on sale for $1 in the stores. It is called liquid lipstick, but it is a gloss.Baby lips is a great neutral pink lip color for light/medium skintone. It looks just like my lip color. Pink lemonade look dark pink/red with gold shimmer, but looks lighter on the lip. The gloss doesn’t really have a taste but smells a bit fruity and feels cooling (minty) if you apply generously. The color is very sheer. It’s sticky when first applied but gets less sticky after 1 min, and each application last a decent amount of time.There’s only half tube as seen in the picture, which isn’t bad since it’s $1. However, the applicator is so cheap. I brought one, couldn’t get the gloss up after >50 twist, the spring couldn’t stand it and the top part popped off and the product got everywhere. I exchanged it for another one, product came out after 10 clicks, great! I brought another 2. The cap is a very tight fit on one and the twist bottom is bumpy and felt loose on the other.Overall recommend as cheap thrill lip gloss with great sheer color, but get it in store in case applicator doesn’t work.

Ana Modena, NY